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Learn How To Get, Keep And Grow Clients

This is just something I came across. If you are a Local Business owner are involved in local search, you are well advised to investigate this.

Sean D’Souza, a Kiwi marketer and owner of the website Psychotactics.com, or why customers buy (and why they don’t), is doing something unheard of in the marketing world.

He’s about to GIVE AWAY one of his best-selling courses, and there’s a very good reason why he’s doing so. No, it’s not because it’s outdated, being replaced or any other marketing ploy.

Learn How To Get, Keep and Grow Customers.

Free from Psychotactics: The $2500 Brain Alchemy Marketing Strategy Workshop

It sounds unusual: Why would someone just give valuable information away?

You and I know that “normal” people don’t do this kind of stuff. No one just gives away thousands of dollars worth of stuff without some sneaky up-sell, cross-sell or some kind of catch. To give away valuable information just like that, sounds weird at the very least.

But we’re not normal (our logo should give you enough hints).

My long-term goal is to create a university in New Zealand (Casa LocoLoco: The Mad House)

This university will be in place to help folks like you run their businesses. It will be a non-profit university. In the spirit of Casa LocoLoco, I am slowly going to make most Psychotactics products and workshops free by the year 2020. So as you can see this process is thoughtful; it’s methodical. And it’s designed on the fact that generosity helps us all.

And the Brain Alchemy Masterclass is just the beginning.

The only ‘catch’ if you want to call it that, is that you have to opt-in.

Read article here: How To Get, Keep And Grow Local Search Customers.

So, usually, when the word FREE is attached to almost anything, a certain stigma comes with it. The assumption is that the material or product is outdated, being replaced, worthless or what ever.

You may fall into that trap if you want, but I’ll say this, just a short while ago, if you wanted access to this course you would have had to pay $2800 USD for it!

Are you looking for new Local Customers? Are you involved in search marketing? Maybe you just want to learn how others are getting and keeping new customers? Do yourself a favor. Sign up for the course!