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Advantage of PHP include page in web page design

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by Esthr

Article by susen

Advantage of PHP include page in web page design

PHP include page statement is an extremely useful statement to build WebPages. If you are very new in PHP or even don’t know it at all, you can also utilize this statement to manage your website.

Logically you can divide HTML code of a webpage into multiple segments. Some of those are static parts and others are variable parts. Static parts are those which do not change from page to page, i.e. top part of your page where you put your site name and banner, menu, bottom part of your page where you put copyright notice, etc. Variable parts of your page are the elements which vary from page to page, i.e. your page title, descriptions, keywords, content of your page etc. When you create a new webpage you have to write entire HTML code both for static and variable parts of your page. Now if you want to add a new link to the menu or if you like to change your site banner then you has to edit all HTML files you have already created. It is almost an impossible task if your website contains fifty pages or more. PHP include file is the ideal solution for this problem.

What is PHP include page statement?

PHP include statement add the content of the file to be included at the point where you put the statement. This statement takes only one argument, file name you want to include. The form of the tatement is: <?php include([filename]);?>To include a file say menu.html use the following command:<?php include(‘menu.html’);?>

If you include a text or an HTML file, content of that file will be directly added to the parent file at the point where you put the include statement. But if you include a PHP file with include statement the file to be included first compiled and then added to the parent file. If any error generated during compilation PHP will generate an error message.

How to utilize PHP include file?

To utilize PHP include file statement you keep the static parts of your HTML code in separate files, say menu.html, footer.html, top.html etc. For your convenience keep those files in a separate include directory. When you create a new webpage write your HTML code as usual but when you need to write the static part HTML code you just put PHP include file statement to add those codes. So the resulting file becomes smaller and hence easier to maintain. Also you can edit the static part code by editing only a single file.

Point to remember:

You can use PHP include page statement to include HTML or PHP file, but the parent file where you put the include statement must be a PHP file. So when saving that page use.php extension.

Advantages of PHP include page

Resulting page is smaller. So smaller web space required.As codes are divided into multiple segments so it is easier to maintain.Finally PHP is free software. So no extra cost you require to get PHP.

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This article is written by susen. You can get various useful ajax/php/my-sql script and articles from author’s website: http://ramui.com

Web Page Design for Professional Businessmen

web page design software
by avlxyz

Any website can not exist without web pages and each web page is linked with each other through hyperlinks. The success of a website depends upon the effectiveness of web page design. Web page design is an essential pre-requisite for those, who wish to do the marketing and business over Internet. It is useful in individual promotions too.

Compared to other methods of promotions, it is cost effective since it can reach a wider range of population within a short time span. A webpage designed perfectly will definitely capture the attention of the Internet surfers. The web page should be free of errors and should provide for easy navigation. Too many advertisements, too many pop ups, loud music, blinking items etc should be avoided where as use of adequate graphics, colors and fonts will really help. Layout and content are the other two aspects that need attention.

Web page design is not a difficult task. There are templates and designs available for the web page design over Internet. Even if a firm or individual wish to have a customized web page according to their requirement there is solution. There is a large number of Web design Company who can do the work. They can be gained access online through Internet or through personal visit to the company. Through custom web page designing one will be able to bring ones own individuality since it is generally started from the scrap.

One can hire a professional web page designer from a professional web design company who is skilled enough to do the work. The outline of the details required in the web page should be clearly stated so that there will be no confusions or misunderstandings in the side of the web page designer. Web page design can be done individually, if he or she possesses the basic skill required. It needs sound knowledge in using the computer graphics and the tools used. If one has the knowledge to do so it is easy to proceed since most of the web design company offer software for web page designing. It also includes the templates, clip arts and picture patterns. Free trial versions are also available online for such software and one can try purchasing it through online itself.

It is essential to know the tactics for making the web design attractive. Different web pages in the same website should be designed with some common features related to each other. For instance, an ecommerce web site design should have a home page, products page, product detail page, shopping cart software, unlimited product categories, shipping and payment details etc; and you can get effectively if you have got hold of a great ecommerce solution. All the processes are in relation to the selling of goods through Internet. The elements of design if used effectively can contribute best to the webpage design. The basic elements of design include lines and line work, shape, texture, color and direction. To make a website more appealing, the elements should follow the principles of design like emphasis, proportion, balance, contrast, rhythm and unity.

