Location Aware Search – The Advanced Local Package

Location Aware Search Is Here.

Mobile Purchase IntentAs of Feb. 2010, Google reported that roughly 40% of the 10 billion searches being conducted each month has “local intent”. Chances are, many of those are looking for the very Goods & Services your business offers.

They are searching using the Internet and the Mobile Web through their mobile devices. Search engines are becoming more “Location Aware”, meaning that there’s no need to indicate you are looking for geographic specific information. The engine assumes you are based upon your device’s GPS location.

Heavy emphasis has been placed upon “Local Search” in the Search Engine Results Pages, as a quick look at Google’s would confirm.

You are here because, you have become aware of the importance of this local emphasis to your business and to its survival.

We are here to help you transition to this media (mobile), and use its vast potential to generate online leads for your local bricks & mortar business.