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A famous marketer by the name of Lester Wunderman is credited with first using the term, “direct marketing” in 1961. Wunderman pioneered some very different, and unique techniques with popular brands such as American Express, with great success.

Over the years these techniques were refined and has evolved into a field all unto itself. Some call it interactive marketing because it involves two-way communication and maybe interaction between at least two parties.

Why Be A Direct Marketer?

Here’s the reality, Direct marketing is a sub-discipline. It is attractive to many marketers, because its results can be measured directly. The most pervasive form of this discipline is direct mail, or junk mail as most people know it. Junk mail is postal mail sent to customers on a list, in an area or from some other form of demographic listing. This usually is without their permission.

Another common form of direct response marketing is telemarketing, here telemarketers contact consumers directly by the telephone. Recently, the Internet has been the modern vehicle to carry this message to the masses in the form of spam, or junk email.

Coming on strong is email and mobile email, the latter predicted to become the dominant form by the year 2015.  Let’s not forget 160 character world of SMS Marketing, “Text Message Marketing” you might say. This is by far the most cost effective way of getting a message out in the modern, mobile world.

Regardless of the method you chose to send your message out with, the future of your company may depend a great deal upon how you manage to communicate with your present or future clients. Direct marketing can be a most useful ally in this respect, due to its power and efficiency. There are actually very few businesses that are not involved in this type of marketing in one form or the other.

A marketing strategy based on these solutions will deliver an immediate and sustainable sales improvement, however the smart approach is to introduce an easy and inexpensive trial first. As a cash flow is established, progress to the more sophisticated and costly methods.

You must set up several dependent marketing processes, each feeding off of the others. This system can be quite complicated but well worth the investment of time and resources.

A Good Interactive Marketing Campaign is…

A direct marketing campaign is nothing but an advertising campaign that seeks to get a response from a select group of prospects. It really is an excellent way to establish a relationship with your customers and potential customers when used as a soft-sell. Of course, we are not referring to email spam here. That may just be the best way to tick them off!

By carefully selecting a small target area, you increase your ROI over the strategy of simply than blanketing an area to saturation. It’s no surprise that if you know who your prospects are, you’ll reach more of them.

From generating awareness to post-sales support, direct response marketing is a perfect choice. By avoiding the issues, such as indiscriminate widespread mailings to consumers outside of your target market, a major problem can be diverted.

This type of venture is called a channel-free approach to distribution and/or marketing communications. It produces customers who eventually will spend substantially more money with your business than you spent on the media space. The time spent acquiring them is well rewarded.

Direct marketing has received a bad rap over the years, however, it is still a very valuable part of the business world. Most major corporations still use it, Walmart, Ford, and Coca-Cola still send out direct mailings on a regular basis. Even though it is a complex discipline, they have figured out its profitability. Now it’s your turn.