Mobile Marketing Solutions For Everyone

Mobile Marketing Solutions are not limited to SMS Marketing as so many online marketers seem to indicate.

We suppose “texting” is sexy as glamorized by shows such as “American Idol”, but is it the only way to market on mobile platforms?

Consider these 7 other Mobile Marketing Solutions.

  1. SMS Bounce AdvertisingMobile Lead Generation
  2. Applications Marketing
  3. Mobile Website Development
  4. Local Mobile Marketing Solutions
  5. Mobile Reputation Marketing
  6. Mobile Schedule Notifications
  7. Mobile GEO Coupons

These are only but a drop in the bucket of possibilities and, as 4G speeds become the norm for mobile platforms, expect to see even more variety, such as possibly “Direct-to-mobile” movie and music releases.

The graphic to the left is an example of Local Mobile Advertising.

The client (you) are able to grow a customer list by  having your provider “bounce” ads. When a nearby cellphone user “replies” by texting the required Domain name to the Shortcode provided, they may be directed to any number of marketing techniques, including a page that may require their name and email address in order to receive a coupon.

You’ve seen this technique in use for many years on the reality show, “American Idol”.’s Mobile Solutions

We focus on three Mobile Marketing Solutions for our clients. Just follow the links below for more information on the desired area of interest.

  1. Mobile Lead Generation
  2. Local Mobile Reputation Marketing
  3. Mobile Website/App Development