Android Poised For World Domination

When it came time to buy a new Smartphone we considered the facts before us. BlackBerry had lost its lustre. The iPhone was sleek and new and everyone aspired to have one and then there were the “clunkies”, the phones with the sinister operating system, “Android”.

Like everyone else we looked closely at the iPhone 4 and lusted for one but, thought “Why the hell did they make them so costly? Was the pricing being driven by demand? Just like they do with high demand cars?

We got a Samsung Vibrant. Why? One word, Google. We just knew that with such a powerhouse behind it, it would just be a matter of time before the Android operating system really began to shine. Versatility, flexibility, and big bucks talk, the rest walk. Did we make a good choice? Read this article from and see for yourself.

The Android Explosion: How Google’s Freewheeling Ecosytem Threatens the iPhone

Andy Rubin needed a hit. It was January 2009, three years since Google had bought the company he cofounded, a little startup called Android.

Rubin had created a slick operating system for mobile phones that allowed customers to surf the web, send email, play music, and install apps. He had hoped that Google’s money and power would help turn Android into a major force in the burgeoning smartphone industry. Instead, Android had been a disappointment. Despite months of press buildup, the first phone to run the system, HTC’s T-Mobile G1, was greeted with tepid reviews and lackluster sales. Rubin had tried to find a bigger wireless carrier that would agree to partner with Android—he and his team, including Android cofounders Rich Miner and Nick Sears, had lobbied Verizon for the better part of a year—but without success. And…

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