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Mobile Ads Are Smarter And Snoopier, Security Firm Warns

Mobile ads on Smartphones in the News

By Patrick Budmar, Australian Reseller News,
Apr 20, 2013 2:15 PM

As the planet turns more and more to complete reliance on the Smartphone and tablet to conduct our daily business, it may serve us well to keep in mind that the level of security these devices possess are minimal at best.

This article from security firm Bitdefender illustrates.

Adware on mobile means more than just showing banners, according to Bitdefender senior e-threat analyst, Bogdan Botezatu.

People may have the image of “adware” entailing some onscreen banners or pop ups during the use of software, though Botezatu said adware in PC is not the same as on mobile devices.Google Adwords Promo

“Desktop applications are isolated and the web browser does not know what contacts you have in your email client,” he said. “However, Android is highly integrated, so when you get adware it is basically asking for permission to do anything on your device.”

“On mobile, if an application has the right permission it can jump into your contacts, email accounts, and see what other applications are installed,” Botezatu said.

On desktop PCs, Botezatu said the browser can not get access to installed applications. “It is basically sandboxed and can not see…  READ MORE.