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Why Bob Parsons Is An Idiot On So Many Fronts

It’s a fact that we human beings can be quite callous to other living creatures, especially other human beings. What is not clear is why this is so.

I’m going to post an article below that clearly outlines the domineering bloodlust of one such human. He’s Bob Parsons, otherwise known as the CEO of successful domain name registrar,

As with so many other cases where we can’t come up with a more amicable solution to a problem, all that we ‘think” is left is to “Kill them all!”

Bob Parsons was not helping a situation as they claim in the video. He was simply satisfying his lust for killing a defenseless living creature. How exactly is he different from the Japanese fishermen slaughtering whales, the African poachers killing wild animals for the black market “bush meat” trade or Michael Vick putting mortally wounded pit bulls to death?

You be the judge, read the article and watch the video. Was that the best that  we as a “superior” mammal can come up with?

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons may have achieved a new social media equivalent of jumping the shark. Call it “shooting the elephant.”

A video of Parsons shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe made the rounds Thursday, causing the domain registry company to become a Google Hot Topic and the subject of criticism. Leading the charge is PETA, the animal rights group, which has closed its account with GoDaddy and is asking others to follow suit. Parsons, a Vietnam vet known for his brash image, brought on the publicity by posting the video on his blog.

The video shows the damage elephants caused by trampling a farmer’s sorghum field. Parsons and his fellow hunters are shown waiting at night for the elephants to return. Then Parsons shoots and kills one of the elephants. In the next shot, dozens of villagers then come to pick off the elephant’s meat.

Anticipating a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains for $4.99 with 20% of the proceeds going to For its part, GoDaddy has yet to address the issue on its company blog. Reps from the company could not be reached for comment.

This isn’t the first time GoDaddy has courted controversy. The brand is known for its envelope-pushing Super Bowl ads that feature “GoDaddy Girls” bouncing out of their shirts. One such spot, featuring a retired football player named Lola who becomes a lingerie designer, was punted from the 2010 Super Bowl.


By this one selfish act, this idiot has muddied his name, endangered his company’s future and placed so many jobs at risk at the worst time in recent history. Congratulations Bob.

Bob Parsons, there is only one word to describe you: IDIOT.


We at do not normally comment on current affairs such as this article however, we are also animal lovers and thought it necessary to spread the word through our website. If you have a comment about the article or anything else, please leave it below. …And, no, we are not sorry we called Bob Parsons an idiot.

Site Launch System Bonus Worth $1511! – A Launch Formula System You Can Use To Build Your Business, Rather Than Someone Else’s

The Site Launch System Shopping Cart Was Closed on 3/16/11 Until Further Notice.

Site Launch System Bonus – The Business By Mouse Way! is a Local Mobile Search Company, in business for 10 years, located in Baltimore, Maryland. We help small businesses establish themselves in the local marketplace utilizing a specific launch formula of mobile and traditional websites and local search engine rankings. Site Launch System Raam Anand

The Real Power of A True Site Launch Bonus

There’s no doubt that a “Free iPad” is an attractive site launch system bonus. We can give those out as bonuses too, however, as it sits on your desk gathering dust, or is shuffled around in your briefcase with your lunch, or worse, stays in the box waiting until that day you finally have some “free time” to check it out,  how exactly is it building your business?

Answer “YES” to these 5 questions only if it’s how you intend to use the iPad.

  1. Will be used for Local Lead Generation for your offline business
  2. Will be used to send virtual coupons to generate more business on your “slow” days
  3. Will be used to build a list of loyal customers that you can market to whenever you wish
  4. Will be used to ensure that your business survive these tough economic times
  5. Will be used to Brand your local business online and off.

Now, substitute any other bonus you are considering and do the same. We don’t need to tell you what a serious business person will conclude.

We don’t give out give out “cute” bonuses. We give bonuses that are meaningful and will definitely grow a person’s business with minimal effort on their part.

You are not going to have to read 20 eBooks or learn HTML and CSS. You won’t even have to know what a Shortcode is, or a WordPress Plugin or anything like that.

