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History says, the primary reason behind development of highly developed countries is that they embrace every new thing warmly, whether it’s an experimental ways of work from entirely different culture or a new technique, they welcome everything with opened arms. Now, it’s time for internet market to say hello to every possible source. Initially, there was only one concept PCs, in offices and homes, then after laptops entered the market and made the PCs portable.

Now, mobile sets are available with the browsing facilities, where you can surf on any browser. There may be a person who doesn’t have laptop, but you will hardly find a person without mobile phone. That’s why the larger portion of the potential customer can be found on mobile phones. Now, it depends upon you whether your website allows them to access you through mobiles or not. Mobile website design is going to revolutionize the market this year, as the operators are introducing many flat-rate packages for mobile internet users.

Simultaneously, demand for mobile website design is also rising, because mobile websites require different type of website design and content, which is compatible to all kind of mobile sets and screen sizes. In Miracle studios, we are catering to such requirements of our clients. Our target is to divulge visibility for our clients’ websites on mobile internet. Many of our clients from India and abroad have opted for mobile website design, despite the fact that their already existing websites are doing well. The reason is on mobile internet, competition is not that tough yet, so there is tendency to lead and to attract greater audience.

In the western countries, people are preferring mobiles for browsing more than the laptops. So the industries, whose major part of target audience is abroad are keenly interested in effective mobile website design. Like ordinary websites, mobile website design also consists of some important elements. Following are the few of them:

• The mobile website needs to be WAP friendly, because most of the wireless mobile handsets use WAP technology to browse.

• Mobiles allow limited screen size, so the website layout should be CSS based using tables to enhance visibility, because WAP has the similar approach like normal search engines.

• All mobile website designs need to be coded by using XTHML or XML, and the character coding should be UTF-8.

• The largest screen size available in mobile sets is 640 x 480 and 120 pixel is the average size, which should be kept in mind while creating a mobile website design.

• Another important thing to consider is that most of the mobile phones don’t have a back button, so this is the job of the mobile website designer to provide a back button or link on the website.

Rest of the features like jpeg image format and animation gifs are placed as similar to the ordinary websites. The mobile internet market is hot and this is the right time to take its advantage, so make a swift step towards creating your own mobile website design.

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