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What is a website plan?

A website plan is planning the activities and goals that you would like to see from your website and how you plan to achieve these goals. Things that you should be looking at in your website plan is:

Website brief

This will give you an over view of your website and also be useful for a web design company to understand what you want in your website and how you want it to function.

What you should be doing for you for your company

This will out line the type of website. Is it an ecommerce web design so people should be buying off the website or is it a brochure website and clients should be finding out about your services and contacting you to hire your service.

What traffic you expect to see on your website

You will need to know what sort of traffic you want to see on your website and how you can increase the traffic coming to your website. Google analytics is a good tool to find out how many users are landing on your website and what they are doing when they find your website.

What key terms do you want your website to be found for

Knowing what key terms that people are searching for is a key part to your website Search Engine Optimisation. If you are selling clothing then you don’t want to be found for soft toys. You need to plan out how to be found for your top key terms and what these key terms are. Can you get there by organic search engine optimisation or will you have to pay to get your company found.

How do you plan to market the website

Panning the marketing of your website and how to drive traffic to your website is a key part of having your website. You need to make sure that your website address is on all your marketing material such as your business cards and brochures. If you are not telling anyone about the website you cant expect people to be finding it.

How to drive the users on the website to contact/buy

once you know how many users are landing on your website then you need to start converting these users into clients. There are programs out there which will let you know where users are clicking on your website and give you an idea of how they are navigating through your website to that point of sale. Can you make it easier for a client to find your contact information or buy a product from your site.

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