How To Boost Your Business With A Well Designed Website: Some Useful Tips!

Article by Rakesh Sharma Jack

Why is website design so critical to a business getting noticed? Primarily, you need to attract visitors so you are able to convert these visitors into customers who pay – so that your business makes money. Secondly, and, to my way of thinking, just as important, the design of your website needs to satisfy the demands of the issues surrounding search engine optimization.

Having learned over the years from my own mistakes, good website design needs to be coupled with optimization at one and the same time if you are to get your business off to a sound start on the internet. This is where the Website Designer comes to the fore over you making use of your own design skills in conjunction with one of the many templates you can get so easily now. I write quite good web pages – in fact, I know enough to know that I don’t know sufficient to replace skills that I consider to be good value in employing an experienced Website Designer.

In fact, I couldn’t afford not to! Appropriate optimization takes more than skill. Of course, you also need to know where to start now you have your well-designed website: how do you boost your business? There are many ways to achieve this, such as the traditional methods of website promotion such as adding your URL to stationery, literature and business cards, brochures and any other advertising literature you should be sending out.

You only need to begin your URL with www. And_your_name.suffix – but you do need to ensure the printer gets it correct. If printed advertising works for you – keep it going: there’s no point in throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Another method is to attract people to your website with the offer of a free service, or a free product.

This method may or may not be cost effective in terms of your time, but it is often very rewarding when it comes to the increased traffic to your site. Few people can resist an offer of something free – and ‘how-to’ information is always a draw. There is still the email marketing methods which is still a valuable source of traffic to your site.

However, make sure you fully understand the ‘CAN Spam’ rules and stay out of trouble: caught spamming can result in your website being removed by your Web host. There is also the signature line that you can add to all your outgoing emails. When you consider the number of emails you may be sending out per month that could be a lot of targeted traffic.

A signature at the bottom of your emails can include the name of your company, your address and phone number, URL and email address and a unique signature line that best describes what your company is offering. Then, of course, there is email newsletters which do demand a bit of time creating them each month.

However, in terms of website promotion, they offer excellent returns. Distribution doesn’t have to cost the earth – use iContact which is an email marketing service with an excellent reputation amongst ISPs. There are innumerable other methods of boosting your business with a well-designed website – far too many to list here. However, those mentioned here will get your business off to a good start, helping to get your business out into cyberspace.

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