Mobile Marketing Articles

The Mobile Web is here.

These articles were written specifically for small business owners who are still hesitant to adopt to the changes taking place all around them for one reason or another.

It’s documented or at least well-known that mom and pop business owners are not early adopters of new technology, and for good reason. Their resources are too limited to allow them to jump on every “new-fangled gizmo” that come along.

Your approach to mobile should be different. All around you, big business is implementing mobile strategies at a breakneck pace, not because they are testing, but because they have already done the market research and have found that mobile works.

Our Local Mobile Article Topics

We chose Five Main Topics for our article base. New postings will be added to each topic as we uncover new, pertinent but most importantly, updated materials.

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Local Search

Local Search is quickly becoming a new catch phrase in the vocabulary of many marketers but do we really understand what it entails?…. Read More

Online Marketing

Online Marketing – Levels The Marketplace for Small Business. At least that’s what you were told by a web designer or marketer, eager to sell you a website, way, way back in….. let’s say, 2005? …Read More

Online Advertising

The topic of Online Advertising encompasses quite a bit of territory, so, instead of trying to do the impossible, i.e. cover it all in this article, we’ll skip to the most current form, i.e…Read More

Business Marketing

Business Marketing, especially when applied by the mom and pop small business owner not so long ago, meant blanketing a shopping mall’s parking lot with printed flyersRead More

Mobile Marketing

Beginning a mobile marketing campaign is within your reach as a small business owner. Costs are so affordable that with some basic… Read More