Business Marketing – 21st Century Style

Business Marketing, especially when applied by the mom and pop small business owner not so long ago, meant blanketing a shopping mall’s parking lot with printed flyers promoting their business to boost lagging sales.

Or, a weekly call to the Pennysavers to place the ad for the following week’s issue. Starting a business was just not that complicated.

Sadly, those days are long gone, so if you are still doing that, you may want to reconsider your marketing strategy. It may end up costing you less than those pesky flyers.

Sophistication has set in. The mobile web is here. Don’t get left behind.

Here’s a great video case-study on a very popular Humphry Slocombe ‘local’ ice-cream shop presented by Google and the Small Business Administration to drive that message home.

If you weren’t sure about the value of a web presence before, after watching how two people go from not knowing anything about online marketing to having 300,000 followers on Twitter, you’ll know that you can do it too. This video is a collaborative effort between two of the giants in the business world, nothing shabby about it.

Beyond An Internet Presence – The Mobile Web

You may have heard mention in the video of the importance of “Claiming Your Local Business Listing” by setting up a Google Places Page. If  not, go back and watch it again, this is vitally important to any small business wanting to venture into the mobile arena and we feel that every business should make full use of it.

Market Research – Your First and Most Important Step

This article is not about the usual details surrounding business marketing, such as mission statements, competition and pricing. We will provide you a link to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) where you can get a very well put together website marketing rules document. Here’s the link: Advertising and Marketing Internet Rules.

This is a must read for anyone before they embark on a marketing campaign. Your goal is to launch a legal campaign, right? Your decision to start or expand a business should be an informed one, a little planning can go a along way and this will help. The Federal Government is one of the best, if not the best place to harvest free small business advertising data when conducting marketing analysis.

What we want to touch bases with you on, is the topic of local search marketing. Consider this an advanced course in your marketing education.

Local Mobile Marketing and Your Business

Our first stop is Mobile Marketing. No, we are not only referring to text message marketing. Local Mobile Marketing involves so much more and it is evolving daily.

Six of the options available to you are:

  1. Mobile Coupons
  2. Mobile Sales Alerts
  3. List Building
  4. Product Updates
  5. Product Launches and
  6. Product reminders, Holiday Hours, Birthday, etc, etc.

As you may have noticed, “normal” tasks such as product development, pricing, advertising, promotions, publicity, sales and customer service can all be handled by mobile platforms.

Small business Internet marketing has come a long way since the dot-com bust era, way, way back in 2000! Mobile is quickly becoming the new form of word of mouth marketing with the advent of social media, and there seems to be no end in site.

Direct marketing has now become just that, direct from you to your potential consumer, or more specifically, to their mobile phone.

Online Business Marketing Is Cost Effective

Here are three techniques you may want to institute immediately in the mobile marketing arena due to their cost-effectiveness.

Your first marketing action in this new world should be to “Claim Your Local Business Listing”. There is a rudimentary description of how to do this in the video above. It’s a bit more involved than as described, however, that’s a good start. Cost of doing so: Free.

Next, if you are attempting to build up a customer list, to market to on your “slow” days, you may need to institute an SMS Marketing campaign. SMS stands for Short Message System or “texting”, the sending of short messages, (no more than 160 characters) between cellphones. Cost: Can be quite inexpensive when utilizing shared short-codes.

Third, make sure that potential clients looking on their smartphones for products and services that you provide, are able to find you. Set up a mobile website. Sure, you may already have a website, but when was the last time you looked at it on a smartphone? If you’ve never done so, do it now, you’ll understand why mobile web development is so essential in the new mobile world.

Cos of Doing This: Again, as with a regular website, cost of building a mobile site fluctuates with your requirements, however, keep in mind that the mobile industry is still in development. Sure, some smartphones have 4G speeds, but most don’t. A simple mobile site is all you need right now.

What’s The Bottom Line of This Marketing Analysis?

Business Marketing has gone mobile, when will you? Remember, your competition is exposed to the same media as you are, it’s just a matter of who act first. The early bird gets the worm. Will it be you?