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Easy Video Player 2.0 – Powerful Video Web Page Creation

Video Marketing – Web 2.0 Style

Finally, Killer Software Lets You Build Your Lists On Auto Pilot, Create Video Sales Pages At The Touch Of A Button And Sky Rocket Profits!

Introducing: The Easy Video Player 2.0

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Below are just some of the comments shared with Josh Bartlett about his updated software application, Easy Video Player 2.0.

  • THE Most Powerful Video Marketing Software On The Planet!
  • Routinely Builds Mailing Lists On Auto Pilot!
  • Generate Massive Profits With Ease
  • Finally Breaks Down All Barriers To Video Marketing So You Can Start To Make Money Today!

Merely uploading movies to YouTube and then simply embedding them in your web page just doesn’t cut it in 2011. These videos lack tracking scripts and simply are routine and drab. What’s needed in 2011 and beyond is video professionalism. Additional features to give meaning to the real purpose of uploading the video in the first place, i.e. to appeal to your viewers and have them view the entire video presentation.

Easy Video player 2.0 Comes with Many New Features

Try these on for size.

To start with, a more consumer friendly interface will permit an easier and faster report upload. Apple IPhone and Ipad fanatics will love the greater degree of compatibility built-in to Easy Video Player 2.0.

Here’s a Short List of 7 New Video Player Features

  • Embed “buy now” buttons directly inside your videos! Control your website while your video plays! Have buy buttons and content, appear at designated times. Distribute your videos with YOUR buy now buttons inside them for autopilot profits!
  • Captivate your audience and keep them with you, walking them through every step with entire interactive web pages!
  • Add eye catching, clickable ‘Overlays’ to your Videos that appear at precise times to GRAB your viewers attention! Give your customers the chance to buy, right when they are most likely to take action!
  • Add opt in forms inside your videos to skyrocket subscriptions! Let Easy Video Player 2.0 build your lists fast on autopilot using the power of video marketing and social media!
  • Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. (Allows EASY use of Amazon S3 or your own Hosting) Works perfectly with Amazon S3 to ensure your videos load super fast every time!
  • Create Entire Video Web Pages At The Touch Of A Button! Publish Video web pages that include commenting and full social sharing capability, within seconds!
  • Instantly redirect viewers to a website or shopping cart after your video! EVP Makes it easier than ever for your customers to buy from you and skyrockets your sales conversions!

Want more? Well, how about a FREE TRIAL PERIOD?

Easy Video Player 2.0 Has a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

100% cash bach guarantee gifEasy Video Player 2.0 has helped Internet marketers increase their profits, save time and build their lists faster than ever. They have removed all of the risk to you. They are offering a 100% No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You have an entire TWO MONTHS to test drive the software. More than enough time to put any software application through its paces.

If you are not happy with your results, simply ask the support team for a refund and they will be happy to oblige, no questions asked and as quickly as they can.

EVP 2.0 also offers a first class support system to back up their product.

Are You A WordPress User?

Easy Video Player 2.0 also comes bundled with its own WordPress Plugin to make things easy for you!

What About Mobile Marketing Applications?

Easy Video Player 2.0 is fully compatible with HTML5 and the Apple iPad and iPhone. This gives you immediate access to all of the millions of iPhone, iPad and other mobile device users who right now may not be able to watch your video. All it takes is uploading your video in the correct format, and you learn how to do that quite easily from their tutorial.

Ready to download Easy Video Player 2.0? Visit EASY VIDEO PLAYER 2.0.