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Easy Video Player 2.0 – Powerful Video Web Page Creation

Video Marketing – Web 2.0 Style

Finally, Killer Software Lets You Build Your Lists On Auto Pilot, Create Video Sales Pages At The Touch Of A Button And Sky Rocket Profits!

Introducing: The Easy Video Player 2.0

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Below are just some of the comments shared with Josh Bartlett about his updated software application, Easy Video Player 2.0.

  • THE Most Powerful Video Marketing Software On The Planet!
  • Routinely Builds Mailing Lists On Auto Pilot!
  • Generate Massive Profits With Ease
  • Finally Breaks Down All Barriers To Video Marketing So You Can Start To Make Money Today!

Merely uploading movies to YouTube and then simply embedding them in your web page just doesn’t cut it in 2011. These videos lack tracking scripts and simply are routine and drab. What’s needed in 2011 and beyond is video professionalism. Additional features to give meaning to the real purpose of uploading the video in the first place, i.e. to appeal to your viewers and have them view the entire video presentation.

Easy Video player 2.0 Comes with Many New Features

Try these on for size.

To start with, a more consumer friendly interface will permit an easier and faster report upload. Apple IPhone and Ipad fanatics will love the greater degree of compatibility built-in to Easy Video Player 2.0.

Here’s a Short List of 7 New Video Player Features

  • Embed “buy now” buttons directly inside your videos! Control your website while your video plays! Have buy buttons and content, appear at designated times. Distribute your videos with YOUR buy now buttons inside them for autopilot profits!
  • Captivate your audience and keep them with you, walking them through every step with entire interactive web pages!
  • Add eye catching, clickable ‘Overlays’ to your Videos that appear at precise times to GRAB your viewers attention! Give your customers the chance to buy, right when they are most likely to take action!
  • Add opt in forms inside your videos to skyrocket subscriptions! Let Easy Video Player 2.0 build your lists fast on autopilot using the power of video marketing and social media!
  • Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. (Allows EASY use of Amazon S3 or your own Hosting) Works perfectly with Amazon S3 to ensure your videos load super fast every time!
  • Create Entire Video Web Pages At The Touch Of A Button! Publish Video web pages that include commenting and full social sharing capability, within seconds!
  • Instantly redirect viewers to a website or shopping cart after your video! EVP Makes it easier than ever for your customers to buy from you and skyrockets your sales conversions!

Want more? Well, how about a FREE TRIAL PERIOD?

Easy Video Player 2.0 Has a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

100% cash bach guarantee gifEasy Video Player 2.0 has helped Internet marketers increase their profits, save time and build their lists faster than ever. They have removed all of the risk to you. They are offering a 100% No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You have an entire TWO MONTHS to test drive the software. More than enough time to put any software application through its paces.

If you are not happy with your results, simply ask the support team for a refund and they will be happy to oblige, no questions asked and as quickly as they can.

EVP 2.0 also offers a first class support system to back up their product.

Are You A WordPress User?

Easy Video Player 2.0 also comes bundled with its own WordPress Plugin to make things easy for you!

What About Mobile Marketing Applications?

Easy Video Player 2.0 is fully compatible with HTML5 and the Apple iPad and iPhone. This gives you immediate access to all of the millions of iPhone, iPad and other mobile device users who right now may not be able to watch your video. All it takes is uploading your video in the correct format, and you learn how to do that quite easily from their tutorial.

Ready to download Easy Video Player 2.0? Visit EASY VIDEO PLAYER 2.0.


A Successful Product Launch Should Have Good Pre-Planning

Good planning for a successful product launch requires a great deal of pre-planning.

First, is this a physical product or a digital product? Let’s go with a digital product for this article – a product that is delivered via the Internet as soon as it is paid for.

Second, we have to consider whether we are going to launch this product from our own website or from an existing site that sells numerous digital products. For this article we’ll go with our own website.

Third, is this the first product we’ll be selling off our site or is our shopping cart already set up? Let’s assume that we have already been selling products off our site.

Now we’re ready to figure out the marketing campaign for this product.

