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Planning Your Custom Web Site Design

Article by Max Sheppard

With the ever-expanding popularity of the Internet comes e-commerce, the exploding trend of doing business on-line. Perhaps you have witnessed first- hand the infinite power of communication, information, and marketing afforded by this awesome tool.

But how do you get from the basic concept of your own web site- to a professionally designed site, up and running on your own domain? The following information may helpful.

Planning Your Web Site

Some questions you need to answer before developing your own custom web site design are:

Will it be a personal web site? Personal web sites usually focus on family and friends, or things such as hobbies, recent news, or “fun” things.

Will it be for conducting or promoting business? On the internet you will find an endless variety of business web sites, ranging from basic customer information type sites, to enormous ecommerce web sites like ebay or amazon.

These mega web sites require extensive inter-relational databases to enable the various aspects of the site such as on-line credit card purchasing or customer service forums to function properly, and track and record each transaction.

In addition to personal or business web design, there are educational sites, political or viewpoint sites, support or encouragement sites for any given subject, blog-type sites, and the list goes on.

Once you have decided what type of web site you want, it is necessary to develop a domain name. You should give much thought to this; the domain name should relate in some way to the subject of your web site. For instance, if you are selling baseball cards, a good name would be baseball.com, or ballcards.com. After deciding on a name, check with one of the online registries to find out if the name is available, or whether it has already been taken.

Solving Technical Obstacles

Once you have successfully selected and registered a domain name, you are ready to begin your own custom web site design.

Because many aspects of publishing a web page design can be very complicated and technical, you will most likely want to enlist the services of a web site design company. Especially if your site does on-line transactions. When credit card transactions are involved, your site needs to be secure in order to protect you and your customers.

A good web design will include aesthetic points, such as appearance and page loading times. If a page loads too slowly, potential customers may grow impatient and leave.

When it comes to a business web site, the more people you can get to visit the higher the chances for making a sale. How do you get the people visit your web site? By being high visible on the various search engines. This is accomplished through careful meta tag and keyword placement.

Once you get people to visit your site, keep them there with a user-friendly web site format; eye appealing, easy to maneuver, and professional looking, with interesting, up to date content.

Even with complex technical issues to deal with, there are many affordable design companies available to help you create just the right web site. For more information or a quote for services, visit http://www.acecomp.com.

About the Author

Max Sheppard is Co-Owner of Acecomp Plus at http://www.acecomp.com. Customer Website Design, Website Development, E-Commerce and Content Management Solutions to maximize our client’s online potential.

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3 Easy Tips For Finding More Affordable Custom Web Site Design

Don’t be discouraged…affordable custom web site design is possible after all.  If you’re in the market for a new web site for your company or organization, chances are pretty good that you have received quotes that are truly across the board—and most of them truly sky-high.  It can be discouraging for sure.  But there are a few tips to consider to help make more affordable custom web design a reality after all…


Tip #1:  Have All Your Eggs In A Basket.


Superb organization.  This is essential to receiving the best price possible.  Most custom web designers know that a big part of their job will be to do organization, planning, and ultimately, to provide services above and beyond the scope of the initial bid—it’s just typical for the average project to end up being much larger than the initial quote.  Naturally, web designers tend to factor this into the equation, making the price higher.  By begin as organized as possible upfront, you’ll be more apt to receive more affordable custom web site design.


Tip #2:  Know That Copy Is Separate From Design.


One of the most important overall components of a website, its written copy and content, is often assumed to be a part of the web design process.  In reality, it’s not.  Most web designers shy away from copywriting—after all, writing and designing are really two totally different areas of expertise.  Many designers will provide copy for an additional fee as an add-on service, but even this can mean higher costs due to the fact that they must manage that part of the process and still come out even or ahead.  So the best bet here is to know that copy is usually not automatically part of the web site design and to be prepared to outsource the copy to an affordable copywriter (or complete it in house).


Tip #3:  Build For SEO In Round One Of Design.


When it comes to more affordable custom web site design in the long term, you’ve also got to take into account factors like growing your traffic and driving in targeted visitors through white hat organic SEO.  While this is in many ways above and beyond web design itself, it’s also much more cost effective to create an SEO-friendly web site with the initial design as solid foundation, rather than to have to go back and retroactively re-work the entire site to be SEO-compatible.


In the end, finding more affordable custom web site design is often just a matter of doing some research and planning ahead of time.  Designers love working with clearly defined objectives—and are much more likely to provide the best possible prices when the project promises to do exactly this.

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Custom Web page design Recommendations For Newcomers

Article by Michael Donnavan

Custom web site design is any kind of work on a website layout that’s aimed at a certain purpose, or according to the requirements of its seller. Whenever you desire to come up with a design to meet specific needs, it can be customization that you want. Generally a world wide web marketing site has to be tailored so it could generate increased traffic and more money. The website therefore has to be pleasing and helpful.

There are various ways to customise your website. Which method you should utilize depends on the amount improvement you need done on the site. It also depends on just how much effort you might be willing to place into the planning yourself, or how little. Some will run you more than people. For a starting internet marketer, it will be more sensible to look for good quality yet cost-effective web providers.

Ways to Personalize Your SiteOption One: Free site templates. This is for a person if you have a fair knowledge of web site coding, possibly at the same time don’t want to pay for custom website design. You choose a free web site template you want, save the actual code along with associated files to your laptop or computer, and change the signal yourself. A totally free template possesses its own color plan, header designs, graphics and also layout. It’s actually a quick answer, but the problem there is certainly since the themes are free, there could be hundreds of some other sites employing the same template while yours.

Alternative 2: Commercial web templates. If you want better design high quality, you can buy an experienced web theme for as low as , or around ,000 if you need exclusive legal rights to the template. You’ll still must edit it yourself. Normally the thumb templates are the expensive types, but they are very attractive.

Option 3: Custom-made web sites. Exactly like the above, you purchase a theme, but you could get the artist to customize the web pages as you similar to.Option 4: Order an unique website design. This is custom web page design to the greatest extent. You get an unique internet site and they will create it on your own. It goes without saying this is actually the most costly alternative.

Custom website design can get costly real quick should you aren’t mindful. It’s easy to find carried away by simply flashy business templates that cost much more than your own domain name and web area. Although they look nice, they are hardly necessary for the particular budding affiliate marketer. With just the right tools along with software for the position, you can build a professional-level site you may be proud of. The good thing is there are online language learning resources where you can get such inexpensive web writing tools. In order to save time and make simpler the process, search for one-stop shops who have a broad range of tutorials, computer software and solutions.

About the Author

This article is specifically written regarding Are you a {a href=http://www.theroulettesniper.com>roulette sniper master?

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