5 Ways Mobile Bar Codes Were Used in 2010

Learn How To Adopt 2D Mobile Bar Codes For Your Business

Have you noticed the small bar code in the upper right hand corner of our website banner? Take another look. It’s not there for some cute or slick purpose. It’s there because we wanted to give someone wishing to call us an option to do so without leaving the webpage.

If they are already on our mobile website, all they have to do is Click-To-Call us. More convenience.

Here are 5 Additional ways mobile bar codes were used during the 2010 Holidays.

This article was posted on Mobile Marketing Watch, 15 th Feb, 2011.

By Mike Wehrs

If there was one certainty in the beginning of an uncertain 2010 holiday shopping season, it was that most consumers carried a mobile phone with them as they hit the stores.

The desire to get more information while they are on the go is becoming more common, and more consumers are…

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways Mobile Bar Codes Were Used in 2010

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  2. Sacashi

    You save the QR-Code on your hard drive. Have business cards prnetid with the QR-Code on it. The person you give your business card to can scan your business card with his mobile phone.

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