First we consider whether we want to have affiliates selling this product when it first launches. Or perhaps we want to first offer it as an exclusive to our email marketing list. Once these customers/fans have first crack, we can open up the sales to affiliates.

Do we want to first sell the product at an “introductory” price, then raise the price after one day or one week to its full amount?

Should we bundle the new product with an existing product when we first introduce the new product? If so, how much off the combined price of the two products do we take to come up with our bundled offer price?

Do we want to launch the product as a scarce commodity? For example, when there have been 100 digital downloads the product will no longer be available? (This might be the strategy for a software product where you don’t want too many people to be using the same software.) Or the product may only be available for a limited time.

Does this type of product call for a special day of the week on which to be launched? What time in the month? Which month? Is there a natural tie-in to a holiday that will create more interest in the product?

Will we send out the product to reviewers ahead of the launch? Or wait until launch day so that no one has a look before the product launches?

Should a separate website page be created for the product launch? Or will we describe the product launch on an existing website page?

Is it the kind of product that we can give people a sample of the product in order to encourage them to buy the whole product? If so, will we put that sample only on our website or use article directories and other online marketing strategies to distribute the sample?

Will we use free social media marketing to announce the product launch or will we also do a PPC (pay per click) campaign?

What will be our refund policy?

The above questions are meant to stimulate thinking about the kinds of considerations that go into the pre-planning of a product launch. It’s a good idea to contemplate numerous possible scenarios before launching a new product.

And then after the launch, it can be a good idea to record what lessons have been learned in order to prepare for the next successful product launch.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller (@ZimblerMiller on Twitter) has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is an Internet business consultant whose company website has lots more useful advice like this. Grab her free report on “The Top 3 Internet Marketing Elements” to maximize your own Internet marketing experience – claim your report now from

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Ken Sheridan talks to Caroline Marsh and Fiona Wright about their review of Paula Wynne’s book Create A Successful Website.
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Blogging Checklists- Free Helpful Knowledge Base For Bloggers

As you devour this article, remember that the rest of it contains valuable information related to blogging websites checklists and in some way related to NBA video game, science blogs, personal web hosting or family blog for your reading pleasure.

To make your blog have those swinging hips you need to feed it with a list. What kind of list? A list of email prospects that is supplied with valuable information regularly via email. You can subtly send them directly to your affiliate links or boldly direct them to your blog with your affiliate links strategically placed to ensure maximum exposure and click through.

Use real world applications to prove to your readers the expert advice or information you’re passing on. Given that most of your blog postings are going to be 100% test try to assist your readers “visualize” the benefit of heeding your advice by displaying a real world example or actual application that you or one of your existing clients have encountered. Try for the “Hey, man, that would solve our problem, too” reaction from your reader.

Therefore, how can you generate lots of original content for your Adsense web logging enterprise? There are several ways you can do this. One of the first ways is to hire someone to do it. There are thousands of web content writers who will produce original content for your Adsense blog for a fee. These people will write the content and all you have to do is copy and paste the content to your blog. This however can become very expensive for some people as these writers may charge anywhere from – per content piece.

I know that as informative as this article is, it might not adequately cover your blogging websites checklists quest. If this is so, don’t forget that the search engines like Dog pile exist for looking up more information about blogging websites checklists.

Setting up your blog to target a niche market is one of the best things you can do with your blog, provided you know the craft and have the requisite skills to run it successfully to start generating instant traffic (through syndication or RSS) and possibly start earning as well.

After you’ve decided the subject of your blog, you will then need to register with a web logging host. The most popular web logging hosts are BlogSpot and Word press, both of which offer their service for free. Just go to their websites, follow the instructions and get your blog up and running. You can then spruce up the look of your blog by choosing between pre-designed templates, colors, fonts and designs.

Also, search engines are more likely to spider your site regularly if you update your content frequently. With blog software, making changes to the text on your web pages is as simple as sending an email; you just fill in a subject line and post body and then click submit.

We discovered that many people who were also searching for information related to blogging websites checklists also searched online for related information such as executive search blog, latest NBA news, and even creating a blog application.

