Reputation Management Is Your Life Blood

Reputation Management is crucial for business survival in the age of the internet. An online reputation management company fee is or should be one of the required entries any business should make on their P&L Report. Don’t be misled, this applies even if you sell online or not.

Should you care what people are saying about your business? Your potential clients do!

Studies have shown that close to 80% of all consumers have been influenced by reviews they found on social media agencies and other online forums when making a purchasing decision. 80% is a huge number that no business can afford to ignore!

Today, it’s as easy as pie to write anything about any company or person and post it for free, and anonymously, online through a multitude of avenues and almost instantly, there it is for anyone to read. This is good for business when the comments are positive but when they are designed to attack a company’s online reputation and possibly, it’s very existence, fighting back is not an option. Here’s an actual partial review from the web:

xxxxxxxxxx’s, Dr. xxxxxxxxx is a vile and malicious fraud. In fact all of xxxxxxxxxx’s doctors are frauds. He intentionally misdiagnosed my cat with an ear infection and peridontal disease to extract more money from me. There was nothing whatsover wrong with my cat. He was acting. playing and eating as normal without any signs of an ear infection. The next day I took my cat to a legitimate vet, who confirmed my suspicions.

How does a business go about protecting their brand from this type of attack? You need a reputation defender. Someone who understands Search Engine Optimization and Rankings.

Defend Your Brand With Internet Reputation Management

While working on a client veterinarian’s search engine marketing portfolio, our Top-Down Vertical Market Research turned up the negative review above and it really puzzled us. We knew this vet personally and had used his services for years as very satisfied clients. This assessment was so out of character and so damaging to his online reputation, that we had to ask him. He remembered the client instantly and explained his version of the incident. As we suspected, he was the target of an unsubstantiated attack that so many business owners like himself suffer everyday, but feel totally defenseless against.

This should not be the case.

Reputation management can be viewed as a type of crisis management and as such, can be prepared for and defended against. A good search engine reputation management services company can avert a crisis with defensive as well as offensive moves.

Online Reputation Management Offense & Defense

A good offensive move needs to be targeted and conserve resources. For example, in the case above, research showed that, despite the highly inflammatory remarks, the website it was posted on was only ranking on page one of Google for a very few keywords that were remotely related to our client. These keywords they were ranking for had No Daily Search Volume on Google and No Competition. Our internet reputation management strategy was to go on the offensive. We added a positive comment to the post among other things and slated the review to be monitored, while we prepared our defenses.

Defensive strategies can be quite comprehensive. Briefly, they may entail an analysis of the brand’s current internet reputation, followed by a strategic campaign plan to address any negativity, then using our own Vertical Online Market Analysis, make a decision as to which of the target market keywords require priority reputation management.

The final step in our process is, we monitor the rankings for any fluctuations that may signal the need for additional steps.

Why We Are Well Suited To Serve You

Having been in the Search Engine Marketing field for the past several years, is uniquely positioned to manage your business’ online reputation. As reputation management consultants, we pride ourselves in being able to utilize the power of a Top Down Market Analysis and Competitive Research, to put in place the correct elements any company needs to succeed. In so doing, we can provide the surgical strikes you need to minimize the effects of an online vandal attempting to negatively impact your bottom line.

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