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Mobile Ads Are Smarter And Snoopier, Security Firm Warns

Mobile ads on Smartphones in the News

By Patrick Budmar, Australian Reseller News,
Apr 20, 2013 2:15 PM

As the planet turns more and more to complete reliance on the Smartphone and tablet to conduct our daily business, it may serve us well to keep in mind that the level of security these devices possess are minimal at best.

This article from security firm Bitdefender illustrates.

Adware on mobile means more than just showing banners, according to Bitdefender senior e-threat analyst, Bogdan Botezatu.

People may have the image of “adware” entailing some onscreen banners or pop ups during the use of software, though Botezatu said adware in PC is not the same as on mobile devices.Google Adwords Promo

“Desktop applications are isolated and the web browser does not know what contacts you have in your email client,” he said. “However, Android is highly integrated, so when you get adware it is basically asking for permission to do anything on your device.”

“On mobile, if an application has the right permission it can jump into your contacts, email accounts, and see what other applications are installed,” Botezatu said.

On desktop PCs, Botezatu said the browser can not get access to installed applications. “It is basically sandboxed and can not see…  READ MORE.

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility

Google Acquires The Mobile Phone Maker, Motorola Mobility

Google's CEO, Larry Page

Larry Page

If you don’t think the topic of the above headline is a big deal, you must have been living under the dirt that sits under the rock some people are said to live under. Whew, that was a mouthful!

Anywho, Apple’s huge success has been traced to 2 major factors, leadership and owning all of the toys. Or owning the company that makes the toys as well as the company that makes the batteries that make the toys run.

That’s right, I’m talking about owning the iOS operating system and the i-generation of mobile devices. Ipod, iPhone and iPad. (Sometimes I think that the oil companies own the auto manufacturers but I digress).

Until today, this deal was not quite a done deal, even though we knew it was going to happen.

Well, it did. Here’s what Larry Page had to say from his blogpost on 22 May, 2012.

It’s why I’m excited to announce today that our Motorola Mobility deal has closed. Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation, including the creation of the first cell phone. Larry Page, co-founder and CEO, Google

Read all about it in the featured article: Google CEO Larry Page: We’ve acquired Motorola Mobility

The sad passing of Apple’s (The maker of the iPhone) CEO, Steve Jobs, recently, may or may not result in some loss of leadership. Until a new leader emerges in that company, we may see a shift of focus as they strive to ‘find themselves again”.

This could not have happened at a worst time. Google is definitely challenging their market position, and with this acquisition, will at least have all of the tools (plus their Search Engine behemoth) to make a good run at it.

I love the Apple line of products but my money is on Google. What do you think?

The Mobile Web, Rush Limbaugh and The Angry Mob

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon figure chomping cigar

Rush and The Angry Mobile Mob

Today, Tuesday, March 13th, 2012, brings the Mobile Web into sharp focus. I know, I know, a bunch of people still use feature phones and when you mention “Mobile” to them they immediately think about the “Hoveround” or the “mobile Library” they may have seen stalking neighborhoods not fortunate enough to have their own library buildings.

Not so for Rush Limbaugh. Talk show personality who loves to watch “Sluts and Prostitutes” on video while doing oxycontin. He said it, I’m just repeating his words.

If this despicable piece of homo sapien doesn’t know about the mobile web, he’ll soon find out. Rest assured, Premier Radio Networks know all about the power of the Mobile Web. They distribute Limbaugh’s show and they are being inundated by an astonishing number of mobile requests to pull his show.

I would like you to read the short article in its entirety and decide for yourself. Is the Mobile Web a fad as some still claim?

Article here: An “Angry Mobile Mob” Fights to Silence Rush Limbaugh

Just a decade ago, Rush could have made those statements almost with impunity. And he has made similar statements. As a public figure, he should have done the research. Today, whether someone listens to his show, (basically those that idolizes him), or not, his incendiary comments are instantly available to every and anyone with a mobile device. Never mind the fact that CNN will also broadcast it on their network around the world.

This story and its outcome should serve as a wake-up call to all amateur and professional “soapbox” instigators alike. You are no longer insulated from the backlash. By way of the “Mobile Web”, the entire planet now has access to your rantings, AND, more importantly, they can do something about it.


Smartphone Penetration Percentage in The US?

Everyone has a smartphone, or maybe not.

I’m so used to telling clients that a lot of people coming into their establishments carry Smartphones, simply because everywhere I look, that’s all I see. Now, I knew that the actual Smartphone penetration percentage was low in the United States, however, not this low! (As you’ll see in the article).

