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How Using Proper Graphic Formats is the Secret to Good Website Design

How using proper graphic formats is the secret to good website design

There are many different file formats that website design companies can use for site design. However, every specific graphic format has its own function and use and it is a part of good website design to use them judiciously.

Properties that these formats have:

In terms of common properties of these website design graphic formats, there are five main types. These are namely:

–       Compression: This refers to the ability to store an image in a smaller file size. This employs using special algorithms to measure pixels as single items.

–       Transparency: This varies the opaqueness of an image from being totally solid to being totally see-through or transparent.

–       Progressive loading: In this case of website design, a part of the image is loaded first. However, it is not decided on the concept of alternating rows. This allows the picture to get loaded quicker.

–       Interlacing: This is much like progressive loading, except that the odd numbered rows of the image appear first, followed by even numbered rows. Users can see images quickly using this format of website design.

–       Animation: In this case of website design graphical formats, various still images are moved in quick succession to make it seem like they are moving. Most animated GIF images work on all browsers as they do not need plug-ins for them.

File formats available:

There are three main graphic file formats in website design. These are GIF, JPEG and PNG. One of the oldest formats is GIF and it helps loading images quickly. They have only 8 bits of color and have interlacing and transparency incorporated in them. These are the most common forms of graphics in website design and images look good in such formats. JPEGs are compressed files and have a 24 bit color capacity. In situations where you need high quality images in website design, a JPEG format works well. Compression elements of JPEG files can be easily controlled by a website design company. The download speeds for such format files is faster and in cases of complicated drawings, the overall quality is excellent. In PNG graphic formats, there is support for 24 bit color images. Both interlacing and transparency is incorporated in such images. Such images also can have a description alongside, for use in search engines. Compared to JPEG images, PNG images look much better and hence are preferred where high quality images are needed. Plus, it overcomes the restrictions of an 8 bit color image in website design.

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What is a web design and web development?

design site web
by snik38

Article by Seocomcha

Internet business, a lot of times you will have to deal with customers coming to you and you will be asked to create their own Web sites. But when they tell you your request, you will know that he did not just design work, it also includes the preparatory work. Most people believe that the time web design and web design are the same. But the fact is that these two phrases have different values. Now here I’ll show you the two concepts are different from each other.

Web DesignLet’s start with the first web design. Now, basically it is a website design is to create a web page that includes the colors and graphics. In simple words, it can be called by the adoption of color painting. That’s what we’re doing the paper, but here we are doing on the computer. Web design is concerned with appearance and graphics of the site or page.

A person who is not part of the website design is called a web designer. He is the one who creates the look of the site. It is designed according to the customer and their business needs. Different colors, images and graphics are used in the site attractive. Adobe Photoshop is a widespread system that uses a designer that web page.

Web DevelopmentNow, let’s move into web development. It is the functionality of a web page or the back-end construction site, which is done through the program. Interaction between different pages, processing site is part of web development.

There are a number of languages ??used to create PHP, ASP and ASP.NET web site. Some scripting languages ??are also used as JavaScript. Database design and development is also included in web development. The database is where information from the Internet is stored and where the data comes from the site. These sites are known as dynamic websites and databases, web sites. Back-end or side of the site administrator, is not viewed by consumers. The owner or administrator can view the site by logging in with the username and password. A person who is not working, so called designer or web developer. It takes only monitor the site intends to operate a user to open it.

Sufalam technolgy is a Web design and development company based in India to provide services to more customers around the world, which includes large companies, non-profit organizations, IT companies and private individuals.

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Save Money with an Atlanta Web Design Company

Article by Rasvir Mustan

Saving money is very important with a business today. You might be going online because you cannot afford your brick and mortar store. An Atlanta web design company can show you all of the ways that you can save money online starting at day one from start up costs, advertising methods, day to day costs and more.

When you start a business on the streets you are forced to pay many fees just to get going. You also need to obtain a business license. The costs to get started may be astounding and require you to get a loan from a bank. Today, banks aren’t lending money out to anyone even if you have the best credit scores. An Atlanta web design company can show you how you can start your own online company for very low costs which do not require a loan from a bank. The start up costs can be as low as 0 and you can have your own online business up in just a few days, depending on the type of business you want to begin.

