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Building Websites with WordPress

Building Websites with WordPress
How-to eBook on Building Websites using WordPress fast, easy and cheap
Building Websites with WordPress

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Website plan

What is a website plan?

A website plan is planning the activities and goals that you would like to see from your website and how you plan to achieve these goals. Things that you should be looking at in your website plan is:

Website brief

This will give you an over view of your website and also be useful for a web design company to understand what you want in your website and how you want it to function.

What you should be doing for you for your company

This will out line the type of website. Is it an ecommerce web design so people should be buying off the website or is it a brochure website and clients should be finding out about your services and contacting you to hire your service.

What traffic you expect to see on your website

You will need to know what sort of traffic you want to see on your website and how you can increase the traffic coming to your website. Google analytics is a good tool to find out how many users are landing on your website and what they are doing when they find your website.

What key terms do you want your website to be found for

Knowing what key terms that people are searching for is a key part to your website Search Engine Optimisation. If you are selling clothing then you don’t want to be found for soft toys. You need to plan out how to be found for your top key terms and what these key terms are. Can you get there by organic search engine optimisation or will you have to pay to get your company found.

How do you plan to market the website

Panning the marketing of your website and how to drive traffic to your website is a key part of having your website. You need to make sure that your website address is on all your marketing material such as your business cards and brochures. If you are not telling anyone about the website you cant expect people to be finding it.

How to drive the users on the website to contact/buy

once you know how many users are landing on your website then you need to start converting these users into clients. There are programs out there which will let you know where users are clicking on your website and give you an idea of how they are navigating through your website to that point of sale. Can you make it easier for a client to find your contact information or buy a product from your site.

Steam Multimedia is a creative web design company based in Glasgow, Scotland.
To find out more about us please visit our website. Steam Multimedia – Web design glasgow

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Save Money with an Atlanta Web Design Company

Article by Rasvir Mustan

Saving money is very important with a business today. You might be going online because you cannot afford your brick and mortar store. An Atlanta web design company can show you all of the ways that you can save money online starting at day one from start up costs, advertising methods, day to day costs and more.

When you start a business on the streets you are forced to pay many fees just to get going. You also need to obtain a business license. The costs to get started may be astounding and require you to get a loan from a bank. Today, banks aren’t lending money out to anyone even if you have the best credit scores. An Atlanta web design company can show you how you can start your own online company for very low costs which do not require a loan from a bank. The start up costs can be as low as 0 and you can have your own online business up in just a few days, depending on the type of business you want to begin.

An Atlanta web design company is also going to help you with endeavors for marketing your business. Marketing on the street through billboards is outrageously expensive and most people cannot afford it today for their business. When you go online marketing efforts are entirely free if you have the time to do it for your business. If saving money is your ultimate goal then all you need to do is spend a few hours a day working on the free marketing efforts of writing your own articles, press releases, blogs, and more. This will help you generate traffic and a design firm will help you with it all.

The day to day costs of a company can be outrageous. If you have employees that work for you then it may seem impossible to pay them. When you start an online business you don’t need to have employees. This way you can save money by not paying out a payroll but you also won’t need the stress of managing it either. In addition, you will have a flat monthly rate of a hosting package for your site and nothing else. You won’t have utility bills, maintenance of a building, and other problems you have to pay for monthly.

There are so many ways to save money when you have an online business. An Atlanta web design company will show you all of the free techniques you can use if you have the time to do it yourself.

About the Author

Rasvir Mustan is a Vice President of Business Development in 7strategy Web Design Company.It is a Creative Website Design Company and Interactive Agency – delivering custom web sites, professional website designs, high impact ecommerce web sites and search engine marketing. Serving client across the globe.

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Planning Your Custom Web Site Design

Article by Max Sheppard

With the ever-expanding popularity of the Internet comes e-commerce, the exploding trend of doing business on-line. Perhaps you have witnessed first- hand the infinite power of communication, information, and marketing afforded by this awesome tool.

But how do you get from the basic concept of your own web site- to a professionally designed site, up and running on your own domain? The following information may helpful.

Planning Your Web Site

Some questions you need to answer before developing your own custom web site design are:

Will it be a personal web site? Personal web sites usually focus on family and friends, or things such as hobbies, recent news, or “fun” things.

