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Article by Yogesh Tiwari

MaanTech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, technology driven company. We are globally recognised as one of the best web-based Application, Software Development and Product Companies. Headquartered in India, we have a prominent presence all over the world. Equipped with a highly determined and experienced team of outstandingly talented Consultants, Managers, Software Engineers and Technicians, we strive to build long lasting customer relationships based on the strong foundations of meaningful consulting, quality project development, rapid turnaround and dedicated support systems. MaanTech’s services include: Web Application Software Development, Consulting, Systems Integration, Custom Software Development and IT Infrastructure, Internet Marketing and Other Business Promotion Techniques .SEO India, Internet Marketing, PHP Web Development India, SEO services India, Web Application Offshore company India, Web Application Outsourcing company India, Website Design & Development Company India, SEO Firm, Internet Marketing India, Top Ranking SEO Services India, Link Building Services, PPC Services, Website Promotion & SMO Services, SMS Services – Bulk SMS Services – Delhi- NCR, Email Marketing Services, Long Code & Short Code SMS Services by maantech.com

Our Services “Value Added Services(VAS)”Bulk SMSWe provide user friendly and innovative messaging system to provide solution to client’s need with easy to use applications which they can use anywhere anytime irrespective of the location. There is no need to download any special software to try our services. You can simply access and manage your panel from any internet enabled computer. We allow our clients to shoot professional SMS that reflects your company branding.Features: Unlimited Validity Special Characters in Sms Real time delivery report NDNc Nos can be filtered Instant credit updates Scheduling of SMSBulk emailWe offer advanced technology and expertise to ensure that your email marketing campaigns enhance your reputation and build your business. We work with all sectors in all stages of e-mail marketing from beginners to experienced.


 Completely browser based User Friendly Panel Dozens of built-in templates Step-by-step campaign wizard Custom fields for personalization Split test email campaigns Full campaign statistics Scheduling of Emails Bounces Tracker System Full WYSIWYG campaign editing Easily import/export contacts Pause and resume sending RSS email campaign archive Filtered Database In Accordence with CAN-SPAM Act 2004

Short-CodeFeatures: Auto Responce of 160 characters is FREE. Inbox to checking incoming messages. Ability to set auto-reply or URL forwarding on the go. Unlimited sub-keywords and sub keyword auto-replies. Real time MIS report No Investment in hardware and software

“Internet Marketing Services”Search Engine Optimization(SEO)Our Search Engine Optimizations services are the right mix of technical proficiency, market research and unmatched customer service. Search engine optimization is a serious business and the competition is stiff. In this tough environment only the best can survive and grow. Creating an effective search engine optimization campaign is a job of experienced professionals that cannot be entrusted into the hands of a novice

Social Media optimization(SMO)MaanTech works diligently towards creating millions of profiles & will endeavor towards setting up accounts bringing in an array of contacts, links and relationships to the forefront.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)MaanTech offer to review the contents of your websites and analyze their effectiveness. SEM or Search Engine Marketing can be looked at as “any activity to increase a website’s exposure in search engines.” As you may imagine, there are many activities that fall under this label- but don’t despair. The easiest way to organize SEM is by splitting these activities into two categories: SEO and PPC.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It is the practice of adjusting and marketing a website to increase exposure and traffic in natural or organic, search listings.

 Pay per click(PPC)PPC helps your business by allowing you to reach your target audience much more effectively through targeted keywords. Also, you only pay for clicks, which means you do not pay if the ads are not bringing traffic to your site.

Our ClientsReal-estate, Jewelers, garment industry, retail sectors, educational institutes, hospitality industries, banking and insurance sectors and many more.

About the Author

Yogesh Tiwari(Sr.Web Developer – SEO/PHP)Address :- K – 14 A, L.G.Floor,Kalka Ji, New Delhi-110019.Phone: +91-11-40574878,40589178Mobile: +91- 9911160078Email: info@maantech.com,seo.maantech@gmail.comWebsite – http://maantech.com

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2 Easy Surefire Low Cost Web Site Traffic Promotion Tactics

Article by Brian Lam

The most important factor of success is not having a web site or a product. It is rather the ability to promote your web site in a low cost way which means low cost web site promotion tactics that really works.

If you are one of those who already have a continuous stream of visitors to your website then I will say all the best to you.

But if you are one of those who need help in the promotion, or are often impatient to promote their own product or just lack the knowledge to properly market themselves.

Then here are two easy low cost web site traffic promotion tactics that can help you achieve the level of success that you want.This low cost web site traffic promotion tactics consists of two aspects – Search Engine Submission and Ranking. Both aspects have the same impact on the market of your web site that is the way which your products are presented to catch people’s attention.

#1 Easy Low Cost Web Site Traffic Promotion Tactic – Search Engine Submission

The most important thing in this method is the act of filling up and submitting your information to various search engines. There are two types of Search engine submission – manual and automatic.

For a low cost web site traffic promotion tactic, using automatic submission will be more cost effective as a software program will assist you submitting your information to many other search engines.

#2 Easy Low Cost Web Site Traffic Promotion Tactic – Ranking

This really just means the numerical position in which your web site appears on a search engine, based on your web site’s criteria.

Some search engines will rank accordingly to how many other web sites are linking to your web site pages. The leading web sites on this order would eventually fulfill a low cost web site promotion tactic.

There are also other types of inexpensive web site promotional tactics which you can use to boost traffic to your site such as banner advertisements, classified ads, text links and section sponsorship.

Banner advertisements can be pop ups or pop unders for web pages or sometimes in another window. Text links and sponsorship may cost more but these tactics are really marketing to a targeted audience.

Even if you may find your low cost web site traffic promotion tactics may be insignificant in traffic building, always remember that it all adds up and will make a huge difference to your traffic, sales and profits eventually.

Don’t waste time and find your own affordable low cost web site promotional tactic of your choice today.

About the Author

Brian Lam is an experienced Internet marketing specialist. Get his FREE 13 part internet marketing training course which exploded his opt-in list by 1133% at Internet Marketing Solution center plus 3 FREE bonuses. Check out his blog: The Internet Marketer’s Life Exposed too. Visit: http://www.powerlistgenerator.com

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