An Atlanta web design company is also going to help you with endeavors for marketing your business. Marketing on the street through billboards is outrageously expensive and most people cannot afford it today for their business. When you go online marketing efforts are entirely free if you have the time to do it for your business. If saving money is your ultimate goal then all you need to do is spend a few hours a day working on the free marketing efforts of writing your own articles, press releases, blogs, and more. This will help you generate traffic and a design firm will help you with it all.

The day to day costs of a company can be outrageous. If you have employees that work for you then it may seem impossible to pay them. When you start an online business you don’t need to have employees. This way you can save money by not paying out a payroll but you also won’t need the stress of managing it either. In addition, you will have a flat monthly rate of a hosting package for your site and nothing else. You won’t have utility bills, maintenance of a building, and other problems you have to pay for monthly.

There are so many ways to save money when you have an online business. An Atlanta web design company will show you all of the free techniques you can use if you have the time to do it yourself.

About the Author

Rasvir Mustan is a Vice President of Business Development in 7strategy Web Design Company.It is a Creative Website Design Company and Interactive Agency – delivering custom web sites, professional website designs, high impact ecommerce web sites and search engine marketing. Serving client across the globe.

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Planning Your Custom Web Site Design

Article by Max Sheppard

With the ever-expanding popularity of the Internet comes e-commerce, the exploding trend of doing business on-line. Perhaps you have witnessed first- hand the infinite power of communication, information, and marketing afforded by this awesome tool.

But how do you get from the basic concept of your own web site- to a professionally designed site, up and running on your own domain? The following information may helpful.

Planning Your Web Site

Some questions you need to answer before developing your own custom web site design are:

Will it be a personal web site? Personal web sites usually focus on family and friends, or things such as hobbies, recent news, or “fun” things.

Will it be for conducting or promoting business? On the internet you will find an endless variety of business web sites, ranging from basic customer information type sites, to enormous ecommerce web sites like ebay or amazon.

These mega web sites require extensive inter-relational databases to enable the various aspects of the site such as on-line credit card purchasing or customer service forums to function properly, and track and record each transaction.

In addition to personal or business web design, there are educational sites, political or viewpoint sites, support or encouragement sites for any given subject, blog-type sites, and the list goes on.

Once you have decided what type of web site you want, it is necessary to develop a domain name. You should give much thought to this; the domain name should relate in some way to the subject of your web site. For instance, if you are selling baseball cards, a good name would be baseball.com, or ballcards.com. After deciding on a name, check with one of the online registries to find out if the name is available, or whether it has already been taken.

Solving Technical Obstacles

Once you have successfully selected and registered a domain name, you are ready to begin your own custom web site design.

Because many aspects of publishing a web page design can be very complicated and technical, you will most likely want to enlist the services of a web site design company. Especially if your site does on-line transactions. When credit card transactions are involved, your site needs to be secure in order to protect you and your customers.

A good web design will include aesthetic points, such as appearance and page loading times. If a page loads too slowly, potential customers may grow impatient and leave.

When it comes to a business web site, the more people you can get to visit the higher the chances for making a sale. How do you get the people visit your web site? By being high visible on the various search engines. This is accomplished through careful meta tag and keyword placement.

Once you get people to visit your site, keep them there with a user-friendly web site format; eye appealing, easy to maneuver, and professional looking, with interesting, up to date content.

Even with complex technical issues to deal with, there are many affordable design companies available to help you create just the right web site. For more information or a quote for services, visit http://www.acecomp.com.

About the Author

Max Sheppard is Co-Owner of Acecomp Plus at http://www.acecomp.com. Customer Website Design, Website Development, E-Commerce and Content Management Solutions to maximize our client’s online potential.

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Advantage of PHP include page in web page design

web page design software
by Esthr

Article by susen

Advantage of PHP include page in web page design

PHP include page statement is an extremely useful statement to build WebPages. If you are very new in PHP or even don’t know it at all, you can also utilize this statement to manage your website.

