Mobile Website Development Packages

There are two plans available, The Standard Mobile Package and The Business Mobile Package. Both plans are served on a Monthly or a Pre-paid Annual basis.

We are able to allow for discounts based on our relationship with our hosting service. Since these discounts are calculated based upon a site being taken to term, once the mobile site is PUBLISHED, the Setup fee is non-refundable.

Our Money Back Guarantee and an explanation of each Mobile Benefit is listed below the table.

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Our Money Back Guarantee

  1. 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS after purchase = 100% Money Back
  2. 4-7 CALENDER DAYS after purchase = 1 Month’s Hosting Fee will be deducted
  3. Anytime AFTER the Mobile Site is Published on the Internet = Your normal SETUP FEE for that package is forfeited once work is completed and being published signifies completion for us. In addition, ONE Month normal hosting charge for that package will be assessed for each 1-30 days of being published.


Scenario, you prepaid for 1 year on The Basic Mobile Plan (discounted rate, $895.00, normal setup fee =$199.00, included, normal hosting = $69.00, included)


A. SITUATION I: 1-3 Business Days
REFUND = 100% MONEY BACK, = $895.00, no questions asked.

B. SITUATION II: 4-7 Days after purchase

REFUND = PACKAGE PRICE PAID – One Month’s normal Hosting Charge
Price Paid = $895.00, I month’s hosting fee = $69.00, $895-$69 = $826.00

C. SITUATION III: Anytime After Mobile Site Is PUBLISHED

Scenario: You cancel after your mobile site has been published for 45 days, your REFUND is prorated as follows:


$895 – SETUP – 2 Months Hosting charge = $895 – $199 – $138 = $558.00


5,000+ Supported Devices – Your mobile site is optimized for the iPhone and Android as well as thousands of other mobile browser platforms

Site Building Items – Every graphic image, form, page etc is counted as an item

Super Fast Mobile Sites – All mobile sites are designed to be fast loading according to Google’s suggestions for Mobile Best Practices

Click-To-Call telephone numbers – Prospective clients and customers are looking on mobile search engines to find your business. This makes it more convenient to reach you.

Image Transcoding – All images on your mobile site are automatically transcoded and resized for optimal performance and display on your mobile site

Custom CSS Code – Cascading Style Sheets allows for changes in the appearance and layout of mobile web pages

Custom domains – You can use your own domains with your mobile site if you prefer

Mobile Sitemap – Your site comes with a mobile XML sitemap. This sitemap will help search engines such as Google, keep their search results pages up to date

Mobile Forms – You can now accept dinner reservations, lunch orders, or just collect your prospective clients data for future marketing campaigns.

Google Maps – Your prospective local clients may use this feature to get directions and traffic conditions to your place(s) of business, right on their mobile phones.

QR Code – Visitors with smartphones will have access to QR Code reader software. Usually you can download a QR reader for free or it is packaged with certain phones. Your visitor simply scans the QR code and it will automatically take them to your mobile site

Email Support – Each package comes with email support. All emails will be answered within 48 hours

RSS Feeds – You can now sync your traditional site’s content to your mobile site using RSS Feeds without any rewriting.

Mobile SEO – You will be provided with Market Research data for your niche that may prove invaluable for search enging rankings if implemented

Store Locator – You need this if you have a storefront or several storefronts. Customers are able to find stores by zip codes or via your smartphone’s GPS.

Google Checkout – You can sell products or collect donations using “Buy Now” buttons on your site. All purchase transactions are done by Google Mobile. Signup required.

Google Webmaster Tool – Now, check your Google mobile ranking. The Business Moibile plans are empowered with this feature. Sign-up required.

Detailed Analytics – Include all-time statistics, the number of site visitors by day and month, the top items visitors clicked on your site, and more. All presented in a friendly, easier to use layout. Only in Business Mobile Package.

Google Analytics – You can Run all of your analytics for your mobile and desktop site into one Google Analytics site profile, or set up separate Google Analytics profiles for your mobile and desktop sites

Advanced Security – For Business Mobile Only. A more robust, professional-grade hosting environment is provided.