Apple Iphone 4G: Features, Specifications, Price, Launch Date, Reviews, Details

Giving 4G Speeds a Bigger Voice With The iphone.

If Apple can ever get the 4G version of their hit mobile series, they would at least remain a serious competitor to the Android system. We still feel that it’s just a matter of time before Android dominates the mobile device marketplace.

Tablets? Sure these seem to be gathering some momentum but we want you to think it over. Laptop and Netbooks were supposed to rule at one point. Did they ever? Ask someone in Kenya or Mexico. Size matters here. Tablets are just too big for everyday portability. [Article starts here]

If rumors are to believed, the Apple iphone 4g will be launched very soon. The company might come out with its 4g phone in May end or early June, 2010. It is also rumored that the next generation Apple iphone 4G will be powered by Qualcomm. However, there is trouble for the iphone 4g as workers have gone on a strike and have been destroying company’s property at a touchscreen plant in China.

China’s Wintek Corporation is the world’s biggest touchscreen manufacturer for cellphones and supplies Apple with panels for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The strike will surely affect iPhone and Ipod Touch supples and this might delay the lauch of the Iphone 4G.

The new iphone 4g will be a great leap forward compared to the present iPhone 3GS. It is believed that Apple Iphone 4G will have some features that have never been seen before in any of the smart phones.

The features and specifications of the iPhone 4G :

OLED touchscreen

Dual Core processor

Removable battery

5 megapixel (HD video recording and LED Flash)

Video calling

Double storage capacity (64GB and 32GB)

Touch sensitive outer casting like Apple Magic Mouse.

A lot of other innovation will be seen not only in the hardware but also in the software. Going by the details and reviews on a number of sites, it appears that Apple iPhone 4G will surely further revolutionize the mobile industry. The price of the Apple iPhone 4G s not yet confirmed.Let’s wait a bit more for that.

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