Logically you can divide HTML code of a webpage into multiple segments. Some of those are static parts and others are variable parts. Static parts are those which do not change from page to page, i.e. top part of your page where you put your site name and banner, menu, bottom part of your page where you put copyright notice, etc. Variable parts of your page are the elements which vary from page to page, i.e. your page title, descriptions, keywords, content of your page etc. When you create a new webpage you have to write entire HTML code both for static and variable parts of your page. Now if you want to add a new link to the menu or if you like to change your site banner then you has to edit all HTML files you have already created. It is almost an impossible task if your website contains fifty pages or more. PHP include file is the ideal solution for this problem.

What is PHP include page statement?

PHP include statement add the content of the file to be included at the point where you put the statement. This statement takes only one argument, file name you want to include. The form of the tatement is: <?php include([filename]);?>To include a file say menu.html use the following command:<?php include(‘menu.html’);?>

If you include a text or an HTML file, content of that file will be directly added to the parent file at the point where you put the include statement. But if you include a PHP file with include statement the file to be included first compiled and then added to the parent file. If any error generated during compilation PHP will generate an error message.

How to utilize PHP include file?

To utilize PHP include file statement you keep the static parts of your HTML code in separate files, say menu.html, footer.html, top.html etc. For your convenience keep those files in a separate include directory. When you create a new webpage write your HTML code as usual but when you need to write the static part HTML code you just put PHP include file statement to add those codes. So the resulting file becomes smaller and hence easier to maintain. Also you can edit the static part code by editing only a single file.

Point to remember:

You can use PHP include page statement to include HTML or PHP file, but the parent file where you put the include statement must be a PHP file. So when saving that page use.php extension.

Advantages of PHP include page

Resulting page is smaller. So smaller web space required.As codes are divided into multiple segments so it is easier to maintain.Finally PHP is free software. So no extra cost you require to get PHP.

About the Author

This article is written by susen. You can get various useful ajax/php/my-sql script and articles from author’s website: http://ramui.com

Easy Web Design Software London

Article by John Lynch

Easy Web Design Software London

Here are some personal experiences about the easy web design software that I used when I started out on the Net. At that time I had no idea how to build a web site.I did not have the HTML skills to build my own and I certainly could not afford to pay a web designer!

When I stumbled upon SiteBuildIt, my prayers were answered. Now I could put all those ideas into action by building my own web site for an affordable price.

How did SiteBuildIt give me this freedom?

Well,for a start I did not need to know HTML,FTP etc. – the software does it all!

I got my own domain name and unlimited pages in my web site. Web hosting also part of the package.

There was also Full HTML Editor compatibility – i.e. you can build your web pages in your favourite HTML Editor such as Dreamweaver and upload them to SBI. A webmaster’s dream!

Included also was:

1) Brain storming of the profitable keywords which ensures high ranking in the search engines.

2) Automatic search engine submission of your web pages.

3) In-built facility to mail out your own ezine.

4) Link exchange facility – allowing you to choose what sites to link with.

5)A Spam Checking tool to ensure your ezine reaches its intended audience.

6) Automatic checking of your search engine ranking position.

7) Blogging.

Are there any disadvantages?

Well, SiteBuildIt is aimed at the small and homebusiness end of the market. If you want a sitefor a large portal with a large database, it isnot the correct choice.

However, if you have a dream of building yourown small business with the proven record of Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt, then I would recommend you look at these SiteBuildItreviews and see how other people are succeeding.

Easy Web Design Software London Free Tour: http://videotour.sitesell.com/finian.html

Easy Web Design Software London(C) J.Lynch


Now You can have your SiteBuildIt website built byprofessional SBI webmasters if you do not have thetime or inclination to do it yourself.Easy Web Design Software London:http://services.sitesell.com/finian.html


About the Author

For Easy Web Design Software London review Click Here: http://videotour.sitesell.com/finian.html

This tutorial covers how to create form fields, submit and reset buttons in Publisher. I also describe the requirements for your ISP for the form to work. Because servers do all the heavy lifting or work of Web forms, you must contact your ISP to inquire whether they support FrontPage extentions or .cgi scripts.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Web Page Design for Professional Businessmen

web page design software
by avlxyz

Any website can not exist without web pages and each web page is linked with each other through hyperlinks. The success of a website depends upon the effectiveness of web page design. Web page design is an essential pre-requisite for those, who wish to do the marketing and business over Internet. It is useful in individual promotions too.

