The Basement Lecture Video Series

Introductory Search Engine Marketing Videos

The 4 videos below are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Search Marketing is concerned. Just by watching them you can learn:

  • Who is your true competition in the search engines
  • What your *QLI Score© is and why is it important for ranking in Google
  • The meaning of the terms Broad Match, Phrase Match, allinURL, allinTitle, and allinAnchor
  • The Ranking Factor Sweet Spot and how to get there, a Local Mobile Marketing company, take all of these factors into consideration when we generate a customized Market Assessment & Feasibility Report (MAFR) for a client.

The Market Assessment & Feasibility Report

The MAFR is an in depth Market Research Document designed around a client’s MAIN TARGET KEYWORD. It is used to identify ALL of the IMPORTANT and PROFITABLE niches within that specific market.

In addition, the report highlights weak or otherwise useless niches or areas within that market. Without this knowledge, a client may unknowingly dedicate resources in areas with low or no ROI, and thus reduce their earnings potential.

Finally, the MAFR will guide the client’s future (new) website architecture strategy in terms of size, linking, content requirements and navigation. We interact with established websites on a one-to-one basis in order not to interrupt any already established sales channels.

The Market Assessment & Feasibility Report will usually require at least one telephone interview, and is completed and emailed within 4 days of that interview. The cost of the report is credited to the client’s account when an agreement is made to proceed with the blueprint phase.

The Search Marketing Videos

There are 4 videos, approximately 5-10 minutes in length. They’ll give you a basic concept of some of the SEO Tactics we use for our clients. Simple scroll down to the next upon conclusion of the current one. We have included cut & paste links as a convenience for those who use them. Google has also included a direct download link to the bottom right of each video. Download them and view at your convenience.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4