And yet…. with our bonus, if you are a hairdresser, on Tuesdays when you wonder where did all the clients go, you can send a coupon to the client list you built or post a coupon on your mobile site, saying “Good for today ONLY!”

If you are in the restaurant business, you may want to bring more customers in from your local zip code on Wednesdays, your hump day. No problem.

Apply these ideas to your particular business and then answer this question:

“Can My Business Use More Local Leads?”

If the answer is “YES”, keep reading. If it’s “NO”, then we appreciate the time you spent here with us, but we know for a fact that our bonus will not please you.

The Launch Formula Bonus.

A Site Launch System Bonus With Meaning.

Since 2000, we cannot tell you the number of times we’ve invested in various products with “Rap Sheets” that are 3 feet long. (We call the sales letters with endless bonuses and testimonials, Rap Sheets). We know that you’ve seen them. You’ve probably bought some of the same products we did.

Enough said.

How many of those bonuses were actually related and, more importantly, useful to us? One or two. That’s it. In our honest opinion, they actually seemed to diminish the actual product. We like to call this the “Cheesy Effect”.

We’re offering something different today. Our Site Launch System Bonus is practical and highly relevant in today’s business environment.

The kicker is, everyone can use it in their business or personal life. It comes in two parts.

Buy Site Launch System Button

Our Site Launch Bonus Killer!

Mobile Site Top Section

Mobile Website Features

PART I: Your Mobile Presence

Buy Site Launch System through our link and we will reward you with a completely hosted, custom designed Mobile Website, just like the one in the graphic to the left. You receive the Standard Mobile Website Package* we sell.

The SMS Marketing Package is brand new and has not been released to the public as of today.

This website is yours for ONE FULL YEAR! Fully hosted, customizable, and ready to begin sending your business local leads.

All you do is supply the content and graphics and we do the rest.

Here are 10 of the many benefits of our Mobile websites

  1. 5,000+ Supported Devices
  2. Analytice equipped
  3. Standard email support included
  4. Mobile SEO
  5. Click-To-Call Phone Number
  6. Image Transcoding
  7. Mobile Forms
  8. Google Webmaster Tool
  9. Advanced Security
  10. Includes 12 months hosting and much more!

VALUE: $728.00

That was PART I of our Bonus. Here’s Part II

PART II: Your SMS Marketing Advantage

You are going to receive a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to our Brand New Service, The SMS Bounce Ad System.

A “BOUNCE AD” is a customizable Advertising Text Message that U.S mobile phone companies “bounce back” to cell phone users whenever they text a valid DOMAIN NAME and an advertising KEYWORD to a designated Short Code number.

Customizable means that that text message can be anything you like, a coupon, a prize, whatever, you get to decide.

You get UNLIMITED Bounce Back Advertising Service for ONE FULL YEAR.

As a business person, you can estimate the value of this service to your business. If you were going to buy it from us, there would be a setup fee of $195, as well as a monthly service fee of $49.

VALUE: $783

How much is our Site Launch Bonus worth to you?

Try $1511.00!

Don’t believe us? Here’s our proof. We currently sell this package on our website. Check it out here, Mobile Design. We are confident that, with the Site Launch System Home Study Course and Our Launch Formula Bonus package in tow, you will be a step ahead of all of your competitors who opted to get a “free iPad” instead.

Mobile Site Bottom Specs

Practical Mobile Benefits

How To Use This SLS Bonus.

Don’t know how to use this for your business? Visit this page, Mobile Website Development,  for more information and ideas, . Hint, think Google and Local Search Lead Generation!

Click on either of the blue “Buy Site Launch System” buttons on this page and you’ll be taken to Raam’s Site where the purchase can be made.

It comes with a full 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Buy Site Launch System Button

*Mobile site & SMS Marketing password will not be activated UNTIL the 31st day after purchase. Unfortunately, it does cost us to activate them and if the product is returned for a full refund, it does us no good to simply turn the services off.

