Is Yahoo Search Marketing For Your Business?

This Video Series, narrated by, and courtesy of Russell Wright, co-founder of Themezoom, is on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM is a Market Segment of the much larger Search Engine Optimization market category.

The series explain in the best way short videos can, some of the basic techniques we employ in our optimization process. It make it clear that Search Engine Optimization or SEO,and Market Research are like breathing in and breathing out.

Just as there’s no life without one or the other, there’s no site optimization without either SEO (breathing in) or Market Research (breathing out). They must go hand-in-hand in order for your business to stand a competitive chance on the World Wide Web.

It’s vital you learn why this knowledge is so vital.

Please understand, large corporations figured this out early on during the internet “gold rush” days. They deliberately dedicate millions to Keyword and Market Research, for just this reason. The videos show how anyone can implement simple SEM strategies in their own optimization efforts and reap big rewards.

The videos will also teach you:

  • Who your true competition is online and why Google and the other engines are not as big as you thought.
  • -About AllinAnchor, AllinTitle, AllinURL, Broad Match and Phrase Match, and what you can do about them TODAY.
  • -What is anchor text, and why it is important to website ranking.

Why Watch Search Marketing Videos?

Its 2010, why should you care about SEO when the “New Thing” is Mobile Marketing? The answer is really more straight-forward than expected. Optimizing a mobile website follows the same principles used for a traditional website. There are a few variations, however, learn it once and know it forever fits well here.

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