Mobile Search Changing Keyword Research Forever

In early 2011, Eric Schmidt of Google said that the company was becoming a “mobile first” company. Some paid attention to the implications and a lot didn’t.

The statement opened our eyes here at Businessbymouse. We knew that Google is serious about mobile and that the mobile web was here to stay.

Our goal for mobile has always been to teach and educate business owners how to use it. It could really be a playing field leveller. To demonstrate how important it is becoming to business and what to look for in the future, we’ve included a snippet from a very interesting article below.

…if a marketer really wants to optimize a page for coupon keywords in this age of mobile searches, they should either optimize a desktop landing page for all keywords and include both desktop and mobile keywords in a desktop user experience (good), or include mobile keywords and a mobile coupon in a mobile user experience and desktop keywords and printable coupons in a desktop user experience (better).

To ignore mobile searches entirely in a world in which 1 in 7 searches on Google are performed on a mobile device, and as many as 30% in the restaurant category, is a sure way to frustrate users and lose business”.

If you are interested in reading the entire article (AND you should be if you want to learn how to showcase your products to mobile customers), here’s a link to the page: How Mobile Searchers Are Changing Keyword Research.

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