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Search Ranking Preservation w/ Silo Structure

Search Rankings are a big part of what we do here at Businessbymouse. Time and again, we have sites rank on page one for multiple keywords and with multiple listings as if by magic.

Indeed, we have been accused by others of “black-hatting”. To that we say, “Google doesn’t think so”. The question is, how do we do it?

Here’s how we do our Search Marketing, (Short video):

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If Google didn’t frown on “boasting about your page rankings”, we would have site after site to show you. Small sites with less than 25 pages and more than 50+ 1st page rankings. Sites that are less than 4 months old that do this without massive backlinks and so on.

Want to read the entire article? Go here:

TZ Architect Revels How to Construct a Supporting Framework of Golden Niches

So, what’s ThemeZoom? Visit their link and find out. They are the backbone of everything we do in Search Marketing. Pricy but well, well worth it if you are a serious marketer. Here’s the link: ThemeZoom.