The writer specializes in writing on technical topics like software development, custom software development,agile software development, ecommerce development, website design. To know more about the Software Development Company, visit http://www.infysolutions.com

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Web Page Graphics for An Automatic Business

Article by Ken Arnold

Affiliate marketing is tough.

If you wish to make the big bucks, you can’t solely send traffic directly to an offer.

You’ve got to build your list, and for that, you need a squeeze page, but not just any Squeeze page or lead capture pages, you need to have web page graphic that will grab your attention.

How would you like and Automatic Business on the internet, just like the Big Boys use, The True Traffic Highway producing Graphics Packages?

The BIG BOYS are spending BIG MONEY to make some amazing looking pages toPromote their stuff. And I probably don’t have to tell you that the BIG BOYS are also using Video and killer web page graphics.But promo videos and web page graphics are insanely expensive but are the True Traffic Highway.

By the time you get a super graphical squeeze page and a decent video on it, you’ll plunkDown k-k easily. How in the world can the little guy compete?

Don’t worry, I’m not just rubbing salt on your wounds, I’ve actually got the answer for you, an Automatic Business the true Traffic Highway, all you have to do is just unzip the graphics packages And upload to your domain;)

There are two ‘secret weapons’ the BIG BOYS are using to promote their products.

Those weapons are Ken Walker and Dave Nayavich.

You might not know the names, but you probably know their web page graphics. Dave makes the best looking, highest conversion squeeze/sales pages you’ll find.

And Ken’s smooth voice and dazzling video are simply a home run that your competition can’t compete with.

Together this DYNAMIC DUO has come up with one of the most intense power producing website graphicsPackages basically an Automatic Business to hit affiliate marketing you’ll ever see…

And let me tell you, this is going to TOTALLY change affiliate marketing FOREVER!I can’t believe how easy this is (I can’t believe they didn’t do it sooner!)

I just signed up and downloaded my first 5 video squeeze page packages and let me tell you – Wowww!

It is truly an Automatic Business Package ready to go, just unzip and upload to the internet.

I was tempted to keep this to myself, but I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt becauseThey did this especially for the ‘little guy’ to help them make those online conversions…

They just leveled the playing field for EVERYBODY and the BIG GURUS areGoing to be shaking in their boots…

After you watch the video just think of all the problems I just solved for you. But you can thankMe later!;)

Then tell me if isn’t truly an Automatic Business Web Site Graphics Packages ready to go, Just unzip and upload files?

P.S. You might want to hurry because from what I hear, all their big marketing buddiesAre going to be promoting this and they’re shutting the doors as soon as it’s filled up! And there are only 1000 spots at this point.Check Out this Free Video:http://videooctane.com/

About the Author

Online Entrepreneur and Marketing specialist. I Love to spend as much time with my Son and Daughter, and helping others to succeed in life.I Have Been Online since 1995

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Article Writing For Websites: As Popular And Important As Web Page Creation

It just happened at the same time when websites started showing their real worth. Yes, article writing for the web has been around the scene for quite a long time now. Although the first websites happened to be more of information based, articles soon joined this effort to put the best of informative piece for the readers in the most engaging manner possible. When it comes to the presentation of an article, the same flavor is still retained, whether it’s online or offline. Online articles are now easily accessible to readers worldwide as they can be viewed and read only at fingertips. Article of all sorts and all topics are now being produced for the web by some of the brilliant brains out there. Known to the creative world as article copywriting experts or feature writers, these people have in-depth knowledge about their concerned domains. There are also many who are experts in more than one field. Among the web users, these people are more familiar as content writers though.

Now, what’s the difference in presentation between an article and a web page content? The most important point to be noted is that while an article is descriptive in nature, web site contents are either concise or descriptive. Articles may be more either generalized or specific on one particular product, topic, subject or service. But web page contents are almost always promotional. The pages that you see the moment you click on the homepage or about us section of a website are web page contents.

In the last couple of years, the popularity of articles on the web has gone up significantly. Because, they are used by a site not only to make people read about them, but also for SEO purposes. For SEO, one needs neatly written articles offered currently by an SEO article writing firm so that search engine spiders can easily crawl and then index the contents used in them. As a result of that demand, SEO article writing has now turned into a specialized creative domain. There are end number of professional article writing services which have been established at the onshore as well as offshore locations.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at Synapse Interactive, a SEO firm in India. We offer SEO copywriting, article copywriting and article writing services. For more information please contact us.

