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How to know your Web Design Prices

If you are a freelance designer and do not know how much you are going to charge and how exactly you will charge, here is an article that will guide you on how to set up a price for web design work.  There are things that you need to consider before you quote a price.
•    Determining the project.
You need to know first what the project is. What it will entail? How many pages will need to be created or is the content will be written by the designer? Are the images will be created as part of the project or there are images that need to be used? Will there be software to be used like flash, multimedia or programming?

•    Decide on where you will base your pricing.
Everyone has different opinions on how you should base your pricing, like Matthew Griffin wrote “7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Charge by the Hour” he stated there the seven reasons “It’s time consuming, It makes clients nervous, It encourages lower productivity, It lends itself to tedious website update work, It doesn’t stop feature creep, It severely cripples billing potential, and It encourages clients to abuse you.”On the other hand following Matt’s article, intervals posted “7 Reasons You Should Charge by the Hour” the seven reasons are “It’s a long term investment, It makes clients trust you, It encourages a better balance of work and personal life, It lends itself to reliable and predictable website update work, It stops feature creep, It enables billing potential and It stops clients from abusing you.” Both articles have pros and cons, but there are strategies you can follow to lead you on the positive side.

•    Experienced Web designer
Clients will more likely to pay an experienced web designer in different web design programs than a designer who is willing to do the job for just any price and do not have experience on other programs.  You should be ready to explain your pricing strategy, what you are charging. The more web design experience you have, the more you will get what you pay for.

•    Is there a required long-term maintenance?
As a web designer makes sure that your clients have the maintenance covered, even though the client has not thought about it. Have a separate contract for that aspect if they expect you to cover it.

Most web designers will find that they need to prove themselves before they are able to get client that pays what they would like to make. Having a website of your own is an advantage, clients will see how well you do the web design, plus adding a portfolio of all the web designs you have done to your previous clients or previous company is great. They will more likely to hire you if you provided a sample quote of the finished web design you created, so that they have an idea on how much budget they need to prepare. Lastly, be honest with your clients, meet the deadline and tell them everything about the project.

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Web design Prices for the Central Coast of Australia

Article by Justin Frost

Web design prices for the Central Coast of Australia vary from business to business. The price depends on many factors and what features you require for your web design project. This article outlines some key differences between the cheaper package websites and the custom built higher priced websites.

The price to build a website on the Central Coast varies like any other product or service and the saying “you get what you pay for” is very much appropriate for web design industry.

There are lots of different web design companies that specilise in different areas and create very different styles of website. Some may appeal to people with a lower budget looking for a quick simple online presence and some may be willing to spend that extra bit to develop a state-of-the-art online presence and create a valuable business asset.

It’s worth contacting a few web design companies to get an idea of what they can offer for your budget. Some web designers offer pre priced package deals which are quite useful for a quick and easy way to get online. The packages generally have a set number of pages, limited features and a basic template design. However, if your business needs a more customised solution a package deal is not the way to go.

For a more customised solution you will most likely need to have a discussion with a web designer so they can ascertain the best way to transfer your ideas and vision into a functioning, visually appealing website. They will then develop a price based on the complexity of the project.

Depending on how you see your website working and what your goals are, your web designer will advise you on the best way to move forwards and a price to complete the job. Different website features have different prices. For example a small three page website with static content and a basic design would be a lot cheaper than a large ecommerce website with a full content management and a complicated web design.

If you need a website contact your local web designer and ask them to give you a price on your web design brief. It’s normally a good idea to get a few quotes to compare what features they are offering and for what price.

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Myrtle Beach Web Designer – Prices to know before you Pay


Your business needs a professional, functional web site to compete in today’s economy. How many contracts might you be losing in a year because you have an unprofessional, malfunctioning web site or no site at all? Today people judge you by your web site (or lack of one) and these opportunity costs are losses you can’t afford!

But affordability is a relative term and the wide disparities in web site pricing can be confusing. A recent survey in the South Carolina area showed the wide variation in pricing for a brochure type web site from Myrtle Beach Web Design ers, such as one that would be used by an independent consultant or a small service company.

Many factors can affect the price a designer charges. Is the designer experienced or a newbie? Do they use template-based sites that cost less, but look “blocky” and can’t be found in search engines? Do they provide a well-designed content management system (CMS) so you can save money over the life of the site by changing information on the site yourself?

Marshal Web Solutions, a Myrtle Beach Web Design company, has been successfully building web sites since 2001 – that’s a long time in this business. We’ve built dozens of sites for happy customers and we have the testimonials to prove it. We specialize in graphic design and Search Engine Optimization.

Marshal Web Solutions, a Myrtle Beach Web Design company, has all three pieces of the web design puzzle: Design experience, programming experience, and small business and non-profit marketing experience. We listen to our clients and we don’t try to pigeonhole them into web sites that aren’t right for them.

The site we provide for you will be search engine friendly and professional in both appearance and function. It will add value to your business for years to come.

At Marshal Web Solutions, a Myrtle Beach Web Design company, we are known for our LOW PRICES. Our website packages start at 9, and that includes the domain and hosting costs!

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Myrtle Beach Web Designer, Business Owner

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