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The Greatest Mistakes of Website Designers

There are many experts who will stand in line to tell you what you need to do to make cool website designs. You try your best to follow their advice, but the same avoidable mistakes are made time after time. The next time you are thinking about perfecting your website design pay attention and make sure that your web designer doesn’t commit any of these web design sins.

Simple and Clutter Free

The simplest displays are often the best. You might like your website design to cover every possible eventuality on your homepage, but it will look a lot better if you cut down on the unnecessary information. Your visitors will be a lot happier if they can easily navigate around your site, even if it takes them a couple more clicks to find what they need.

New visitors to your site usually just want to just browse and see what it’s about before they commit to anything else. It might look like you have a high number of members on your site, but if they only visit once and then leave, it may be because they’re on information overload. If a new visitor wants to buy something, let them get used to your site before you bombard them with information.

The Status Quo

You might have one of the great cool website designs, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be that way. Think of good web design as a work in progress and be on the lookout for new things that you can try in order to keep it attractive to your visitors. In the fast moving marketplace of the internet, it’s important that you pay close attention to your competitor’s websites and do not let yours fall behind in the new technologies. If you see something you like on a competitor’s site, talk to your website designer about creating something unique for you along the same lines.

Ignorance is not Bliss

The needs of your visitors are more important than your need to have the ultimate website. You might think that you have some cool website designs, but if your visitors don’t like them or can’t use them easily, they’ll likely not come back. Remember the old adage – the customer is always right. If you give them what they want then they will come back time and again.

On a regular basis, check over your website to find what pages are popular with visitors and make more of them. You should also improve on or remove the pages that are unpopular. By making your website more popular with visitors you will substantially increase your sales.

Please Help

Nobody knows everything about everything. You might make be able to create a pretty good web design, but the chances of you being able to give it that professional edge are slim. Don’t make the mistake of putting up an amateur site and then expecting professional sales. You can find good website designers that will take your ideas and turn them into a profitable, easy to navigate site.

Website design is a complex and ever-changing field. And it’s easy to fall into one of these traps that will make your website less popular with visitors and cost your business in the bottom line. Find out what your visitors want and then try to give them more of it.



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Some Common Mistakes While Creating a Web Design Sites

Article by Saamarth Technologies

If you are running a web design India service, there are a few errors that you should avoid. It is important to let the user know what your website is all about. If the visitor does not understand what your portal deals with, they will go elsewhere. The website should communicate why the user is required there. The web designer India company needs to make the content capable of being scanned. Large chunks of text are not allowed. The user browses the website while they are engaged I other tasks. Hence, they should be able to scan the content fast.

The basic requirement of web designing India is that the designers should not use some fancy font which is illegible. Whether the fonts are sophisticated or otherwise, they should read well since this is how the message of the website can be delivered. Users should have a comfortable experience while visiting your website. The website design company India must not use miniature fonts too. The designer should not open fresh browser windows. The user needs to get the freedom of choosing the browser where they like their links to open. You shouldn’t worry on sending the user to a different website, since if they want to get back to your site, they will. You don’t need to worry about it.

The corporate web design India should not go for resizing the browser windows of the user. Allow the user to control the browser. Resizing will mess things on the user’s side and moreover might lead to loss of credibility. The web development company India should not make the mistake of requiring a registration on the part of the user unless it is completely necessary. They should not make the visitor subscribe to anything such as online newsletters without their consent. The same applies in case of sending unsolicited e-mails.

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