Will it be for conducting or promoting business? On the internet you will find an endless variety of business web sites, ranging from basic customer information type sites, to enormous ecommerce web sites like ebay or amazon.

These mega web sites require extensive inter-relational databases to enable the various aspects of the site such as on-line credit card purchasing or customer service forums to function properly, and track and record each transaction.

In addition to personal or business web design, there are educational sites, political or viewpoint sites, support or encouragement sites for any given subject, blog-type sites, and the list goes on.

Once you have decided what type of web site you want, it is necessary to develop a domain name. You should give much thought to this; the domain name should relate in some way to the subject of your web site. For instance, if you are selling baseball cards, a good name would be, or After deciding on a name, check with one of the online registries to find out if the name is available, or whether it has already been taken.

Solving Technical Obstacles

Once you have successfully selected and registered a domain name, you are ready to begin your own custom web site design.

Because many aspects of publishing a web page design can be very complicated and technical, you will most likely want to enlist the services of a web site design company. Especially if your site does on-line transactions. When credit card transactions are involved, your site needs to be secure in order to protect you and your customers.

A good web design will include aesthetic points, such as appearance and page loading times. If a page loads too slowly, potential customers may grow impatient and leave.

When it comes to a business web site, the more people you can get to visit the higher the chances for making a sale. How do you get the people visit your web site? By being high visible on the various search engines. This is accomplished through careful meta tag and keyword placement.

Once you get people to visit your site, keep them there with a user-friendly web site format; eye appealing, easy to maneuver, and professional looking, with interesting, up to date content.

Even with complex technical issues to deal with, there are many affordable design companies available to help you create just the right web site. For more information or a quote for services, visit

About the Author

Max Sheppard is Co-Owner of Acecomp Plus at Customer Website Design, Website Development, E-Commerce and Content Management Solutions to maximize our client’s online potential.

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We have resale rights ebooks and also ebook publishing

Article by andre

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Turbo Traffic System Review – Does Turbo Traffic System Really Work?

Article by Jarl Delmar

Is Turbo Traffic System a scam? I was fortunate to get a sneak preview of this product prior to its launch, and I must admit that I was very skeptical about it as well. Having purchased dozens of Internet marketing products before, I have seen many that do not deliver yet make a lot of wonderful promises. With this system, you will be able to identify where your niche market and prospects are coming from in order to create the most optimal traffic and marketing strategies to draw them to your sites.What Exactly is the Turbo Traffic System All About?The main focus of this training course is to get traffic from social networking websites as well as through free search engine traffic through SEO methods. It is a membership based program that is designed to help you get more visitors to whatever websites you target. Even for beginners, there are specially designed modules to take beginners through the basics of SEO and to slowly advance towards the more difficult to understand concepts. In total, there are 6 different modules of strategies that are each complemented with step by step video tutorials.What Do The Modules of Turbo Traffic System Cover?A Marketing Academy is included that is geared towards teaching beginner marketers how to build their own websites, how to quickly build their own lists and all the other necessary skills to become successful at earning an income online. Some of the skills you can learn from it include social networking, back links building, local search engine optimization and keyword research. At the end of the day, all this is designed to help you dominate whichever niche that you are marketing to. Overall, there are a total of six modules with PDF guides, action plans and videos to help make learning much easier.

About the Author

Is Turbo Traffic System a scam? Visit to read a report about this Web Traffic Blueprint to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE Turbo Traffic System Bonus Download worth ,839.90!

Self Publishing Becomes Easy with Website Builder Software

Enterprises willing to take their business online but don’t have much knowledge about content management or are uncomfortable dealing with the control panel interface of your website, can now relax. With the availability of several website builder software in the market, you can now publish content, images and do much more without even knowing all about programming codes and other intricate details.

Even if you have little experience with the World Wide Web, the website builder software can help you with almost whatever you want to do with your website. To begin with, you can easily upload your content on the site, and manage it with just a few clicks of the mouse to edit, delete or add new matter. Most website builder software offer a user friendly control panel interface and content management services to make the entire job of managing your content a hassle free affair.

