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Some Common Mistakes While Creating a Web Design Sites

Article by Saamarth Technologies

If you are running a web design India service, there are a few errors that you should avoid. It is important to let the user know what your website is all about. If the visitor does not understand what your portal deals with, they will go elsewhere. The website should communicate why the user is required there. The web designer India company needs to make the content capable of being scanned. Large chunks of text are not allowed. The user browses the website while they are engaged I other tasks. Hence, they should be able to scan the content fast.

The basic requirement of web designing India is that the designers should not use some fancy font which is illegible. Whether the fonts are sophisticated or otherwise, they should read well since this is how the message of the website can be delivered. Users should have a comfortable experience while visiting your website. The website design company India must not use miniature fonts too. The designer should not open fresh browser windows. The user needs to get the freedom of choosing the browser where they like their links to open. You shouldn’t worry on sending the user to a different website, since if they want to get back to your site, they will. You don’t need to worry about it.

The corporate web design India should not go for resizing the browser windows of the user. Allow the user to control the browser. Resizing will mess things on the user’s side and moreover might lead to loss of credibility. The web development company India should not make the mistake of requiring a registration on the part of the user unless it is completely necessary. They should not make the visitor subscribe to anything such as online newsletters without their consent. The same applies in case of sending unsolicited e-mails.

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Award-winning Web Sites Place Visitors First

As marketers, we tend not to get too involved in web development competitions. The reason is simple. We judge websites on few criteria, one of which is deliverability.

Can it or does it deliver the eyeballs necessary to move business forward. Results, not looks. If you are looking for another perspective however, this article should do it. By Todaysart.

Award Competition has set the standard of excellence for Web site development.

Here are the seven criteria on which Web sites are judged in the annual competition.

* Design. Many people judge a book by its cover and the same goes for Web sites. If a site looks old and unsophisticated, it will lose much of its credibility.

* Content. “Content is king” has been the mantra of most award-winning Web sites. People visit a Web site for its content. If the content they are looking for is missing, they will leave the site disappointed.

* Innovation. Sometimes called the “wow” factor, innovation is something new and attention-getting that adds value to the site and enhances the user’s experience. It could be a new technology, new search method, new navigation system, new content or a new design.

* Technology. Use of technology could either enhance or hinder a Web site’s usefulness. If a site uses too much technology, users may have to work harder to get what they are looking for. No matter how impressive a new technology is, if it slows the site or hinders the user’s search for information, it’s not an enhancement.

* Interactivity. Some Web sites are designed only to supply information. Other sites use calculators or tools to make the site more interactive. Some sites also offer games to improve the online experience.

* Copywriting. Oftentimes, thousands of dollars are spent designing and programming a site with little attention paid to the words used. The best sites are well-written and use simple language, short sentences and bullet points to convey their messages. And, most importantly, they are carefully proofread to eliminate any typos.

* Ease of use. In the early days, some of the “coolest” sites were impossible to navigate. Today, Web sites are much better at showing users how to find the information they are looking for. The best Web sites make sure that users can get to any other area on the site in three clicks or less.

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