Your Membership Site Startup Checklist

A Simple Membership Site Checklist

Every once in a while, membership sites become a hot topic among internet marketers. It’s as if it’s turn on the product spinning wheel has come around. One constant with that is tutorials, more like a lack of tutorials.

Usually, when you do come across any sort of checklist on how to set up a membership site, it’s sketchy at best. There is a reason for that, marketers want to cash in on selling the comprehensive guides, and frankly, you can’t blame them. The article below is more comprehensive than most. Use it as a starting point for setting up your membership site.

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Starting a membership site is easier than you think. Although there are a lot of requirements involved, you can breeze through them all with this simple checklist. Once you get through this list you’ll be in prime position to launch your own member site and start gathering a consistent monthly income from your site.

-Domain name

Your first step is to get a domain name. Use the most popular keywords in your niche and add a community-oriented suffix like club, group or team. For example, your weight loss member site could be hosted at


Your website design will have a big impact on how your members use your website and how often they come back. You’ll need a welcome page, a blog, a downloads page and perhaps a forum, depending on the nature of your membership site. If you want the best look for your site, consider hiring a professional designer who can give you a consistent look from start to finish.

-Sales letter

Your sales letter should convince visitors why they should join your membership website. Some would consider it to be the most important part of your site because it gets people in through the door. The sales letter needs to emphasize the benefits of your site as well as mentioning the features. Build desire to become part of the “in crowd” within the membership site and you’ll make the decision easy for them.

-Order Processor

You won’t make any money with your membership site unless you have this set up properly. While many people use Paypal to process their monthly subscriptions, you can also use Clickbank, Paydotcom or Ejunkie to process payment. These three options are your best choices if you want to have an affiliate program for your membership site.A membership site script will keep your website secure. The script will build a registration form into your site, which will allow paying members to sign up and access the site. It will also keep visitors from accessing your content without paying. Thanks to member site scripts you don’t have to hire a coder to set up a custom script for you.

-Autoresponder program

You’ll want to keep in touch with your members and let them know what is going on inside of the site. Using an autoresponder e-mail list is a great way to keep people active in the site. You can send out a new message each time there is a content update, or you can e-mail a weekly newsletter. Place an opt in box on the welcome page that members get to after they’ve successfully subscribed.

-Startup Content

Before you launch your site, you should have several articles, reports and other forms of content available for your members to enjoy. If you plan on having a certain amount of updates per month, you should have at least twice as much content when you start. This way the members know that they’ll be getting quality from you in the future. Write the content yourself or have a ghostwriter do it for you.

-Editorial Schedule

Just like traditional newspapers, your membership site needs an editorial calendar. You don’t want to scramble around each month trying to get your content together. Plan ahead at least a few months of content and get it prepared before you need to post it.

By following these steps, you’ll be ready to promote your site and start earning monthly income.

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