So here is chance to get your free tips on what is blogging and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit

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Houston Web Designers

Article by Ethan

For Houston, creating an effective form of marketing at prices businesses can afford has been their priority for years. When it comes to taking advantage of the forms of technology available in the Information Age, creating a professional web is one of the first steps toward helping a company reach their target market. Businesses around the nation know that although Texas boasts some of the most reputable firms around, Houston are known for providing the most impressive services in the southern U.S.

When a company is in need of creative services that meet some of the strictest technical standards of the Internet, Houston web are capable of meeting their expectations. Many of the Houston web have been helping meet the needs of clients for years, growing experienced in the methods of successful web marketing and creative development. With the continuously growing population of Texas, it is no surprise that Houston web designers are among the most skilled industry professionals in the country. With tough competition and a constant demand, Houston web designers have slowly grown into an elite group of skilled professionals with talents that have earned the attention of companies all around the country.

For companies, being able to attract the attention of potential clients is an absolute necessity, with their futures and successes depending on it. Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to attract their attention in any way possible. One of the most effective ways of reaching out to potential customers is by creating a web site for their viewing when online. With thousands of consumers using the Internet on a regular basis for purchasing goods and services as well as for finding places of business to do their purchasing, responsible businesses cannot afford to neglect one of the most profitable ways of reaching out to them. Houston designers have been providing the tools necessary to attract these clients and more, using their creative and technical talents to create web designs that not only look good, but also display a company’s services and products efficiently. Houston web designers can even help companies to generate extra revenue by creating the means of getting paid by advertisers, affiliates, and more. For the responsible businesses of Texas, and the country in general, Houston designers can help them to reach their intended markets in valuable, creative, and cost effective ways.

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The Greatest Mistakes of Website Designers

There are many experts who will stand in line to tell you what you need to do to make cool website designs. You try your best to follow their advice, but the same avoidable mistakes are made time after time. The next time you are thinking about perfecting your website design pay attention and make sure that your web designer doesn’t commit any of these web design sins.

Simple and Clutter Free

The simplest displays are often the best. You might like your website design to cover every possible eventuality on your homepage, but it will look a lot better if you cut down on the unnecessary information. Your visitors will be a lot happier if they can easily navigate around your site, even if it takes them a couple more clicks to find what they need.

New visitors to your site usually just want to just browse and see what it’s about before they commit to anything else. It might look like you have a high number of members on your site, but if they only visit once and then leave, it may be because they’re on information overload. If a new visitor wants to buy something, let them get used to your site before you bombard them with information.

The Status Quo

You might have one of the great cool website designs, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be that way. Think of good web design as a work in progress and be on the lookout for new things that you can try in order to keep it attractive to your visitors. In the fast moving marketplace of the internet, it’s important that you pay close attention to your competitor’s websites and do not let yours fall behind in the new technologies. If you see something you like on a competitor’s site, talk to your website designer about creating something unique for you along the same lines.

Ignorance is not Bliss

The needs of your visitors are more important than your need to have the ultimate website. You might think that you have some cool website designs, but if your visitors don’t like them or can’t use them easily, they’ll likely not come back. Remember the old adage – the customer is always right. If you give them what they want then they will come back time and again.

On a regular basis, check over your website to find what pages are popular with visitors and make more of them. You should also improve on or remove the pages that are unpopular. By making your website more popular with visitors you will substantially increase your sales.

Please Help

Nobody knows everything about everything. You might make be able to create a pretty good web design, but the chances of you being able to give it that professional edge are slim. Don’t make the mistake of putting up an amateur site and then expecting professional sales. You can find good website designers that will take your ideas and turn them into a profitable, easy to navigate site.

Website design is a complex and ever-changing field. And it’s easy to fall into one of these traps that will make your website less popular with visitors and cost your business in the bottom line. Find out what your visitors want and then try to give them more of it.



