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175 Female Led Startups in 2011

The Female Founder Fellowship Announces a Goal of Funding 175 Female Led Start-ups in 2011

Okay, a friend of ours sent us this article on Facebook about the Founders Institute. Though we are not about any one gender in particular, we are for tech causes and found the article quite interesting.

Here’s our attempt at web promotion for this one. According to the article, any woman who applies qualifies for the opportunity, so, please don’t sleep on this! Some deadlines are coming due soon.

Here’s a snippet from that article.

Posted Feb 14th by Christine Oneto

The Founder Institute (www.founderinstitute.com), a pre-seed incubator, recently unveiled a program designed to increase the number of females founders in technology. Their goal? To launch 175 female-led tech companies in 2011.

The Female Founder Fellowship program will provide extraordinary female applicants the opportunity to launch their dream company with the Founder Institute – free of charge. The Institute will subsidize the course fee for the most extraordinary female applicant in each of it’s ten Spring Semesters; including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., San Diego, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, New York City, Boston, and Singapore….

To read the entire article just follow this link: Founders Institute.

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$50,000/yr to Update Facebook Profiles?

Social Media Manager – The Business World’s Newest Profession

Better believe it! If you are one of those Facebook fans who spend more time updating your profile than you do sleeping, then this job is for you. You have the skills (and interest 🙂 ) needed.

Are you an official member of the “Tweeple Nation?” You’re hired! Consider the positions mentioned in the video, Social Media Assistant and Social Media Manager then start sending those resumes out.

Here’s The Guest Article From: Kate Buck

I still get funny looks when I tell people that I get paid to send Tweets and Facebook updates… While there is obviously more to being a social media manager than just playing on Facebook, the truth is, my job is way more fun and wayyy more lucrative than the jobs the people giving me those funny looks have. :)

NOW being a social media manager is more official than ever and is seen as a viable and high paying business PROFESSION. Check out this video and you’ll see for yourself!

In case you missed any of those juicy statistics…

On average, social media managers make $50,000/yr. starting out.  Pretty fair compensation for managing social media accounts right? I bet I won’t be getting as many of those funny looks anymore ;)

If you fit the job description of:  ”Someone who understands Facebook and Twitter and would enjoy tweeting, posting and engaging customers through social media”  Then there is a big opportunity out there for you.

-Kate Buck


Don’t sleep on this. Social Media was huge last year, but considering the fact that both Google and Facebook are contemplating a takeover of Twitter right now, Feb 2011, the implications for its growth this year are simply astounding!

2011 is already shaping up to be the year of Local Marketing and SMS Marketing. It’s just a natural extension to add Social Media Management to the mix.

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