Online Marketing Boom Times

Online Marketing – Levels The Marketplace for Small Business. At least that’s what you were told by a web designer or marketer, eager to sell you a website, way, way back in….. let’s say, 2005? 2003? That could have happened, for the level of understanding of what an Internet business meant was rudimentary. Email marketing, affiliate marketing and for that matter, most other online services were in their infancy.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2010. Onlinemarketing is rapidly becoming mobile marketing. The business marketing arena is also now quickly realizing that the mom and pop stores are being highly targeted by the big guns like Google and a mad stampede is beginning to build. The rush to “Go Mobile” has begun. What exactly is the relationship between the mobile web and search marketing?

Online Advertising On The 4th Screen QR CodeMarketers have been exploring the mobile platform for years now. We are all familiar with text message marketing from “American Idol”. What we may not know is, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, “Texting” is already the most widely-used form of mobile online marketing, even though you would be real hard pressed to find it in use on Mainstreet U.S.A.”

There are more than one reason for this. For example, small businesses traditionally have been slow to adopt Internet advertising, and for a very good reason. Their budgets are limited and they have to be sure something works before allocating scarce marketing funds.

Secondly, their marketing campaign may have consisted mainly of ads in the Yellow Pages and the Classifieds. No one has told them the bad news. These advertising dinosaurs are dying a slow death right in front of their eyes.

A strategic marketing campaign, making use of the 4th screen (as the mobile phone is sometimes referred to) could very well be their salvation.

Three Online Marketing Techniques To Watch in 2011.

We’ve already mentioned the first, Text Messaging or SMS Marketing.

You should expect a big participation jump as the “older” generations (25 and up), adopt it. The reason they will is:

  1. More widespread use of mobile coupons
  2. More small business friendly offerings and
  3. The proven response rates of (3X) over email

SMS can be used for an almost innumerable variety of offerings, here are just a few. Coupons, alerts, scheduling changes, promotions, sales, voting, product releases, product updates, customer reminders, customer discount clubs, and on and on.

Number two: Mobile Websites.

More and more companies will realize the opportunities they are leaving on the table when a potential client visits them via their mobile smartphone. As a result, their web advertising will be adjusted to bring mobile sites on board much quicker that you might expect. Learn more about the Mobile Site Development Packages we offer at Businessbymouse™ here: Mobile Site Building

Number three: Local Mobile Marketing.

As the word spreads that even a small business can launch mobile campaigns, more and more local businesses will seek this media out. The way it stands now is, many small businesses don’t believe that they are marketing locally very effectively. Local online advertising companies will begin to flourish.

The future is bright for both businesses and technology. We didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what’s ahead. Things such as 3D bar codes, QR Codes, mobile applications and the like. Before you go rushing off to declare “Online Marketing is not for your business”, read our article on Local Mobile Marketing. Your competition, unlike you, is taking a long, hard look at these developments, we can guarantee it.