Compared to other methods of promotions, it is cost effective since it can reach a wider range of population within a short time span. A webpage designed perfectly will definitely capture the attention of the Internet surfers. The web page should be free of errors and should provide for easy navigation. Too many advertisements, too many pop ups, loud music, blinking items etc should be avoided where as use of adequate graphics, colors and fonts will really help. Layout and content are the other two aspects that need attention.

Web page design is not a difficult task. There are templates and designs available for the web page design over Internet. Even if a firm or individual wish to have a customized web page according to their requirement there is solution. There is a large number of Web design Company who can do the work. They can be gained access online through Internet or through personal visit to the company. Through custom web page designing one will be able to bring ones own individuality since it is generally started from the scrap.

One can hire a professional web page designer from a professional web design company who is skilled enough to do the work. The outline of the details required in the web page should be clearly stated so that there will be no confusions or misunderstandings in the side of the web page designer. Web page design can be done individually, if he or she possesses the basic skill required. It needs sound knowledge in using the computer graphics and the tools used. If one has the knowledge to do so it is easy to proceed since most of the web design company offer software for web page designing. It also includes the templates, clip arts and picture patterns. Free trial versions are also available online for such software and one can try purchasing it through online itself.

It is essential to know the tactics for making the web design attractive. Different web pages in the same website should be designed with some common features related to each other. For instance, an ecommerce web site design should have a home page, products page, product detail page, shopping cart software, unlimited product categories, shipping and payment details etc; and you can get effectively if you have got hold of a great ecommerce solution. All the processes are in relation to the selling of goods through Internet. The elements of design if used effectively can contribute best to the webpage design. The basic elements of design include lines and line work, shape, texture, color and direction. To make a website more appealing, the elements should follow the principles of design like emphasis, proportion, balance, contrast, rhythm and unity.

The writer specializes in writing on technical topics like software development, custom software development,agile software development, ecommerce development, website design. To know more about the Software Development Company, visit http://www.infysolutions.com

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Some Common Mistakes While Creating a Web Design Sites

Article by Saamarth Technologies

If you are running a web design India service, there are a few errors that you should avoid. It is important to let the user know what your website is all about. If the visitor does not understand what your portal deals with, they will go elsewhere. The website should communicate why the user is required there. The web designer India company needs to make the content capable of being scanned. Large chunks of text are not allowed. The user browses the website while they are engaged I other tasks. Hence, they should be able to scan the content fast.

The basic requirement of web designing India is that the designers should not use some fancy font which is illegible. Whether the fonts are sophisticated or otherwise, they should read well since this is how the message of the website can be delivered. Users should have a comfortable experience while visiting your website. The website design company India must not use miniature fonts too. The designer should not open fresh browser windows. The user needs to get the freedom of choosing the browser where they like their links to open. You shouldn’t worry on sending the user to a different website, since if they want to get back to your site, they will. You don’t need to worry about it.

The corporate web design India should not go for resizing the browser windows of the user. Allow the user to control the browser. Resizing will mess things on the user’s side and moreover might lead to loss of credibility. The web development company India should not make the mistake of requiring a registration on the part of the user unless it is completely necessary. They should not make the visitor subscribe to anything such as online newsletters without their consent. The same applies in case of sending unsolicited e-mails.

About the Author

Sujeet, is a SEO executive at a Web Design and Web Development Company, Saamarth Technologies, offers high quality professional Web Design India,Web Designer India,Web Development in PHP,Website Design Company India,Corporate Web Design India, Web Development PHP,Offshore Software Development Company located in India.

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Add Personalized Driving Directions to Your Accounting Website Design

Article by Ken Marshall

Is your accounting website design looking a little old-fashioned? It can be easy to overlook your website until you start to seem as though you can’t or won’t keep up with new technology, and this can harm your practice’s image. Even if you own an older accounting website design, you should be able to get a lot of tools and gadgets on the web to dress it up. Lot’s of businesses are offering great free content on the internet so you won’t need to order or pay for anything. Let’s look at your “Contact” page as an example.