For more information about web design Miami or to see some web design examples please visit

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Advancing Athletic Career Through Website Marketing and Promoting Athletic Talents Through Webpage Marketing

For most school athletes, securing a place in the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a very significant milestone in their athletic careers.  It is stepping stone towards the greater goal of professional sports.  Thus, any and all forms of self-promotion can prove extremely helpful.  And since the Internet is a prevalent medium, webpage marketing to promote your athletic talents is logical.  Indeed, given the right attitude and the right breaks, website marketing is a potent tool for advancing an athlete’s career. 


Fortunately for ambitious athletes, Rodney Web Design offers the NCAA Sports Recruitment Package. Its design is such that your athletic talents and abilities, among other personal assets, will be showcased seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  With persistent website marketing, college recruiters will eventually notice you.  Now all you have to do is make sure that your hopes equals, or even exceeds, your hype.  Once you secure your NCAA berth, the ,000+ cost of the webpage marketing package will be worth every single cent. 

The NCAA Sports Recruitment Package boasts of spectacular graphics and video set in a professional presentation.  The web content will emphasize your personality, athletic achievements, tournaments participated in, a short biography, photos and videos, contact details and other information as you desire in your website marketing program.    Indeed, as this is your own personal webpage marketing project, you can include as many details as you want to fully maximize the opportunities for finding the right college for you.  For example, the website of Segeun Choi features videos of his golf game, the tournaments he has participated in, the awards he has won, and a coaches’ package. 

The package is inclusive of a registration for a minimum of two years, which increases your chances of college recruiters finding your distinctive website just by browsing for your name.  Also, a very unique e-mail address ( will be available to you for two years minimum. Hosting and web statistics are also part of the package, again for two years. To complete the website marketing   program, YouTube video conversion is offered.  And these are not all.  To complement your personalized webpage marketing project, all the packages have full-print versions for schools.  Not only do you cover the new medium of the Internet, you are also covering the traditional media. 

All these web features come with customized contents for graphics and text, which are your exclusive property and reflect the nature of your game.  Also, when recruiters use your contact details, a professional answering service will entertain your phone calls and pass the information directly to you.  You need not fear that you will miss a very important call.  And to make your website marketing   program as Internet-friendly as possible, your website is searchable with leading search engines like Google.  Added exposure is also available for your webpage marketing project as your site will be featured in Rodney Web Design’s online portfolio. 

If you think that Rodney Web Design will just design your personal website for you, then you are wrong.  Together with its parent company, Rupert Clement, Rodney Web Design offers whole packages – web design with strategic consulting.  Just contact the company and they will provide you with estimates for the custom job absolutely free. 


With Rodney Web Design as an athlete’s partner in website marketing, there are greater opportunities for advancing your athletic career to the next level. Truly, webpage marketing is one of the most effective and most successful ways for an athlete’s self-promotional efforts.

Article from Marketing your website can be difficult and costly, and if done incorrectly can cause search engines to miss your web page completely or leave the consumer confused. GMore is an easy way to market your website by using the ad space provided to give your user the appropriate links to your page. This way people can easily locate your services and it is completely free of cost to you. Most importantly your ad and links will always be shown at the top of any search results GMore gives. In addition to being able to market your website trough hyperlinks on GMore you can also use the space to promote a business location or even a telephone number. The choice is yours! All that needs to be done in order to get started is to download GMore for your website and let it begin doing its work. I run GMore on my website and it has been a very useful tool in my pursuit of business as well as a personal tool. Go to http
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SEO Solutions For Web Site Marketing

Many small enterprises invest a large amount of money to build their internet websites but it feels like their hard work goes in vein when nobody finds them by means of the internet. Building a website is easy but if you are unable to advertise visitors to your web page it can become a quite pricey process. Therefore, SEO solutions help your business with your web page marketing.

SEO means Search Engine Marketing as well as it enables your company to showcase your web-site or business on various search engines like; Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. It is estimated which nearly 80% of web visitors is generated because of search engine marketing products which is why it is regarded as the most beneficial  most popular way of internet site advertising.

