New Web Design Site Launched: The Naked Web: The Best Bits of the Web Laid Bare

Article by Christian Ralph launched this week with its first post; the Top 10 Single Page Website Designs. Showcasing a collection of some of the best design rich websites that concentrate their website design efforts into a single web page.

The UK based design website aims at providing website designers and digital entrepreneurs with inspirational design examples to help website designers stay at the top of the design tree and to keep their own sites one step ahead of their competition.

Also going to be featured along with weekly ‘top 10 website design collections’ will be informative design articles and trend topics aimed to aid the visual side of website design with more technical information based around SEO (search engine optimisation), statistic analysis and advertising techniques. website designer ‘Chris’ said of his new website design blog venture “I’ve wanted to take a project like this on for a while now as it not only gives other like-minded designers a means to analyse design trends keep an eye on considerations of what their competitors may be implementing in their own future designs, but it gives ourselves an added bonus of receiving other web designers opinions of featured sites as well as aspects of the industry that we may have missed during our own day to research.

The web-design industry has always moved fast but in this current era its moving faster than ever. The arival of more competitive browser usage and the increase of needing to design for a range of different divices and browsing techniques means its more difficult to keep on top of every aspect of the web design world.”

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll collecting a whole bunch of data and searching for the best designs on and occasionally off the internet, so we actively encourage our readers of the site and our followers on Twitter ( to submit their own design links and suggestions to the site and share their own views on website design.

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