Let’s add some dynamic driving directions to your website. If you’re still relying on a simple map you’re starting to run the risk of looking like you can’t keep up. Google now makes it easy for a client to type in their address on the contact page and get specific driving instructions. This is more than just a fun feature, and it does more tan make your website, and by extension you, look more technically advanced. It can even save you money by cutting down on phone time spent telling people how to find your office, especially if you’re in a hard to find location. Here’s how to set it up.

The first thing to do is get Google to generate the code for you. Go to the Google driving directions gadget page and click the button that says “Add Gadget to Your Site”.

A new page will open with a short form that you can fill out to modify your gadget. For the most part the default settings are fine. Select a border style that matches your accounting website design. The important thing is that you modify the “destination” field. Change it to the address of your accounting practice. In the destination field, after your address, put your firm name in parenthesis. Now preview your gadget.

Pretty cool, huh? If the name of your firm is too long for the available space increase the width of the gadget and preview it again. That’s all there is to it. Once you get the gadget looking the way you want just click “Get the Code”. A form window will appear at the bottom of the page. All you need to do is copy and paste this code onto your website.

Most of us use content management systems with WYSIWYG, or “rich text” editors. You won’t be able to paste this code into a rich text editor. In order to add the gadget to your site you’ll need to access your pages source code. Don’t panic! This is easier than it sounds.

In your WYSIWYG editor place a sting of like 10 or 20 capital “X”s where you want to place the gadget on your page. Now look around your editor for a button or link that says “plain text”, “html”, “source”, or “code”. Press this and the window of your editor will change to show the actual source code for your page. Next find and highlight the string of “X”s and paste the gadget code over it. That’s all there is to it.

Having a map on your CPA website makes it that much easier for clients to find you. Now with the driving directions gadget on your site you can save your clients time in figuring out precisely how to get to your business from virtually anywhere. You are going to want both of these features incorporated into your accounting website design. With Google literally giving these goodies away there is no acceptable reason not to provide your customers and prospects personalized driving directions.

About the Author

Kenny Marshall is a consultant and former Officer of CPA Site Solutions, one of the United States’ largest web firms oriented entirely to accounting website design.

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3 Easy Tips For Finding More Affordable Custom Web Site Design

Don’t be discouraged…affordable custom web site design is possible after all.  If you’re in the market for a new web site for your company or organization, chances are pretty good that you have received quotes that are truly across the board—and most of them truly sky-high.  It can be discouraging for sure.  But there are a few tips to consider to help make more affordable custom web design a reality after all…


Tip #1:  Have All Your Eggs In A Basket.


Superb organization.  This is essential to receiving the best price possible.  Most custom web designers know that a big part of their job will be to do organization, planning, and ultimately, to provide services above and beyond the scope of the initial bid—it’s just typical for the average project to end up being much larger than the initial quote.  Naturally, web designers tend to factor this into the equation, making the price higher.  By begin as organized as possible upfront, you’ll be more apt to receive more affordable custom web site design.


Tip #2:  Know That Copy Is Separate From Design.


One of the most important overall components of a website, its written copy and content, is often assumed to be a part of the web design process.  In reality, it’s not.  Most web designers shy away from copywriting—after all, writing and designing are really two totally different areas of expertise.  Many designers will provide copy for an additional fee as an add-on service, but even this can mean higher costs due to the fact that they must manage that part of the process and still come out even or ahead.  So the best bet here is to know that copy is usually not automatically part of the web site design and to be prepared to outsource the copy to an affordable copywriter (or complete it in house).


Tip #3:  Build For SEO In Round One Of Design.


When it comes to more affordable custom web site design in the long term, you’ve also got to take into account factors like growing your traffic and driving in targeted visitors through white hat organic SEO.  While this is in many ways above and beyond web design itself, it’s also much more cost effective to create an SEO-friendly web site with the initial design as solid foundation, rather than to have to go back and retroactively re-work the entire site to be SEO-compatible.


In the end, finding more affordable custom web site design is often just a matter of doing some research and planning ahead of time.  Designers love working with clearly defined objectives—and are much more likely to provide the best possible prices when the project promises to do exactly this.

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