The Future For Smartphones Is Still Bright

Not to be discouraged however. Why? Well, Google just spent 12.5 billion dollars, one-half of its liquid cash assets, to acquire Motorola Mobility. You know Motorola Mobility, they are one of the largest manufacturers of Smartphones, tablets, GPS units etc. I seriously don’t believe they did this because they didn’t expect the Smartphone marketplace to expand rapidly.

Instead, I do believe that Google is simply positioning itself to be a leader or the leader in the mobile device production and sales arena. They already own the Android Operating System, the platform that will probably dominate the mobile operating system scene in the near future. Remember now, just recently, Android powered mobile devices outsold iOS (Apple) devices. Their mobile apps marketplace is coming on strong, taking a bite out of Apple’s App Store. (Pardon the pun).

Back to the percentage thing. I have a link below that explain in more detail why you should not give up on,

  1. 1. Smartphones taking over
  2. Mobile Marketing to feature(dumb?) phones just yet.

Here’s the link : Smartphone Penetration Percentage

Luckily for us, a large part of the service we provide is centered around SMS Marketing and Mobile Websites. Both of these are ideally suited to the mobile web, even to the non-smart variety. Their reach is almost 100%, with some people having two or more!

The bottom line is this, the Smartphone penetration percentage is quite low in the US and Canada at the moment, however, unless you do believe that 67% of the world’s population is willing to turn their backs on this technology, that percentage is about to skyrocket. Keep an eye out for that.

Go read that article.

Social Media Apps for Offline Clients

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Another Gold Rush?

Many savvy marketers are already creating businesses around these apps!

Here are some of the many ways they are using them.

11 Ways To Make Money With Facebook Apps

You can sell these services to :

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Here’s another opportunity to watch the video:


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Learn How To Get, Keep And Grow Clients

This is just something I came across. If you are a Local Business owner are involved in local search, you are well advised to investigate this.

Sean D’Souza, a Kiwi marketer and owner of the website, or why customers buy (and why they don’t), is doing something unheard of in the marketing world.

He’s about to GIVE AWAY one of his best-selling courses, and there’s a very good reason why he’s doing so. No, it’s not because it’s outdated, being replaced or any other marketing ploy.

Learn How To Get, Keep and Grow Customers.

Free from Psychotactics: The $2500 Brain Alchemy Marketing Strategy Workshop

It sounds unusual: Why would someone just give valuable information away?

You and I know that “normal” people don’t do this kind of stuff. No one just gives away thousands of dollars worth of stuff without some sneaky up-sell, cross-sell or some kind of catch. To give away valuable information just like that, sounds weird at the very least.

But we’re not normal (our logo should give you enough hints).

My long-term goal is to create a university in New Zealand (Casa LocoLoco: The Mad House)

This university will be in place to help folks like you run their businesses. It will be a non-profit university. In the spirit of Casa LocoLoco, I am slowly going to make most Psychotactics products and workshops free by the year 2020. So as you can see this process is thoughtful; it’s methodical. And it’s designed on the fact that generosity helps us all.

And the Brain Alchemy Masterclass is just the beginning.

The only ‘catch’ if you want to call it that, is that you have to opt-in.

Read article here: How To Get, Keep And Grow Local Search Customers.

So, usually, when the word FREE is attached to almost anything, a certain stigma comes with it. The assumption is that the material or product is outdated, being replaced, worthless or what ever.

You may fall into that trap if you want, but I’ll say this, just a short while ago, if you wanted access to this course you would have had to pay $2800 USD for it!

Are you looking for new Local Customers? Are you involved in search marketing? Maybe you just want to learn how others are getting and keeping new customers? Do yourself a favor. Sign up for the course!

The Day Of Smartphone Security Is Nigh

Way, way back in 1995, a friend of ours was showing us his new “portable” phone. It looked more like a suitcase than a phone. The only security threat to that phone was having it stolen. Because of it’s price tag, ($3,000) and novelty, everyone wanted one.

We have come a long way since then. Today phone security threats are focused on data inside the phone, not so much the phone itself. The age of the Smartphone has made our phones just as important as our laptops, if not more.

Here’s more from Lauren Johnson, editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer.

Security threats increase, smartphones not protected: study

By Lauren Johnson

June 16, 2011
Security threats increase, smartphones not protect

Only four percent of mobile devices are secure

Despite a steady increase in threats from device loss and threats, malware and viruses, only 4 percent of smartphones and tablets are protected with security software, according to a study from Juniper Research.