If you thought that a website builder software can help you only with your content publishing and management needs, think again. It is now very easy to add images, videos and mp3 players to your site with the help of these software. You will be pleased to know that some website building software offers the benefit of adding other interactive elements like interactive maps, Flash images, addition of zoom functions to your maps etc to make your site more attractive to prospective customers.

In case you want your website to offer a platform for existing and prospective buyers where they can have discussions on various products and services offered by you, seek and share opinion etc, you can integrate forums and discussion boards using website building software. One can even schedule sending emails and periodic newsletters with the help of such tools.

You may even have a FAQ page on your website to help your site visitors get quick answers to common queries. Using a directory where your offerings are listed alphabetically or category wise can also make life easier for your site visitors.

If you are now thinking about any cost constraint, don’t be afraid as most website building software come at affordable prices. You just need to select the right one that fits your needs to enjoy the power of self publishing. Since the features on offer differ from one software to the other, it becomes important to have a clear idea of what you need and pay for the same. Buying a software that doesn’t address your needs or offers services that would lay unused won’t be a wise decision. It is important to do some research before you buy a website builder software.

Visit A4Desk to download easy website builder software with ready to use flash templates, and view our custom flash projects. We provide high quality flash templates with all-in-1 editing software, which come with built-in photo gallery, music player, shopping cart and video player.

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Web Site Submission Services – SEO Experts 1st Secret to Success

Article by john

higher affordable search engine submission optimization service experts use

Ranking and marketing a site can be an upfront investment. Theinitial payment may be a chunk of change but seo services do work. Butto be realistic, not all businesses will qualify for the services. Nowyou can get started with small or no investment as long as you havetime for web site seo promotion services.

The trick of the trade for web site promotion submission information

Keeping costs down this month and budgeting your investments?Submission to highly trafficked directories are the answer. Since theycan be done free in most cases. This is the best technique used tobegin you markeitng campaign. Most directories are free, but some youmay have to pay. For the paid directories you want to make sure yoursite gets crawled. If the sites do not crawl the deep pages you will bewasting your time and money. As a rule of thumb use the same servicesas the web site submisison services use or Marketing consultants.

Your first step of directory submission – why? Directorysubmission can be done by yourself. You can also find a more affordableservice when using directory submission and seo services. Which everway you choose you win.. Here a few simple reasons

Link placement will be there forever. It will not go anywhere.Compared to link trading, which is asking other sites to place a linkon your page. Trading links on other sites can be huge waste of time.Without you knowing your site can be taken off the link page of yourfellow webmaster. With your submission to the directory you have thatlink there forever.

Using a directory for one way links is the best route. Directorieswill allow you to submit to them with out a link back. A google crawlerfinds this very pleasing. When a search engine see’s a link that goesto a website without a link back, that site gets more ranking. Linkswith no lonk backs is the holy grail to many marketing companies.

Affordability. Which ever you choose either you do it yourself orget a professional web site submission services. This can save you timeand is not as nearly an investment as their seo services they offer.great way to get in and get ranking.

When you submit, the titles you give your site is how you will befound. Discover what the market is search for or have ans seo guy dosome keyword research for you. After you get some good titles togetherput them in the title not to be o spammy. This will increase trafficand create your site in the top 10 results.

A prven way for more traffic and exposure. Millions of times a daydirectories are being searched for. Wihout a doubt the exposure will bebenfeficial. If you will be doing it yourself, be sure to use sitesthat will pass page rank.

Affordable search engine submission optimization service fordirectories is something anyone can do. It does take time, but veryhelpful in internet marketing. For busy business owners or marketingfirms look for a website directory submission service to out sourcewould be a great investment. Most of the marketing firms for searchengine optimization will have teams specifically for submitting todirectories.

Markus Skupeika

Find out why our Monopoly Marketing has worked for all our clients.. Search Engine Submission and Website Submission Service

About the Author

Learn How To Get Top Google, Yahoo And Msn Rankings… And Best Of All, Learn How To Keep Those Rankings From Dropping Over Time.Visit:

The Grand Daddy Of All Seo Software! Get A Top 5 Google Ranking In Under 30 Days! Visit:

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Joomla Web Designer from India to make the most of online Presence

Article by James John

Joomla web designers’ concentrates in custom Joomla websites. Joomla is an award winning web content management system which will permit you to take total control of your business website lacking any previous knowledge of html or the requirement for complicated web programming skills. If you desire a fast, powerful, an effortlessly managed website, then Joomla is for you. Joomla web designer customizes Joomla elements so that the website design is Search Engine responsive and it supports SEO efforts for the website.