In case you care about the success of your enterprise and also are keen on increasing sales of your products or solutions your firm may want to take benefit from SEO solutions. SEO enables you to survive over the years for a long time frame as your enterprise is secured once a person invest in these services. Internet site marketing in this way helps an individual to improve the number of existing consumers and you may be able to provide efficient service to your clients according to their requirements.

SEO targets clients who are serious and also are more likely to purchase your product or service as opposed to just window shopping or going via your products. It provides your website the capability of attracting consumers  potential buyers daily to your web-site who are searching specifically for products that your company offer. Hence, ultimately which means your sales will increase which in consequence increases your income.

So, if we look from a wider angle, SEO promotes your web-site the way your business want it to be promoted as well as gives you 100% outcomes in terms of marketing and marketing. SEO is regarded as a pretty important tool in promoting as well as marketing website or online businesses. It is therefore very crucial to select the right kind of solutions for advertising and also marketing. Hence, we may say which SEO products for internet site advertising helps your company to;

• Improve your sales  familiarize folks with your brand.

• Gives your company opportunity to earn earnings as well as maximize profits.

• Helps your company to compete against potential competitors  come up with better items as well as services offered by your competitors.

• Helps your business strengthen your small business, products as well as solutions.

SEO services like On-page optimization of your webpage, building links, PPC management, consultancy etc can all be used for the purpose of marketing  promoting your web page or small business. All a person need is a guidance in deciding on which service finest suits your business. Your company may choose products according to your budget requirements  other requirements.

Seo Services for webpage promotion helps an individual to enhance the sales of your products or solutions and also helps an individual to survive in the industry for long run.

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Guild Clan Website Hosting benefits

clan websites

Article by Matthew Anton

For many gamers, guild clan website hosting can mean the difference between a guilds life or death, literally. Whether a new or seasoned guild leader, having a personal home on the internet ensures the groups ability to collaborate, discuss, and plan future events. Guild Clan Website Hosting has many benefits: planning, communication, events/raids, scheduling, privacy, discussion forums, recruitment, and many other intangibles.

Ever try to get a group of people together in real life at the same time? Chances are someone has not shown up or didn’t RSVP. With video games the same is true; people need to be able to clearly see a guilds schedule of events on a calendar and be able to plan on attending or letting the guild leader know they can’t make it. Without this virtual home on the internet, guilds and clans would be left to hope X amount of members show up for their newest raid, or event. Now with guild hosting a guild leader can assess if they have enough members to go forward with an event rather than canceling.

Guilds and Clans can take advantage of private forums through a guild hosting provider to air out their indifference or discuss latest strategies, events, and recruitment. Without these private forums guilds and clans would be forced to discuss private/personal issues with guild members over a generic forum where non-members could view this. This is not acceptable so the guild host provider gives the guild/clan privacy as well as their own personal space. Discussing family matters at Dunkin Donuts is analgous to discussing recruitment with non members.

With the new age of guild clan website hosting providers springing up such as CharacterPlanet, it is becoming easier to match Virtual Characters looking for Guilds and Guilds looking for Virtual Characters. By taking the approach of matching Virtual Characters to Guilds/Clans rather than Real Life people to Guilds/Clans CharacterPlanet gives its members ability to be virtually matched. Think E-harmony only for the Virtual Worlds. The ability to save hundreds of hours on recruitment is a greatly added benefit of guild clan hosting. When one views a guild site they can easily see what race/class level combinations the guild needs as well as what level equipment one should have or any stipulation such as, real life tournament experience for CounterStrike or Epic gear for World of Warcraft.

Hosting can also mean more notoriety within the gaming community. If you have a guild clan website it immediately gives your organization the credibility it deserves. This landing page for the curious, enviuous, and even your enemies will solidfy your position for that game or games. Fires of Heaven is a great example as their website received hundreds of thousands of hits. It is forming this buzz about ones guild that also leads to more recruits and of course more enemies.

Depending on what game one plays there are a myriad of guild website hosting templates and clan templates as well. A World of Warcraft guild website will certainly look different than a Halo or EverQuest site but the principles are the same. Whether you want to gain more credibility, become more organized as a leader, or create a sense of teamwork within your own guild/clan, guild clan website hosting is beneficial.

