‘Mobile Marketing’ Is Here. Are You Ready?

‘Mobile Marketing’ is finally here. Is your small business ready for what it brings?

ComScore reported back in April 2010 that “web-enabled smartphones now make up 20% of the 3 billion mobile devices worldwide with market share blazing towards 50% over the next 3-5 years”.

Okay, sure, we know that after looking at numbers all day, every day, you didn’t come here to read more numbers. With that in mind, no more numbers.

Text messaging or sms marketing, mobile websites, and mobile coupons are all components of mobile marketing technology that a business owner would do well to learn about. These three mobile solutions are being used more and more by large businesses for lead generation purposes with amazing success. Here’s the reason you should too.

Beginning a mobile marketing campaign is within your reach as a small business owner. Costs are so affordable that with some basic reallocation of marketing dollars, you may even end up spending less than you already do.

How so, you ask?

The era of “The Yellow Pages” and newspaper “Classifieds” is fading into the twilight and a new beast of advertising is taking over, it’s called “Online Mobile Advertisement”.

Retail Marketing Gets a New and More Powerful Friend in its Corner

Here’s the dilemma many businesses face from day to day. They need more sales. Everything they do, should be with this in mind. The owners knew that just opening their doors was not enough so, they invested in The Yellow Pages or newspaper ads or maybe, the Penny-savers.

They were told or just figured it out on their own, that they needed a web presence, so they had a website built and got some paid search marketing, along the lines of PPC, (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Now, they are hearing about this “thing” called the mobile web and are wondering, do I need this and if so, can I afford it?

Things are starting to get complicated. Who has the time and/or resources necessary for mobile marketing? This is without taking into consideration the other “nice” aspects that many businesses are doing, such as blogging, e-mail marketing and Facebook Fan Pages.

Here’s what we suggest. Do an inventory. Figure out what forms of marketing you are already involved in and then what would you like to be involved in. If you are already involved in traditional forms of advertising, then you have the resources, you just don’t realize it as yet.

Why Printed Media Marketing Is Considered “Old School”

Basic mobile marketing solutions can cost the same and sometimes less that a yearly subscription to a Yellow Pages ad. Consider your diminishing ROI from these ads. Consider the inflexibility that comes with these printed ads, i.e changes are not possible once it’s printed. Consider method of presentation method, paper that has to be read. Consider the lack of results tracking. These are all negatives that you have no control over.

Mobile marketing services turn all of these issues into positives.

  1. Your return on investment is much greater due to the willing acceptance of mobile as a way of life for prospects.
  2. All levels of flexibility are possible with mobilemarketing. Want to promote a sale on your slow day next week? Set up a SMS marketing campaign to take care of that.
  3. Surveys have shown that most people keep their cellphones with them or close by at all times. Your message will reach your audience or a large percentage of it.
  4. Finally, everything is trackable with mobile. You are able to measure your success or lack of, at every step in the process and thereby have opportunities to adjust mobile marketing strategies at will, and thereby, positively affect its profitability.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Having outlined all of the above, what would be your reason for not dropping a costly printed media campaign for one, (mobile marketing), that could mean the difference in success or failure for your business in 2011 and beyond?