Social Media Apps for Offline Clients

Make Money Creating and Managing Facebook Apps/Pages for Clients!

Are you an internet/local marketer desiring to promote Social Media Marketing to bricks and mortar businesses? Have you thought about owning a suite of TRUE Facebook Apps that you can use to create, develop and sell services to your clients?

Doesn’t sound interesting? Well, just think, imagine selling this service to just one client and earning $300 – $500 a month for your service! That’s just with ONE client! Interested now? Good. Watch this video that showcases the Apps we are talking about:


Another Gold Rush?

Many savvy marketers are already creating businesses around these apps!

Here are some of the many ways they are using them.

11 Ways To Make Money With Facebook Apps

You can sell these services to :

  •  Create and manage custom Facebook page with Like-Gating for your clients
  • Create and run contests on Facebook for your clients
  • Create and run Group Deals on Facebook for your clients
  • Create and manage E-Commerce store that sits right Inside of Facebook for your clients
  • Make your clients Admin of their pages/apps
  • Completely WHITE-LABEL (Your clients won’t know what apps you are using!)
  • Private Branding Supported (You can brand the apps!)
  • HAPPY hassle-free (No installation required, no setup required!)
  • Fully supported (with Ticket and a Facebook group that’s extremely active)
  • Professionally RUN (Supported by 4 programmers and they will answer your need!)
  • Extremely affordable (The apps pay for themselves with just ONE client!)

Here’s another opportunity to watch the video:


We hope you take action now while the going is good and the playing field for selling Facebook apps to offline clients is not saturated. Here’s to your success on Facebook!

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