The science of web site submission: How to go about it

The science of web site submission: How to go about it

We don’t agree with everything presented in this article, though we found it quite informative overall.

First, in our experience, the majority of webmasters we encountered were more concerned about the fine points of web design and web development. SEO was an after thought for them. We also hesitate in subscribing to the manual submission tactics mentioned here. In our experience, this could be quite time consuming and unfruitful. Here’s the article.

Web site submission, and the ways it can be done

The potential benefits of being listed in popular search engines are known to one and all in the web development industry. Web folks do realize what opportunities they are missing out if they do not happen to be in major search engines and web directories. In such a scenario, it will not be an overstatement to add that webmasters are pretty concerned with search listings to redefine their businesses and businesses of their clients. Hence comes the importance of web site submission and more especially, the importance of web site submission in the right manner. A perfectly developed web site aimed at securing a good rank in major search engines and directories first needs to be submitted to the right forums, and the right way before it could gain a place of prominence in the listing.

Manual submission is the order of the day

Manual submission is the leading practice in the industry, and this is what is expected in prominent search engines. The prerequisite of search engines like Google, DMOZ, etc. for web site submission has made it the preferred mode, and its prevalence is also on an increasing spree due to several search engines strongly prohibiting automated submission.

Manual submission is ideally suited for submission in the major search engines. Moreover, there are a plethora of specialty search engines wherein one needs to customize the web site submission. So, when one takes on the task of submitting in such engines, manual submission is the convenient mode, so as to make it sure the web site is listed in the proper category as applicable. Being listed in the wrong category in specialty engines is as good as not being listed at all, and automated submission does not exactly fit the bills. That’s precisely the reason why manual submission has acquired such a rage.

Automated submission: Can it deliver results and be advantageous?

Just because it is not the top practice in submission arena, automated submission could spell disaster is an ill-founded assumption. This point is worth to be pondered that its unpopularity has nothing to do with the fact that it can make submission process easier under certain circumstances. While search giant Google does not support automated submission, it does try to provide some element of automaticity in form of autofill button in the process. If one sees beyond popular search engines, there are numerous search engines which can be of strategic value to you in quite instances. This is here when automated submission will be sensible move for you to see it deliver the good.

Considerable points while going for automated submission

Notwithstanding the usage of manual subscription on a large scale, a close look at the submission software market will reveal that automated submission softwares are available in plenty. These softwares are backed by tall claims, hollow promises, and selling gimmicks. The sold advantages of these softwares are to be evaluated on a realistic ground else you turn out to be a victim of this marketing hype.

The feature-laden softwares may entice you for a moment, and there are certain features you must look for while you go for the purchase.

The software you are really contemplating to buy must be user friendly from start to finish. Here you are just trying to automate the process of submission; hence it should assist you in the process instead of looking at the software in utter bewilderment when it comes to using it. Probably what you are expecting with the use of this sort of software is economy of time, simplicity of use, and possibilities of better results. And, of course, the use of this software should deliver all this.

In addition, the software you are going to use for automated submission should be well structured and well organized. The software should mention the search engines explicitly, and should contain a brief description about their specialties. This set of information will help you decide whether submitting to a particular search engine or a directory is beneficial for you in the first instance, and in what ways benefit can possibly accrue to your site.

More importantly software should feature the provision of supplying you with the details of search engines to which it has submitted your site. It should also allow you to have your say in such cases where you wish your site not to be submitted in certain engines because you see for yourself the futility of exercise. “These engines are not meant for you, or for your business for that matter” is what you conclude out of the description in the software.

In essence, automated software should be an enabling tool with pretty amount of details and verifiable benefits.

Reality check for software claims, and what it offers

Automated softwares do not come alone; they come with a whole lot of promises, false and true. You have to dig out the truth to figure out how useful the software might be for you.

Never be tempted by a claim that seems unrealistic right on the face value, for example, submission to15, 000 search engines or so. There cannot be such large number of existing or useful search engines. The claim of submission to this sort of exponential number of search engines plays on the people psychology, and that’s the reason it appears as an important element of marketing tactics.

You have to ensure as to which search engines your site is submitted to, and what are their URLs. For this, the software you choose to use should provide you the URLs of search engines where your site is likely to be submitted. Check out the URLs to ascertain their authenticity, relevancy, and reliability. It is also a good practice to check the status of search engines your site is slated to be submitted on Alexa site.

The greater the number of URLs in the software, the more useful it is for your web site. Remember that only getting to know that your site has been submitted to hundreds of search engines does not constitute any benefits whatsoever. There are pretty much chances that it is only a numerical value, and your site has been claimed to be submitted to search engines which do not exist altogether.

The software you select should provide you confirmatory messages upon submission in various search engines. This assumes importance because if it is not so, you may end up submitting your site a number of times in the search engines. This might be construed as spamming the search engines, and they can penalize you. And, definitely no one would use softwares for harsh punishments.

Yet another point to take into consideration while going for software purchase is how often the software is updated to suit the changing submission requirements of search engines. This is not all; you have to be curious to know whether the updates will be downloadable for free, or for minimal costs so that you continue to use the same software and it does not become obsolete.

The learning advantage

While there is no alternative for submission to the popular search engines except manual submission, this does not diminish the importance of automated submission to other search engines which might be useful for you.

Learning how to choose the automated softwares for submission is the only key to make it deliver results for you. Once you find that there is good match between what the software is promising to offer, what actually it offers and what you need, there is a reason to opt for it. The points worth to be considered and cross checking the features you need as discussed in the article will help you make an informed choice for automated submission.

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