There are of course both paid and free hosting solutions. The paid services in the past have dominated but the free ones have made leaps and bounds to give the same services and better in some instances. Most of the paid providers lack a community wrapped around the hosting to make recruitment more tedious than necessary. Regardless of the route you choose, be sure to utilize the awesome power of immortalizing your Guild on the internet with a place you can call home.

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How Using Proper Graphic Formats is the Secret to Good Website Design

How using proper graphic formats is the secret to good website design

There are many different file formats that website design companies can use for site design. However, every specific graphic format has its own function and use and it is a part of good website design to use them judiciously.

Properties that these formats have:

In terms of common properties of these website design graphic formats, there are five main types. These are namely:

–       Compression: This refers to the ability to store an image in a smaller file size. This employs using special algorithms to measure pixels as single items.

–       Transparency: This varies the opaqueness of an image from being totally solid to being totally see-through or transparent.

–       Progressive loading: In this case of website design, a part of the image is loaded first. However, it is not decided on the concept of alternating rows. This allows the picture to get loaded quicker.

–       Interlacing: This is much like progressive loading, except that the odd numbered rows of the image appear first, followed by even numbered rows. Users can see images quickly using this format of website design.

–       Animation: In this case of website design graphical formats, various still images are moved in quick succession to make it seem like they are moving. Most animated GIF images work on all browsers as they do not need plug-ins for them.

File formats available:

There are three main graphic file formats in website design. These are GIF, JPEG and PNG. One of the oldest formats is GIF and it helps loading images quickly. They have only 8 bits of color and have interlacing and transparency incorporated in them. These are the most common forms of graphics in website design and images look good in such formats. JPEGs are compressed files and have a 24 bit color capacity. In situations where you need high quality images in website design, a JPEG format works well. Compression elements of JPEG files can be easily controlled by a website design company. The download speeds for such format files is faster and in cases of complicated drawings, the overall quality is excellent. In PNG graphic formats, there is support for 24 bit color images. Both interlacing and transparency is incorporated in such images. Such images also can have a description alongside, for use in search engines. Compared to JPEG images, PNG images look much better and hence are preferred where high quality images are needed. Plus, it overcomes the restrictions of an 8 bit color image in website design.

Our website design company can provide you with a stunning website for only .99 a month

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What is a web design and web development?

design site web
by snik38

Article by Seocomcha

Internet business, a lot of times you will have to deal with customers coming to you and you will be asked to create their own Web sites. But when they tell you your request, you will know that he did not just design work, it also includes the preparatory work. Most people believe that the time web design and web design are the same. But the fact is that these two phrases have different values. Now here I’ll show you the two concepts are different from each other.

Web DesignLet’s start with the first web design. Now, basically it is a website design is to create a web page that includes the colors and graphics. In simple words, it can be called by the adoption of color painting. That’s what we’re doing the paper, but here we are doing on the computer. Web design is concerned with appearance and graphics of the site or page.

A person who is not part of the website design is called a web designer. He is the one who creates the look of the site. It is designed according to the customer and their business needs. Different colors, images and graphics are used in the site attractive. Adobe Photoshop is a widespread system that uses a designer that web page.

Web DevelopmentNow, let’s move into web development. It is the functionality of a web page or the back-end construction site, which is done through the program. Interaction between different pages, processing site is part of web development.

There are a number of languages ??used to create PHP, ASP and ASP.NET web site. Some scripting languages ??are also used as JavaScript. Database design and development is also included in web development. The database is where information from the Internet is stored and where the data comes from the site. These sites are known as dynamic websites and databases, web sites. Back-end or side of the site administrator, is not viewed by consumers. The owner or administrator can view the site by logging in with the username and password. A person who is not working, so called designer or web developer. It takes only monitor the site intends to operate a user to open it.

Sufalam technolgy is a Web design and development company based in India to provide services to more customers around the world, which includes large companies, non-profit organizations, IT companies and private individuals.

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