Social Media Manager – A Real Job, Finally!

The title of Social Media Manager is finally emerging as a real, viable occupation after being around informally for over three years. They were called social marketing consultants for the longest while but today’s technology have even given rise to a flashy variation, the  mobile social media consultant.

What Is Social Media?

A basic definition (our own) would be: A virtual atmosphere or setting, that is informal, where friends can socialize, meet new friends and acquaintances, exchange information, network and generally have a good time. Don’t try beating us up on this. It’s just our opinion that we didn’t have time to run by the politically correct department, okay?

Here’s the opening sentence from a March 7th article in The New York Times, titled “You’re The Boss”.

We small business owners sometimes just don’t know what we don’t know about new topics we need to master, like social media [platforms].

Some of us may say that’s simply because we just don’t have the time. So, here’s the real question. If you make donuts for a living, when would you make the time to LEARN HOW to make the donuts? We both would agree that that is a vital skill you should know, or at least acquire early on to ensure survival.

Well, luckily for you, there are people who realize that social media management is not just updating a Facebook Fan Page or sending out a few tweets. They understand the importance of social media campaigns for businesses. And, they are for hire. Enter the Social Media Manager.

The Alternative: DIY Client Relationship Management

In early 2010, a very savvy social media entrepreneur teamed up with a successful internet marketer and put together a comprehensive “Social Media Manager” course. This course is based on everything she has learned over the past 2 years in the media managers field. They called it “Lets Get Social”.

Here’s A Quick “Lets Get Social Review”

Well, when Kate Social Media Manager (that’s not her legal name, only Kate is), first set out, she was unemployed, broke and had a small family to boot. Within 18 months she was a bona fide mobile social media manager and, despite working only part-time, she was consistently producing at least $10,000 every month.

You’re probably saying,”I’ve heard this rags to riches story before”, and you’re probably right. What you don’t know is that it actually happened (verifiable), and that same opportunity, magnified ten times, is available to anyone willing to take the leap

Kate now has the privilege to pick and choose which clients she wants to work with and how much she wants to earn, all from learning how to leverage “updating a Facebook Profile”. Kate’s considered ‘mobile’ because she does 80-90% of her “work” from her smartphone.

Let’s not go on about Kate. This is about you. You are interested in learning about this new “Lets Get Social” occupation. You want to work part-time and make a decent income doing so. You want to dictate your paycheck. Right?

Kate has made this simple for you.

Go to this link to watch a short video: The Most In-Demand Job In The World, then, do the right thing, just buy the course, it comes with a 10x money back guarantee. Kate’s business partner, Ryan, explains what that is in the video.

Lets Get Social Price

We expected the price to be somewhere between $997 and $497, two price points that internet marketers seemed have settled upon as the “right” range for their training courses. They figure that it’s high enough that only “serious” clients would purchase, “weeding out” the tire kickers, translation: The ones that refund their courses.

Kate and Ryan make this affordable enough where even the “mildly” interested “Tire Kicker”can give it a shot. If you want to learn how to succeed using social media platforms, then, this is for you. Get complete pricing details from this video:

The course consists of 6 basic training modules, a resource section, four coaching calls, a guest interview and various bonuses.

The 6 Training Modules Are:

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. Branding You
  3. Service Offerings
  4. Doing the Work
  5. Finding Clients
  6. Nuts & Bolts

Each Social Media Manager training module consists of one or more videos along with the same presentation in a downloadable audio (.mp3) file, a PDF handout which contains the PowerPoint slides Kate uses in the presentation along with a space to take notes while you watch.

Pretty much covers every angle of learning as far as we are concerned.

The Resource section includes links to all the tools and reference sites Kate refers to in the training modules and has an additional 25 short videos on WordPress, uploading custom backgrounds and setting up Paypal to take orders on your website. This resource has nothing to do with Media Management, however, Kate has figured out that they are needed in order to duplicate her business model.

This is a complete “newbie” setup for even the rankest rookie to be able to implement. In the Navy, we called this “Making it idiot-proof”, But we are not in the Navy now are we?

Kate has also included sample media forms including client contracts, invoices and questionnaires that you can edit and personalize with your name and logo, etc. These are not just samples however, Kate uses these in her everyday business.

She also shows you what tasks you can automate and which you can’t. She doesn’t stop there however. She leads you down a path so you can easily bring in an assistant (or multiple assistants) if and when you grow to that point, all without missing a beat.

Make Your Move Then, Make Your Mark

Look, tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, but would you rather wake up tomorrow with the same future ahead of you as you have today, or with a financial vehicle that you can use to change that future, and your bank account? Investing in training on how to become a Social Media Manager would qualify as that vehicle. Here’s that link once more: Lets Get Social.