“Operators and service providers need to recognize the potential value that can be achieved by integrating security features into their products,” said Nitin Bhas, research analyst at Juniper Research, Hampshire, England.
“Bundling security along with other managed services will not only provide incremental revenue, but will also help with better customer satisfaction,” he said.

The article goes on to say how the time is near when we will have to include our smartphones on the list of things to secure, just as we did with out desktop and laptop computers.

Interested in reading the entire article? Here’s the link: Smartphone Security.
Visit our homepage to learn more about the effect of smartphones on business: Mobile Marketing.

AT&t Buyout of T-Mobile is just wrong

It’s ironic that just a few short years ago, AT&T Wireless as they were called, was at the receiving end of just such a buy-out. Maybe they feel that the public memory is short but we remember why this was so.

[trafficplayer_skin padding: 29px 0 0 70px; margin: 0 auto; width: 574px; height: 412px; background: url( top left; text-align: left;][trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”500″ height=”325″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video][/trafficplayer_skin]AT&T  WAS #3 of 4 in market share and they received that nomination mostly for poor service and the countless dropped calls their customers were forced to endure. Fast-forward to 2011. What do we have? The brand name has re-emerged and now wants to “rule the world” of the Mobile Phone and possible the mobile web itself.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Look around you. Monopolies set the pace for everything the touch. Oil. Manufacturing. Retail, you name it. Okay, so they want to be a part of a duopoly with Verizon, does that diminish their dark goal?

Read what Public Knowledge, a Washington based public interest group has to say about this.

Public Knowledge President & Co-Founder Issues Statement On AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

Posted on 25 May 2011

Mobile Marketing Public Knowledge President & Co Founder Issues Statement On AT&T/T Mobile DealEver since the proposed takeover of T-Mobile by AT&T was announced there’s been harsh opposition to the merger, mostly having to do with consumer choice and anti-competition fears.

Public Knowledge, a Washington D.C. based public interest group, has long been outspoken when it comes to consumer choice across a wide variety of issues, and the AT&T/T-Mobile deal is no exception.  Public Knowledge President and Co-Founder Gigi B. Sohn criticized the takeover today, saying “It would be hard to imagine a takeover that could do more harm to consumers.”  She spoke at a Capitol Hill press conference hosted by Rep. John Conyers, Jr., the senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.  The following is her full statement on the subject:

It would be hard to imagine a takeover that could do more harm to consumers than AT&T buying out its competitor, T-Mobile.  If this deal is allowed, about 80 percent of the market share and 90 percent of the revenue will belong to two companies – AT&T and Verizon.

That’s a great deal for them, a bad deal for consumers.  It will mean higher prices.  As smaller competitors are bought out or squeezed out, the huge companies that are left will be able to raise rates, have stricter caps on data usage and do just about anything an unregulated duopoly feels like doing.

It will mean less innovation.  T-Mobile was the first company to market with the Android phone.  It still has more flexible calling plans than other companies.

Consumers already know this is a bad deal.  As soon as the takeover was announced, Public Knowledge started getting unsolicited email from people all over the country.

One we received just yesterday said:

“I now have T-mobile and I’m very happy with them and to think that AT$T buying us is so wrong!!!   If this deal had happen[ed] in 2008, I would not had the android phone I have now. I know what AT$T’s vision for us now is.  They want to share with us more dropped calls and rude customer service and make us pay more.”

About 5,000 other people like this one have already sent comments to the FCC asking our regulators to stop this takeover.

This transaction is a pivotal moment in U.S. antitrust law.  If that law means anything, this classic merger of one company buying out a smaller competitor in the same business must be denied.  There are no conditions or divestitures that can make this deal acceptable.  This merger is unfixable.

This post was written by:

Justin – who has written 1294 posts on Mobile Marketing Watch.

What’s your opinion? Drop us a line. Let the world know what you think.



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Search Ranking Preservation w/ Silo Structure

Search Rankings are a big part of what we do here at Businessbymouse. Time and again, we have sites rank on page one for multiple keywords and with multiple listings as if by magic.

Indeed, we have been accused by others of “black-hatting”. To that we say, “Google doesn’t think so”. The question is, how do we do it?

Here’s how we do our Search Marketing, (Short video):

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If Google didn’t frown on “boasting about your page rankings”, we would have site after site to show you. Small sites with less than 25 pages and more than 50+ 1st page rankings. Sites that are less than 4 months old that do this without massive backlinks and so on.

Want to read the entire article? Go here:

TZ Architect Revels How to Construct a Supporting Framework of Golden Niches

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