3 Primary Ways To Increase Profits

In his book,“The Roaring 2000’s”, author, Harry S. Dent predicted our current economic downturn.

He went on to say that the economy would not recover for about 4 years.

If this holds true as predicted, can your business survive without some major reorganization? If not, what’s your Plan B?

Look around you. The American Economy is in shambles and it’s starting to have a negative effect on the entire world.

The middle-class standard of living is crumbling right before us and there’s nothing being done about it. Instead, the people we elected to look out for us are just looking out for themselves. The disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country is simply growing larger.

This is not your doing by any means, however, if you are planning to remain a viable business, you must have a Plan B.

Let’s address the 800-lb gorilla in the room right up front.

Don’t believe for a minute that you can survive without becoming an e commerce entity. Your competitors don’t believe it, just scan their web sites on the Internet for proof. The problem you face however, is, with so many experts saying the best way to establish an Internet presence is their way, which one do you trust your business with?

There’s Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Banner Ads, Article Marketing, Directory Submission, Mobile Marketing and everything else in between. You would like to try them all but time and resources do not permit. Where do you turn?

We suggest that you revisit the Business Fundamentals 101. They never change.

The Fundamental Law Of Business

Simply put, this law states that regardless of everything else taking place in the world around you, there has always been, and will always be, 3 major ways a business owner can add profits to the bottom line. PERIOD.


  1. You may increase the cost to the customer/client
  2. You may increase the number of customers you cater to and
  3. You may sell more often to customers you already have.

Realizing this fact, clarity of purpose should set into your brain. You should now know exactly what it is that you have to focus on. No need to become an overnight blogging sensation or a chat room junkie. You simply have one decision to make.

Are you going to sit back and wait for things to improve or, are you going to go after that global marketplace with gusto.

If your choice was the latter, let’s just say that BusinessByMouse.com™ is uniquely positioned in the right place at the right time. We can be your Plan B. Every blueprint we design is client specific, even if two clients are in the same industry! We’ll provide a detailed Market Assessment & Feasibility Report based upon YOUR MAIN KEYWORD. This will enable you to see beforehand if the market you are considering is even worth focusing upon.

Your blueprint is arrived at from a Top Down Analysis of the proposed market. This is not just a keyword analysis, it is an analysis of the entire market, identifying all of the most profitable keywords in that market.

Here are 6 pieces of additional data acquired in the analysis:

  1. Is your keyword the most profitable in your market
  2. Who are your major competitors
  3. Which keywords are they ranking highly for in the search engines
  4. How do you stack up against them (current web site)
  5. What market share are they currently occupying
  6. What’s the current value of their *organic rank

*Organic Rank is their advertising worth as it stands with their current position in the search marketing indices.

In summary, business owners today cannot consider having an Internet and now, a mobile presence a luxury. Their only task at hand is to cut through the clutter of “new Technology” that seems to be emerging everyday online, and arrive at a decision.

Understanding the Fundamental Law Of Business will make this a simple process. We provide you with the blueprint to make the transition painless.