Online Advertising – It’s Not What You Think

The topic of Online Advertising encompasses quite a bit of territory, so, instead of trying to do the impossible, i.e. cover it all in this article, we’ll skip to the most current form, mobile advertising. Why would we take this angle? Well, as a small business owner, you probably didn’t come to this site to research a thesis paper. You want to know how an online advertising campaign can help your business earn money online.

If that’s not true, then this article may not be of much help to you.

Mobile Advertising and You

Mobile Shopping by EtnicityYou may have heard of a traditional advertising agency and it’s product. You also realize that this form of campaign costs money, sometimes gobs of cash. That is not usually a good fit for most small businesses. There are some free advertising avenues you can persue, however, for the most part you do get what you pay for. Besides these expensive ad agencies, what else is there?

You have media such as radio, television, billboards and the like. With the advent of the internet, a new medium was made available for business advertising.

Companies soon found out that the costs associated with internet advertising were inexpensive when compared to the more traditional forms. The printed Yellow Pages and newspaper advertising were quickly becoming obsolete and ineffective.  In addition, the return on your investment was very difficult to quantify. Website advertising seemed the natural way to go.

New terms were surfacing everyday. Banner advertising, PPC advertising and Google advertising became commonplace. Digital advertising had taken a firm foothold in the marketing arena.

SMS Marketing cracks The Code.

Online advertising took a giant step forward a few years back with the advent of SMS Marketing, you may know this as text marketing or texting. (SMS just means short message service. The messages are limited to 160 characters). Suddenly, anyone had the capability to send all sorts of short messages, including marketing messages to cellphone numbers.

Businesses began using this to build new customer lists, send product alerts, distribute coupons and do so many of the other marketing tasks once reserved for a face-to-face customer interaction.

2008 saw an even greater step forward for the small business owner. Smartphone technology had advanced rapidly to the point where these mini computers were now able to handle much larger files and a whole new world opened up. By 2010, some smartphones were handling data 10 times faster that your desktop computers at home. 4G speeds were here and with it, entirely new ways of reaching prospective clients and customers. Not only were these new, but all contacts could be quantified and documented. This was huge.

Businesses could now track all sorts of demographics about people reaching them via the mobile web. No longer were they limited to text characters. These phones could handle all forms of media, from audio to video to graphics. Currently, the mobile browser is the only limiting factor in the equation.

Future Web Marketing Prediction

Our prediction is that when browser technology catches up to 4G speed capable phones and mobile payments become better established, online advertising will really hit it’s stride. Don’t wait for it though, it’s going to happen faster than you can say “My business really needs a mobile website to really make money online”.