The good news is you have a full 30 days to get your content, graphics and SMS Marketing plans together.

To receive proper credit, you must clear all cookies from your browser before purchasing from our link. We cannot give credit if we are not credited.

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Buy Site Launch System

175 Female Led Startups in 2011

The Female Founder Fellowship Announces a Goal of Funding 175 Female Led Start-ups in 2011

Okay, a friend of ours sent us this article on Facebook about the Founders Institute. Though we are not about any one gender in particular, we are for tech causes and found the article quite interesting.

Here’s our attempt at web promotion for this one. According to the article, any woman who applies qualifies for the opportunity, so, please don’t sleep on this! Some deadlines are coming due soon.

Here’s a snippet from that article.

Posted Feb 14th by Christine Oneto

The Founder Institute (, a pre-seed incubator, recently unveiled a program designed to increase the number of females founders in technology. Their goal? To launch 175 female-led tech companies in 2011.

The Female Founder Fellowship program will provide extraordinary female applicants the opportunity to launch their dream company with the Founder Institute – free of charge. The Institute will subsidize the course fee for the most extraordinary female applicant in each of it’s ten Spring Semesters; including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., San Diego, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, New York City, Boston, and Singapore….

To read the entire article just follow this link: Founders Institute.

Interested in learning how anyone can become an SEO Expert? Signup for our newsletter HERE and get PART 1 of our FREE 6-PART White Paper. The other 5 PARTS will follow, once per week.

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$50,000/yr to Update Facebook Profiles?

Social Media Manager – The Business World’s Newest Profession

Better believe it! If you are one of those Facebook fans who spend more time updating your profile than you do sleeping, then this job is for you. You have the skills (and interest 🙂 ) needed.

Are you an official member of the “Tweeple Nation?” You’re hired! Consider the positions mentioned in the video, Social Media Assistant and Social Media Manager then start sending those resumes out.

Here’s The Guest Article From: Kate Buck

I still get funny looks when I tell people that I get paid to send Tweets and Facebook updates… While there is obviously more to being a social media manager than just playing on Facebook, the truth is, my job is way more fun and wayyy more lucrative than the jobs the people giving me those funny looks have. :)

NOW being a social media manager is more official than ever and is seen as a viable and high paying business PROFESSION. Check out this video and you’ll see for yourself!

In case you missed any of those juicy statistics…

On average, social media managers make $50,000/yr. starting out.  Pretty fair compensation for managing social media accounts right? I bet I won’t be getting as many of those funny looks anymore ;)

If you fit the job description of:  ”Someone who understands Facebook and Twitter and would enjoy tweeting, posting and engaging customers through social media”  Then there is a big opportunity out there for you.

-Kate Buck


Don’t sleep on this. Social Media was huge last year, but considering the fact that both Google and Facebook are contemplating a takeover of Twitter right now, Feb 2011, the implications for its growth this year are simply astounding!

2011 is already shaping up to be the year of Local Marketing and SMS Marketing. It’s just a natural extension to add Social Media Management to the mix.

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Site Launch System – Get a Lead Generating, Hands-Off Launch Formula Bonus That Grows Your Business For One Full Year!

The Site Launch System Shopping Cart Was Closed on 3/16/11 Until Further Notice.


The Site Launch System – Internet Marketing’s Standard for 2011. Our Business Building Launch Formula Bonus link is just above and below the video.

Site Launch System, a comprehensive Website Marketing/Internet Marketing HOME STUDY product, is to be launched on March 10th, 2011 by “InfoYOGIS“, of Silver Spring Maryland.

If you are a business owner or just someone interested in business marketing, have you ever thought, “I wish someone would take me by the hand and show me step-by-step how to launch a successful Internet business?” Wish no more. Raam Anand is her to take you by the hand.  Learning website promotion has never been easier.

Go to this link to see our unique Site Launch System Bonus Offer!




Go to this link to see our unique Site Launch Formula System Bonus Offer!

But, what exactly is Site Launch System?

