Planning a website is like designing a house – isn’t it?

Article by Andrew Plimmer

If you want your website to appear smart, lively, and interesting to attract customers, you should employ good website planning and architecture.

Website planning and architecture is a very important step before setting up the site. This will ensure success and profit to your website since everything that needs to be taken will be tackled through planning. Similar to the process of building a house, the owner would need the expertise of the architects and draftsmen to draw the plan for every corner of the building. Through planning, important aspects of the structure would be considered, especially the amount that would be needed for the whole construction and the right positioning of every part of the house.

The same goes with planning a website. Whether your business site is small or big, there is every reason for you to plan it. The website will be able to function properly and the business will earn expected profits if you have been careful in doing the plan before you set it up.

Website users who ignore the importance of website planning can cause their business to fail and end after a few months of operation. Some websites could even go through 3rd, 4th and 5th generations due to unsuccessful business operations. This is what you should avoid if you would set up your own business site.

If planning is essential, what first step should you take? Planning is not that hard, all you have to do is to get a piece of paper and pencil and let somebody help you do it. There are many web developers who can help you do the plan for your business site. Let him know what plans you have and what you want for your site. Tell him the purpose and the target market and customers. This way he would know what to draw for the planning of your website.

Once you have given him your website objectives, map it all on a clear website structure so it would be easy for you to visualize your site. You should make a clear vision of the website through the drafts you made. The map should also include each page of the business site and how they will coordinate with each other. As you visualize each page, you can then think of different topics for the contents and you can also think of what image is right for each of those pages. You should also consider the effects of having different and colourful designs for your website but make sure that the page has images enough only to make the web page attractive, appealing, and informational but avoid too much large images as it would make the downloading time too slow. The page content should also appear search engine friendly so that your website will get the top rank.

When you have completed the structures for the website, it’s time to make the visual design. If you have existing themes or logos that you would want to use for your website, or if you want to make some refurbishing, consider those now and make it colourful so it would appear attractive.

After planning the visual appearance of the website, your next step is to plan the management of your website. This part is equally important in setting up a business website since managing it requires full control of the operation of the site. You need to monitor everything with regards to your website which includes the calendar of events, the page text, the shop items, and many more. You should also have full control over the administrative sections of the website. The ecommerce function of your website should be well organized and planned accordingly so that your website will maintain its performance and it will continue to provide service to the customers.

Website planning may include all these important and significant issues to tackles before you set up your website. Through the proper way of planning it, you will see beforehand which parts need more attention and how much the development would cost. Doing this plan may require you to work with a team of experts; those who are recommendable website developers because they know better what things are essential for the development. Website planning may demand your time, concentration, and effort but once you developed a very good plan for your website, you will reap the hardship that you sow through the success of your business site.

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