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Easiest Web Page Creation Tool

Knowing how to create web pages is a skill that cannot be underestimated. Never before has any single individual been given the immense potential of reaching millions of people overnight. If you don’t have this skill, you simply are at a disadvantage against those who can, period.

The biggest hindrance has always been HTML, the language still prevalently used today by most web sites. While HTML is not difficult to learn, it is undeniably technical which possesses quirks and nuances that can be frustrating to a non-technical person (actually, even to a technical person).

If you had an image, how nice it would be if you could drag it in position and drop it anywhere on your web page, knowing it will remain exactly where you left it. How nice it would be if you could similarly drag and drop your text around and be assured that it will automatically flow around any images that are in the way. How great it would be if you could move around your buttons just as easily as you had moved your images and text and equally be assured of pixel-point accuracy. There is a term for this – WYSIWYG (an acronym for What You See Is What You Get). If a tool allows you to position everything in your web page simply via dragging and dropping, and you are assured that things will appear exactly where you dropped them, can it be any simpler?

Everything described above is now a reality, and its benefits do not end with just being a WYSIWYG tool. In fact, you can easily apply wonderful effects on any of your web page elements (i.e., images, text, buttons, etc) such as shadows, smooth gradients, transparencies, etc. with a simple click and drag of the mouse! With this kind of mechanics, creating web pages not only becomes a human-friendly task, but one that immensely increases productivity as well.

If all this sounds too incredible, then it is simply something you have to see for yourself. To witness the amazing features of this software tool, go to www.Easy-Web-Designing.com (which was created entirely with this new tool) and see for yourself. There is also a video of the tool in action that is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

HTML is on its way out, but it won’t be anytime soon. Be ahead in productivity and create your web pages fast and beautifully, the world awaits your message.

Thanks for reading.

Richard Brophy

Article from articlesbase.com

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Custom Web page design Recommendations For Newcomers

Article by Michael Donnavan

Custom web site design is any kind of work on a website layout that’s aimed at a certain purpose, or according to the requirements of its seller. Whenever you desire to come up with a design to meet specific needs, it can be customization that you want. Generally a world wide web marketing site has to be tailored so it could generate increased traffic and more money. The website therefore has to be pleasing and helpful.

There are various ways to customise your website. Which method you should utilize depends on the amount improvement you need done on the site. It also depends on just how much effort you might be willing to place into the planning yourself, or how little. Some will run you more than people. For a starting internet marketer, it will be more sensible to look for good quality yet cost-effective web providers.

Ways to Personalize Your SiteOption One: Free site templates. This is for a person if you have a fair knowledge of web site coding, possibly at the same time don’t want to pay for custom website design. You choose a free web site template you want, save the actual code along with associated files to your laptop or computer, and change the signal yourself. A totally free template possesses its own color plan, header designs, graphics and also layout. It’s actually a quick answer, but the problem there is certainly since the themes are free, there could be hundreds of some other sites employing the same template while yours.

Alternative 2: Commercial web templates. If you want better design high quality, you can buy an experienced web theme for as low as , or around ,000 if you need exclusive legal rights to the template. You’ll still must edit it yourself. Normally the thumb templates are the expensive types, but they are very attractive.

Option 3: Custom-made web sites. Exactly like the above, you purchase a theme, but you could get the artist to customize the web pages as you similar to.Option 4: Order an unique website design. This is custom web page design to the greatest extent. You get an unique internet site and they will create it on your own. It goes without saying this is actually the most costly alternative.

Custom website design can get costly real quick should you aren’t mindful. It’s easy to find carried away by simply flashy business templates that cost much more than your own domain name and web area. Although they look nice, they are hardly necessary for the particular budding affiliate marketer. With just the right tools along with software for the position, you can build a professional-level site you may be proud of. The good thing is there are online language learning resources where you can get such inexpensive web writing tools. In order to save time and make simpler the process, search for one-stop shops who have a broad range of tutorials, computer software and solutions.

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This article is specifically written regarding Are you a {a href=http://www.theroulettesniper.com>roulette sniper master?

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