Easy Web Design Software London

Article by John Lynch

Easy Web Design Software London

Here are some personal experiences about the easy web design software that I used when I started out on the Net. At that time I had no idea how to build a web site.I did not have the HTML skills to build my own and I certainly could not afford to pay a web designer!

When I stumbled upon SiteBuildIt, my prayers were answered. Now I could put all those ideas into action by building my own web site for an affordable price.

How did SiteBuildIt give me this freedom?

Well,for a start I did not need to know HTML,FTP etc. – the software does it all!

I got my own domain name and unlimited pages in my web site. Web hosting also part of the package.

There was also Full HTML Editor compatibility – i.e. you can build your web pages in your favourite HTML Editor such as Dreamweaver and upload them to SBI. A webmaster’s dream!

Included also was:

1) Brain storming of the profitable keywords which ensures high ranking in the search engines.

2) Automatic search engine submission of your web pages.

3) In-built facility to mail out your own ezine.

4) Link exchange facility – allowing you to choose what sites to link with.

5)A Spam Checking tool to ensure your ezine reaches its intended audience.

6) Automatic checking of your search engine ranking position.

7) Blogging.

Are there any disadvantages?

Well, SiteBuildIt is aimed at the small and homebusiness end of the market. If you want a sitefor a large portal with a large database, it isnot the correct choice.

However, if you have a dream of building yourown small business with the proven record of Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt, then I would recommend you look at these SiteBuildItreviews and see how other people are succeeding.

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