A Brief Site Launch System Review

Raam Anand is well known in the Internet Marketing world, having helped hundreds of businesses carry out a successful website launch. His company has delivered the goods from advising business owners on how to plan a website, all the way up to actual site publishing. For the last 6 plus years they have been providing this vital service among others, to businesses in three countries, Australia, India and in the United States.

The Site Launch System Course is the first time that he has gathered all of that “in demand” website promotion knowledge in one place. The Sitelaunch System contains a wealth of knowledge, crucial to launching business websites.

It’s not simple website builder software or a website planning worksheet. It’s certainly not a rehash of some tired Internet marketing mantra. In fact, it’s quite comprehensive, consisting of much of Raam’s hard won personal knowledge about site launching, website planning, or e-commerce web site design. For Over 6 years he’s been so successful, that today, he can name many of the top gurus in the Internet marketing industry as his personal friends.

Over the years, we’ve seen many, many, many courses on starting a website, how to launch a website and even on selfpublishing your own corporate website design.

Here’s what sets the Site Launch System apart: Raam is not marketing some money making system he came across on the Internet. His Site-Launch Training is his own tried and true formula. He has used it or parts of it to help hundreds of companies carry out a successful site launch.

As good as the system is, here’s what makes it that much better. Unlike most web promotions, a very distinctive site launch system bonus is its email consultation and after sales goodies package. For 4-5 weeks after you buy site launch system, several additional, high-quality, high-value coaching and site launch system video trainings will be presented to all qualified visitors (Qualified as in actual customers).

Without further ado, let’s run down what’s included in the package.

Site Launch System – Package Details

Site Launch System Home Study Course Components

Item #1. A 6 High Definition DVD Home Study Course. This is a physical marketing course that is shipped to your doorstep. Included with the DVDs is a printed marketing guide manual, Raam’s personal digital resource Rolodex and several blueprints.

The first 5 DVDs teach his “i5-Framework”, a technique that has been responsible for several multi-million dollar site launches and business promotions. DVD #6 is a bonus DVD. This is where Raam teach you how to earn a 6-7 figure income by becoming an EXPERT in site launching and promoting websites.

Item #2. Camtasia Cash Secrets. This consists of 2 DVDs. Seen those professional videos in your email box? Ever wondered how they were made? Didn’t think you could produce expert videos just like them for your business? Well, now you can. Internet marketing strategies are hard to come by and this one is closely guarded by most seo marketing companies.

This complete guide will teach you to become a Camtasia Video expert and how to use those skills to produce professional quality videos for yourself or for other professionals. There is a digital version of print manuals on the DVDs. This training alone is valued at $2,000.

Item #3. Internet Marketing Secrets. This is another $2,000 product if sold by itself. The 2 DVD package consists of 12 modules. There is  video instructions on Article Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, JVs, Adwords, PPC, Blog Marketing, Viral Marketing, SEO Internet Marketing, Web 2.0, Social Media Traffic, Twitter marketing, Facebook Marketing, Press Releases, eBay and Co-registration.

Item #4. Instant Traffic Surge. A video tutorial on how to get instant traffic on demand using simple website marketing strategies. The this DVD teach the secrets to getting multiple traffic-generating pages listed on the first page of Google within 48 hours! This bonus is easily valued at over $500.

Item #5. One-Day Product Creation. A step-by-step video tutorial on how almost anyone can create products easily and quickly. Discover how to produce and launch a product for e commerce sale, all within 24 hours.

More Valuable Bonuses: There’s no question that the site launch bonuses being offered are valuable to any Internet marketer. It hardly ends there however.

4 Additional Reasons To Buy The Sitelaunchsystem

1. Unparalleled Customer Service.

Ever bought something online and had a question about it, only to find out that the seller was hiding behind their website or email address? How did that make you feel? Don’t answer that, we’ve been there and done it. Just know that you will never have a similar experience with the site launch system program. Raam Anand and his company, InfoYOGIS stand behind their product.

