Add Personalized Driving Directions to Your Accounting Website Design

Article by Ken Marshall

Is your accounting website design looking a little old-fashioned? It can be easy to overlook your website until you start to seem as though you can’t or won’t keep up with new technology, and this can harm your practice’s image. Even if you own an older accounting website design, you should be able to get a lot of tools and gadgets on the web to dress it up. Lot’s of businesses are offering great free content on the internet so you won’t need to order or pay for anything. Let’s look at your “Contact” page as an example.

Let’s add some dynamic driving directions to your website. If you’re still relying on a simple map you’re starting to run the risk of looking like you can’t keep up. Google now makes it easy for a client to type in their address on the contact page and get specific driving instructions. This is more than just a fun feature, and it does more tan make your website, and by extension you, look more technically advanced. It can even save you money by cutting down on phone time spent telling people how to find your office, especially if you’re in a hard to find location. Here’s how to set it up.

The first thing to do is get Google to generate the code for you. Go to the Google driving directions gadget page and click the button that says “Add Gadget to Your Site”.

A new page will open with a short form that you can fill out to modify your gadget. For the most part the default settings are fine. Select a border style that matches your accounting website design. The important thing is that you modify the “destination” field. Change it to the address of your accounting practice. In the destination field, after your address, put your firm name in parenthesis. Now preview your gadget.

Pretty cool, huh? If the name of your firm is too long for the available space increase the width of the gadget and preview it again. That’s all there is to it. Once you get the gadget looking the way you want just click “Get the Code”. A form window will appear at the bottom of the page. All you need to do is copy and paste this code onto your website.

Most of us use content management systems with WYSIWYG, or “rich text” editors. You won’t be able to paste this code into a rich text editor. In order to add the gadget to your site you’ll need to access your pages source code. Don’t panic! This is easier than it sounds.

In your WYSIWYG editor place a sting of like 10 or 20 capital “X”s where you want to place the gadget on your page. Now look around your editor for a button or link that says “plain text”, “html”, “source”, or “code”. Press this and the window of your editor will change to show the actual source code for your page. Next find and highlight the string of “X”s and paste the gadget code over it. That’s all there is to it.

Having a map on your CPA website makes it that much easier for clients to find you. Now with the driving directions gadget on your site you can save your clients time in figuring out precisely how to get to your business from virtually anywhere. You are going to want both of these features incorporated into your accounting website design. With Google literally giving these goodies away there is no acceptable reason not to provide your customers and prospects personalized driving directions.

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Kenny Marshall is a consultant and former Officer of CPA Site Solutions, one of the United States’ largest web firms oriented entirely to accounting website design.

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