Mobile Design For Small Business

Mobile Design should be your number one marketing priority in 2011 if you are a small business owner. Not mobile apps, not mobile payments, and most certainly not the Yellow Pages.

In May, 2010, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google declared that “Google was going to be a mobile first company”. It shouldn’t matter if you hate Google with a passion, pay attention to that statement. Google has a habit of putting their resources behind anything they believe in, and this is no exception. For example, just look at the way their mobile platform, the Android operating system, took off in 2010.

Mobile websites will take more prominence and, when the ability to accept mobile payments emerges from its infancy stage, we will see a huge demand for mobile web development.

Smartphones have rapidly moved from being a cute way to download mobile ringtones, to a true source of interacting with potential clients and customers. Mobile processing speeds are now being upgraded to 4G, which is roughly 10 times faster than your home broadband connection. The moment a mobile web browser that can handle 4G speeds properly, is introduced, mobile design will hit the tipping point and we will watch mobile 2.0 change to mobile 3.0 right before our eyes.

How Does All Of This Mobile Web Mumbo-Jumbo Affect You?

First, please understand, mobile users are already visiting your website from their phones. They are looking for products and services that you are providing to the public. What are they seeing? What if you don’t even have a traditional website, are they finding your business? Not good.

What’s going to happen when the majority of local searches shift from the desktop to the mobile platform, as it shows all signs of doing very soon?

Small business mobile sites are going to become the number one new lead generation source for local owners utilizing several methods of mobile marketing in the next 18 months. Will your business be a part of that mobile design surge or will you be looking in from the outside?

6 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website

The mobile web is growing at an estimated rate of 400% faster than the internet! We all remember how quickly the internet left a lot of us behind.

  1. One out of every 7 minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile, and we haven’t even seen the tipping point as yet.
  2. Mobile is user friendly as seen by the viral adoption of the smartphone over the past year
  3. Instant Lead Generation vehicle utilizing methods such as mobile coupons, SMS messaging and QR Codes, to name a few
  4. A mobile website builder is limited as to the number of elements a site can render properly, therefore sites load faster
  5. The mobile website template is under your control, not the browser’s. This allows for a consistent look and feel (branding) across all devices
  6. Mobile sites can be rolled out quite inexpensively, unlike traditional websites that can have quite complicated development processes

ABI research is claiming that in 2011, seven trillion text messages will be sent from 4.8 billion phones. To put that in a more astounding context, 7,000,000,000,000 texts will be sent from 4,800,000,000 phones!

How many of those short messages will be from your business to your local prospects?

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that a mobile website and mobile marketing is or should be in your future, what next?

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Optional Mobile Development Features

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