The Mobile Web Is Made For Small Business

The term “Mobile Web” is derived from the actual devices, (besides laptop and desktop computers) being used today to access the Internet.

These devices include anything that is web capable and mobile at the same time. The “Web” portion consists of all content in cyberspace that was specifically designed to be displayed on these platforms.

Your Smartphones, Netbooks, in-vehicle browsers and even your Sony PlayStation Portable game console fall into this category. These devices, being extensions of you, are deemed mobile, because you are constantly in motion. Lets not get ahead however, let’s watch actual business owners talk about the value they place on their “Internet” websites.

Business Websites Case Studies

Here’s a short video put out by Google and The Small Business Administration on Business Marketing. If you didn’t understand why your business needs a website before watching it, you will after wards. If you are starting or marketing a small business, it’s a “must watch”.

Video Review

The two biggest players in the business marketing arena, Search Marketing behemoth, Google and the SBA consider a web presence essential for businesses of any size, why argue with them?

They touched on Local Business Marketing in the video, if you were paying attention. We feel that, herein lies the ability for small businesses to level the advertising playing field with affordable costs and highly targeted marketing campaigns. This could prove to be life-saving for many a small business in the coming years. We’ll move into that area below.

The Mobile Internet and You

Generation Y (18-27 year-olds), is a beneficiary of dual technological advances. Having grown up in a time when the powerful computer was commonplace, they are now seeing mobile technology develop before their very eyes. These advances are second to none when it comes to speed of mass-adoption. Not the telephone, the television, the automobile or even the cellphone itself came close to outpacing the Internet and the mobile web’s massive growth.

“Mobile Friendly” is a term being used almost indiscriminately, but do we really understand what it encompasses? Mobile TV, mobile music, mobile applications, mobile weather, and mobile email are all examples of content developed specifically to serve the mobile web. These are all considered to be mobile friendly.

Sure, your traditional site can be viewed on a Smartphone, but have you really looked at the actual presentation? More likely than not, the display leaves much to be desired. The significance of this will become more and more apparent as the Smartphone eclipses the desktop as the access point of choice for surfers worldwide sometime around 2013 as being predicted.

Businesses especially, need to pay heed to their mobile marketing agendas. Someone is always offering the same goods and service that you are on the Internet. If their business is mobile search friendly and yours is not, you leave the potential client no choice but to visit your competitor. This may not be the best choice of survival techniques for small business owners today.

Web Advertising and Your Small Business

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you may have heard the hullabaloo that anything mobile has been creating. You instinctively sense that mobile marketing campaigns could help promote your small business, but, just as you did with the arrival of the Internet, you now hesitate, waiting to see what’s going to come of it.

Don’t. You would be making a crucial business mistake.

On November 23rd, 2010, here’s what the Executive Advisor of Market Research Science (, had to say about Mobile Marketing:

If business is a highway, mobile marketing is certainly one of the fastest lanes you can be in today.

The Clear Advantages Of Mobile Websites

Why is everyone so hyped up about Smartphones, Mobile Websites and the Mobile Web anyway? Can mobile SMS marketing really help a business develop a customer base?

Do you know how much it would cost to get involved in mobile marketing if you wanted to?

Simply put, mobile web promotion is the adaptation of traditional marketing principles to a mobile device delivery platform. Mobile devices come in many flavors as we previously explained.  As far as businesses are concerned, the Smartphone development should be their main focus.

FACT #1: You need a mobile optimized website in order to capitalize on local search

According to data gathered from Brand Anywhere and Luth Research, retailers could increase consumer engagement by as much as 85% by simply providing a mobile-specific website. 85% is no small number to scoff at! Anyone can figure this out without taking a business marketing course.

Opportunity awaits.

FACT #2: Luckily, your competition is in the same slow boat to China as yourself. Their web promotion efforts are just as lacking. So far!

While over half of consumers are more inclined to purchase from businesses with mobile sites, only a shocking 3% of those businesses have one, and of those that do, many of their customers are already complaining of slow-loading web pages or poorly optimized mobile sites that are crash-prone.

This was even applicable to large and medium sized companies’ mobile sites. You can do better than that. Much better.

Let’s talk SMS Marketing.

SMS is the abbreviation for Short Message Service, or as your pre-teens call it, “texting”. A bit like Twitter, messages are limited to 160 characters, hence the “Short” indicator. (Twitter only allows 140 characters).

ABI Research is claiming that 7 trillion text messages will be sent from 4.8 billion phones in 2011. Are you positioned to take full advantage of this vast, inexpensive marketing channel?

There are almost limitless ways a small business owner can take advantage of  SMS Marketing, some are already cashing in, but most aren’t.

mCommerce is here. Are You Ready?

Goods and services sold by way of mobile platforms are the foundation of what’s termed mCommerce, short for mobile commerce.

If you currently sell anything on the Internet, then you should have already seen Internet commerce in action. That was eCommerce, now, it’s time for mobile commerce.

FACT #3: Mobile Technology Is Exploding. Without Your Help! Can you believe it?

Web analysts Netcraft found that while the Internet grew a whopping 1,333% over two years from 1996 to 1998, the Mobile Internet has grown an even larger 2,000% from 2008 to 2010!

We hope you are not still thinking that this “thing” they call the Mobile Web, is a fad! If you are, here’s what’s happening while you spin your wheels.

Your potential customers are still actively searching, (using their Smartphones) for the services you offer. An estimated 40% of the 10 Billion unique searches conducted each month in the United States are done with “Local Intent”, in other words, they want to buy something!

What Does This All Mean for you?

As a small business owner, you must engage in Mobile Business Marketing to remain viable!

In order to maximize your chances with this “new breed” of mobile customer, your business must be visible in the local mobile search engines. Period.

Your website must be optimized specifically for local business search.

You must also know how to Claim Your Local Business Listings on engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Best of the Web. There’s more, but we think you are getting the idea.

We saved the best part for last. How Much? How many dollars will leave your pockets when you initiate a mobile marketing campaign? Not nowhere the amount you might imagine. For a few hundred dollars you can begin a local business marketing campaign and make your bonafide entry onto the Mobile Web. What’s stopping you? Here’s what we have to offer, Mobile Design For Small Business.