In Raam’s own words,

“At InfoYOMIS, we don’t take long vacations throughout the year, or take weekends off. InfoYOGIS currently employs more than 55 full-time experts that cater to hundreds of clients globally. Someone is always there to answer your questions and assist you in making the most out of your purchase by being your virtual marketing coach. We have a stated commitment to answer all emails within 12 hours, 7 days a week. We also make available our Customers Support Help Desk and Knowledge Base, setup exclusively for “The Site Launch System”.

2. A Market Specific Home Study Course.

The system is a Targeted Marketing Consulting Offer to the small to medium business owner: “Site Launch System” home study course is perfectly targeted toward people who own commercial websites and are interested in niche marketing and being a self publisher. It’s quite obvious that every serious website owner or Internet marketer need REAL people visiting their websites. The program will help you get traffic, convert more of that traffic and eventually put more cash on the bottom line.

3. High Credibility.

This is not just an eBook offered by an inexperienced newbie or even a seasoned “guru”. Raam Anand and InfoYOGIS has been successfully performing Internet Marketing Services for international businesses since 2004. Together, they have a solid reputation in the marketing consulting and planning websites arenas. You’ll be coming on board with a highly credible and reliable company.

4. High Quality Physical Products.

Finally, these are not simple electrons being sold to you. (Some marketers have proudly proclaimed this as “selling air”). There is no air to be bought here.

The site launch system DVD course is a high-quality High Definition set of physical DVDs and actual printed materials that are shipped directly to your home.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you have read this far, we’ve got 3 surprises for you!

On the dates listed below, 3 separate Site Launch System pre-launch videos will be released to the public. These are special because they outline an actionable sequence that you, the business owner can take immediately upon download. They are digital files, meaning that they can be downloaded instantly for implementation.


March 3rd – Video #1

March 5th – Video #2

March 8th – Video #3

To receive the videos, you just have to SIGNUP HERE.

If you see a countdown page, it means the site is not open to the public yet. In that case CONTACT US, and type “SLS pre-launch videos” in the comments field. We’ll make sure you are informed as soon as the site is open.



In order to maximize the impact of the course, the shopping cart will be limited

CART GOES ACTIVE: March 10th, 2011

CART CLOSES: March 16th, 2011

One week, that’s it! After that, you just have to wait for another opportunity, if they decide to open the doors again. Be aware however, that at this point, there’s no indication of a second launch.


So, What Sets This Home Study Course Apart From The Rest?

4 solid reasons (of many), why it’s different

  1. Targeted Offering – A Marketing Consulting Offer To The Small To Medium Business Owner: “Site Launch System” home study course is perfectly targeted toward people who own commercial websites and are interested in niche marketing and website SEO. It’s quite obvious that every serious website owner/marketer needs REAL people visiting their websites. The program will help you get traffic, convert more of that traffic and eventually put more cash on the bottom line.
  2. High Credibility – This is not just an eBook offered by an inexperienced newbie. InfoYOGIS has been successfully performing Internet Marketing Services for businesses worldwide since 2004 and has a solid reputation in the marketing consulting and web site promotion arenas. You’ll be coming on board with a credible and highly reliable company.
  3. High Quality Physical Products – These are not simple electrons being sold to you. (Some marketers call this “selling air”). There is no air to be bought here.  The products are high-quality HD DVDs and actual printed materials that are shipped directly to your home.
  4. Committed Support System – Raam Anand and his company, InfoYOGIS, stand behind their product: They do not take long vacations throughout the year. They are always there to answer your questions and assist you in making the most out of your purchase by being your virtual marketing coach.  They have a stated commitment to answer all emails within 12 hours, 7 days a week. They also make available their Customers Support Help Desk and Knowledgebase, setup exclusively for “The Site Launch System”.


Choose Option #1 – FREE TEST DRIVE

Cash is tight for everyone. Does that mean that no new businesses are being launched? Absolutely not. Businesses are launching well designed websites everyday, maybe even a few not so well designed ones as well.

