Local Mobile Website Marketing – What Is That?

Advantages of A Mobile WebsiteA Local Mobile Website? The Mobile Web? What? Listen, I barely got around to getting a “regular” site because someone told me I needed one and now, this! Yes, this is an example of a real life comment we heard from an actual small business owner when we asked them if they knew what Mobile Marketing was and did they understand how a mobile website could boost their business.

Local Mobile Marketing is simply the evolution of marketing local businesses to potential clients and customers via mobile platforms, in particular, via smartphones.

The Mobile Web is what we generally call the rapidly growing collection of mobile optimized websites built specifically to accommodate these platforms.

You need to have a local mobile website.

Next year, 2011, 4G speeds will be released upon the mobile web. This means smartphones will be able to process information more than 20 times FASTER than your current home broadband Internet.

Knowing this, look around you, everyone has smartphones, even the kids! Remember how you felt when you were the last to get a Sony Walkman? We do. Don’t get left behind again.

Google’s Mobile Patent

We are not going to bore you with lawyer-speak, however, the gist of the patent is, Google  intends to place mobile and local sites ABOVE normal organic or free rankings. Is this huge or what?

Whenever someone looks up a product or service on a mobile browser, the keyword they use will indicate to Google their mobile search intent.

If they type ‘pizza” in their smartphone’s browser for example, Google will know to serve them only pizzerias nearby.

Would you like your business to show up in Google’s Local Search Results Pages?

What exactly have you done to ensure that happens?


If your business has not claimed its local business listing, or doesn’t have a mobile website that Google knows about, you will never show up in those results! It’s that simple. (Actually, almost never since there are some clever tricks some businesses use to let Google know about their local business, e.g. tags).

Any old mobile site won’t do either. The Big G just announced that it is incorporating site load speed into its rankings. This will probably go away after 4G becomes prevalent, but for now, it still matters. They don’t want slow sites cluttering up their index.

One Size Mobile Solution Does Not Fit All.

Businesses must decide what suits them.

  • Do you want interaction with your traditional site made available to mobile users?
  • Maybe you want to offer a dedicated mobile site?
  • You feel that applications is in your best interests.

Here are the choices. Option 1: Traditional Site Interaction, suitable for mostly retailers, usually small to mid-size companies. Option 2: A Dedicated Mobile Website, suitable for all businesses interested in being a part of the mobile web. Option 3: Mobile Application Development, the biggie. Not usually suitable for smaller businesses due to associated costs of development. These tend to be a part of a broader, costlier web strategy.

Our Small Business Mobile Website Strategy

Businessbymouse.com™ has developed an entry package to the mobile web for any business wanting to get a step up on their competition in the local mobile marketing arena. Just download this PDF document, Basic Mobile Package, for all the details.