In fact, all Joomla websites designed by top companies, can be found as listed in top 10 in major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) for most of their keywords. You can contact such leading companies to learn how Joomla Web Design Experts can help you to make the most of your online presence. Indian companies having Joomla web designers and most of them having experience in creating both ecommerce and portal websites and have technical and graphic expertise united with search engine optimization skills is the ideal combination required to make your online business profitable. Joomla web designer feel based on the quality and the numbers of web designs develop each month plus the personal support provided one of best value packages by Indian companies, can be found on the internet – Joomla Website Designing: Joomla Website designing deal with inclusive implementations of Joomla CMS and designing its graphic themes, i.e. templates.

The templates for Joomla have passed full W3C validation and are well-suited with the forthcoming release of Joomla, presently being at the stage of Joomla 1.5. In the future if you want to upgrade it to the latest version you will not face the change of the graphic theme or any related expenses with most of Indian companies. Joomla website designing provide software application development, web application development, open source customization, Portal development, e-commerce site development and hire dedicated services to enterprises world-wide.

As people see just how easy the free Joomla templates permit them to manage their content, such as simple text, photos, music, documents or just about anything they can think of, it becomes the major Content Management System of choice. The Joomla templates are just the start, though. You see, Joomla is freely available to everyone. Thus a strong community has rapidly built up around it.

About the Author

Author is working with Indian based IT Company and the portal for which the author works, is an ideal platform for joomla web design and development across the globe to interact and conduct business smoothly and effectively.

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Effective online publishing

Article by Noman Malik

Though the Internet may have opened the public sphere has opened up like never before, a serious author still has to determine the most effective method for cultivating a following. While most agree that the key to promotion and expansion of a product is a strong market presence, establishing a regular rhythm of publication throughout numerous networks is difficult for any artist. Fortunately, with the introduction of new publication technologies, such as, that consolidate content and automate promotion, the way is clear for creative minds to generate growth for their creative endeavors.

Within the past 5 years, there has been a revolution for people working in creative fields wanting to get more exposure for their work. With the recent explosion of opportunities for spreading content online, web 2.0 has opened the door to the public sphere like never before. However, this democratization of content creation and distribution has hatched a new problem for those seeking to create a concrete presence online. With all the different platforms and content now available, the serious content generator now has to figure out how to create and maintain a following for their work. Most professionals today understand that, regardless of context, the most effective way to create and maintain a following is through a strong presence in the public forum. In order to establish a community presence and gain attention for their work, effective promoters use a variety of platforms, from Twitter, to MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, to publish regular flow of compositions. The more work there is, the wider the reach within the community. Of course, no one can produce an opus every night, so for a person to create a regular stream of publications, the publications will necessarily vary in length and refinement. That’s why a variety of publication platforms is so important. Formats like social networking sites and micro-blogs are perfect for posting updates and commentaries, while blogs and web pages can give a more complete perspective of an artist’s work and voice. The final hurdle however is to maintain a steady stream of content among all these platforms. Even when accounting for a tiered approach of timeliness and refinement, maintaining a regular online presence is a lot of work. Fortunately, there are now a new media infrastructures, such as, that streamline the publication process. Technologies such as are designed for a creative person seeking to grow their impact online. These networks provide a consolidated publication tool set offering free web space, microblogging and blogging technologies. Additionally, they then automate, optimize and update the flow of content across other social media formats as designed by the user. Finally, the key to the public sphere is no longer held by a few powerful publishing agencies. The numerous publication frameworks, and new technologies like have opened the door for those seeking to expand the both the breadth and depth of their of their impact. With these technologies, all that it takes to distinguish yourself is your own unique voice. So why hold back? The world waits to hear from you!

By The SelfPublisher – news and information for the online Self publishing

About the Author

The Self Publisher Self publishing is a news and information site for online self publishers. It provides latest technology news, marketing and growth insights and content tips for creative content producers. The focus includes the online publication and distribution of music, independent films, books instructional videos and knowledge.