Many of these businesses may well be your direct competition. Don’t worry about that. They are ALL at a disadvantage to you unless they also know about The Site Launch System.

You have the option of putting experience in your corner, RISK FREE! You have the option of test driving a one-of-a-kind site launch system for a FULL 30-DAYS.

Not happy with the product for WHATEVER reason within that time frame? Return it for a 100% REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Final Thoughts on The Site Launch System

We found a handful of other “Site Launch System” products currently being offered online. On closer inspection, one thing became very apparent. They were all being offered by internet marketers who specifically developed them as products to market. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Consumers should have a range of products to choose from. Do your homework, all courses are NOT created equal.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you want accurate site launch system reviews, don’t get it from ebooks. Get it from someone whose company has already helped over 400 companies pull off successful site launches in three countries. Someone who practices what he preaches, being a business person first and a marketer second. Raam Anand is your guy, and his home study course is the course.

Go here, Site Launch System or contact us to signup for your FREE Pre-Launch videos. You will be reminded by email of the actual launch date.  Then, between the 10th and the 16th of March, make sure you set aside the time to purchase the course. Remember, it comes with a 30-Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No strings attached. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the link below.


Our Launch Formula Business Lead Generating Bonus: Site Launch System Bonus

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Twitter Takeover by Facebook and Google in the Works?

So, the news hit yesterday: A Twitter takeover by Google and Yahoo is in the works. Just great we say. Just what we needed. Now, not only can Facebook tell us that they have the right to use our wall postings in ads as they see fit, with a Twitter takeover, they’ll extend that to our tweets.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen some tweets that were waaaay out there. Imagine those as ads seen by millions all over the world! I imagine some “twits” won’t mind that, but for the most part, the majority will. The concept of Twitter is to be able to send short messages to your FRIENDS. The ones you picked, right? Let’s sit back and see what develops. Here’s the article.

Twitter Executives Explore Options, Mull Possible Takeover By Facebook and Google

Author: Mobile Marketing Watch

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 08:34 AM PST

Mobile Marketing Twitter Executives Explore Options, Mull Possible Takeover By Facebook and GoogleAccording to a report Thursday in The Wall Street Journal, Facebook and Google remain palpably interested in a possible acquisition of Twitter.

While the WSJ confirms that executives at Facebook and Google have held low-level talks with the powers-that-be at Twitter, the talks have so far “gone nowhere.”

But that is likely to change as Twitter’s growth and valuation continue to leap off the charts. Some now value the microblogging giant to be worth upwards of $10 billion.

This for a company that, people familiar with the matter said, had 2010 revenue of $45 million—but lost money as it spent on hiring and data centers—and estimates its revenue this year at between $100 million and $110 million.

For now, none of the players related to the matter of a possible takeover – Google, Facebook, and Twitter itself – are talking about finances, valuations and possible acquisitions. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, there’s a palpable that a major deal could realistically be brewing – even if it means nothing more than a possible IPO for Twitter.

Twitter’s executives and board are said to e working feverishly on building a “large, independent company.” People familiar with the situation said the company “believes it can grow into a $100 billion company.”

Sources familiar with the situation tell The Wall Street Journal that Twitter’s new ad service, Promoted Trends, has been selling out its inventory every day. Similarly, Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts are also “doing brisk business.”

“The company is having great ad-sales momentum right now, but we still think they need to do something big to increase usage and get more people seeing and interacting with tweets,” said Debra Aho Williamson, an eMarketer analyst. “Most of their advertisers are just experimenting at this point; the challenge will be to get those advertisers to come back and buy more,” she said.


The dollar signs are enticing to everyone, including the biggest of the internet giants. Does it matter that Twitter isn’t wildly profitable right now? Hardly. They represent serious competition to both Google and Facebook for eyeballs and “screentime”. As usual, Google, and possibly Facebook now,  is sticking true to their unwritten motto, “If you can’t beat them, buy them.” Tell us what you think.

Businessbymouse is a Local Mobile Marketer out of Baltimore, Maryland.